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  • So far my only crashes had been when somebody was trying to solve it and after everyone was in the ground after downing someone with the box to catch the last survivor so.. not sure what to get from this theory
  • This happens since 2016 lol The way steam handles downloads are by first getting all the stuff they need then they begin to extract it and it's the extract part where DBD goes awful because Unreal Engine SUCKS. I remember I placed DBD on my ssd and just 5 mins after the download I was ready to go. Rn I moved it to my HDD.…
  • After what happened with stranger things, I don't think they want to do a map based on the new chapter tbh
  • So, I spoke today with what it seems a blight main, that did 60 degree turns, because I was actually impressed, and apparently you can use your own body along with your camera to get what they seem as "impossible hits". For some reason they make turning way better, and let's you get an incredible high turning speed. I have…
  • Apparently, there is a reason to it https://www.twitch.tv/mclean_bhvr/clip/RichGleamingBubbleteaSwiftRage?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time
  • Here is another one actually going against sweaty SWF is really fun because you can punish them for playing sweaty and in a very predictive way.
  • Yo honestamente me siento SÚPER triste, el Alquimista es un personaje del que llevan hablando desde antes de los archives, en 2017 o 2018, es quien creó la hatch y experimentó en killers para darnos todas esas skins de blight, y fue probablemente la mayor amenaza para la entidad -- y me dicen que su poder es legion pero…
  • I love how they literally tell you that the person that experimented on killers, and basically was the closest thing to a "threat" towards the entity, now just run towards a wall so he can hit you like, it's ridiculous not only it is frustrating to move around (indoors map = dc), penalizes you for using your power, and so…
  • Console blight mains rise up Kappa
  • El foro en español es este https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/categories/spanish
  • Mándale un mensaje al soporte, y recomiendo ir a los foros en español, este es el que está en inglés. https://support.deadbydaylight.com/hc/en-us
  • I play since 2016 and honestly I lost my hope back then with so many things that were into the game like Infinites It took them like 1 or 2 years to remove them for some reason
  • Man, I sure do love players that don't do surveys This was adressed in the latest rift poll, along with basement customization, item skins, skins that you can level up, etc. The anniversary screen may have been done as a way to "test" if they are able to bring that back/tease next rift.
  • answer: fps try playing with a friend that has a bad framerate, you will see he doesn't even get the speed boost when hit.
  • what??? they removed cow tree? I spent so much time practicing that tile as a killer and I had so much fun with it..
  • ikr? it's like he got pushed back a little, the audio and terror radius is also ######### up too I played with the same guy thrice this day, always with 90 ping, and the match he used Hilbilly had a lot of fake hits, and everything in general just looked weird
  • ikr? as a 2016 player, I missed the graphics from before, and I'm so happy to see them again
  • This is so stupid, even with a killer like hillbilly and doing a lot of pressure, good survivors will destroy you. I play huntress and deathslinger is a bit stronger because of the terror radius without lullaby. Every match with deathslinger goes well thanks to the unexistant terror radius he has. It is absolutely…
  • worst thing is that they literally say "Hidden" so it is not like we know what the ######### do we have to do to get rank, or if we are gonna de-rank
  • I mean, it is possible But very time consuming, as it would mean you have to do this for every killer. For instance, if you use instakill hatchets on Huntress, you have a score penalty or take in mind the heal score event only after a chase ends and while that person is not being chased, like old BT Same if you cannot heal…
  • it says OR safely unhook someone.
  • Even if you are not, you legit skipped all of the other lore-pieces, as they were not fully released, it's just throwing someone elses effort to the trash can
  • I would say more like Imagine one survivor values 5 points repairing a gen before, when another survivor joined, it also did 5, with this, speed is 10, and it ended veery quickly. To balance it a little bit, they done it so instead of 5, when two are working on the same gen, both is reduced to 4. Yes, it is faster, but not…
  • can you tell me what do you have equipped? I could try to help
  • Maybe you just have the wrong build I can easily do pressure with him, and it is really fun to play
  • Just wait on the year 5 roadmap, they will announce it there. If they follow the same format, a map and a killer will be reworked this year.
  • yes, it is an extreme case of lag, it is almost imposible to cheat on console. Trust me, it happens to me as a killer too, I see the survivor in front of me, and when he goes down, he is a mile away and I go ??? I usually let them re-do the chase because that's literally bullshit Also, online in console is ALWAYS laggy as…
  • were you that impatient enough to see the ingame files/youtube video of it instead of literally getting them as a reward for doing the challenges? That's... very low
  • After every tome completed, I took a loong break so I didn't get burned out. This was a big mistake, as I had to spend the 1k of Auric Cells at the end because I didn't had time, as I was gonna go for vacations for quite some time, and I wanted to ensure that I completed the rift :( Wish they added a offering that would…