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  • Hello. This came up before here: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/108341/alright-im-tired-of-this/p2 The mod said it was a forum bug. However, after doing some research, I found it is a forum feature. It actually isn't a bug. It is a "sink" feature that is built into the forums itself, intentionally. "You use…
  • While I do think there should be leniency for people who may have broken a "rule". Or maybe even a rule that is 1. Not existent or 2. Unclear. When a person has been around for years and then "slips" up, they find themselves banned permanently. That does seem pretty harsh. I do think mod's have the power to show leniency.…
  • The others have really good suggestions and stuff. Aside from the necessary add-ons (that were mentioned.) . Like permanent t3 (Judith's Tombstone and Fragrant Tuft of Hair,) at lower ranks this achievement was actually incredibly easy to do. The perks didn't really matter too much. So if you are trying and failing or…
  • I mean. Does it matter what people say? Everyone has their own opinion and that's okay. In reality both sides usually end up making some mistakes, sometimes more or less than the other and the consequences of those are either winning or losing. But I agree with what @Weck said.
    in Why? Comment by HellCatJane March 2020
  • I don't really care about noed or which killer has it. I think saying it's overpowered is a bit strong. Because there is a counter that takes it completely out of the game. Especially if survivors are running inner strength.
  • I mean it's definitely nice to see more variety of stuff in the game.
  • I remember one hitting someone at the gates and didn't actually mean too, I forgot I had noed on and they didn't cleanse. lol Good laughs ^_^
  • Wish I could help you. But you can't see this post :(
  • I thought they planned on removing ranks so you won't know you'll be facing them. But at least you won't get as punished I thought also? Anyways. I know how frustrating this is though. Just gotta have hope I guess. Sorry.
  • Anyways. Again. It's been known that people's walls delete after a period of time from everyone's walls, due to these vanilla? forums or whatever? However, there now seems to be a discrepancy. Also, makes me wonder about posts on none walls as well. shrug. Any answers would be appreciated. Thanks. EDITED: So, Shadow bans…
  • Original Post: There have been deleting's of posts on activity walls for quite sometime (forum thing only holds onto so many apparently). Usually it takes at least a month+ (being generous it's much longer usually) before posts start equally being deleted across all profiles by the date. But I noticed a discrepancy on my…
  • I can't see the video... if anyone cares to do a short summary I'd appreciate it. But if it's similar to this https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/129749/dced-by-the-game-yet-i-still-got-a-5-minute-ban And also I was thinking about how intentional DC's and unintentional dc's one has a special noise to tell you…
  • As far as hook suicides go. You have to actively hit the button repeatedly. Tapping it. If your keyboard doesn't register the tap, maybe your keyboard decides to finally break after playing hours of DBD, or if you literally tap it too fast, or if you tap it too slow, boom you are gone. Yes, people do it intentionally, but…
  • Good idea. I wouldn't mind it in the esc menu. I also would love if it stopped blocking my screen like a pop-up from hell while I am trying to navigate, which makes me want to get adblock in game.
  • So, I guess I know of 3 streamers that are no longer FW. But you may not want to namedrop? I'm not sure if that counts as something against the rules. Or may risk the thread getting removed.
  • Thank you so much for this proof. People seem to try to say your internet just sucks. Don't use "Mcdonalds" wifi.... I have had this happen too. And I think in the video I heard your teammate was ALSO dc'ed at the SAME exact time. Isn't that weird??? That has happened so many times to not only me but I see it in others…
  • I only know 2 streamers that have lost their Fog Whisperer status, but BE has not made anything public or anything showing this. It appears looking at it it was done hush hush. I assume perhaps to not get backlash or have issues rise from it.
  • I'm confused. Are you referring particularly to one streamer? But think they should remove it entirely?
  • If you took away the ability to let go, then the last survivor (if there are 2 left and one is on hook) then the last survivor would most likely die and not get the hatch, as it won't open until they let go, and it doesn't open instantly as is. It takes quite some time for it to finally open after the 2nd to last dies.…
  • AutoAim = Aim "dressing". You gotta drizzle it all over the code you see. Sounds are bugged quite often especially with every update/hotfix. I feel like it's possibly due to them "rushing" it out.. There's still plenty of consumers for this game, it'll take awhile if it were to start declining. But they are smart and go…
  • Poor?!?! I actually loved it. I mean it was quite captivating and really showed the points well etc. :) You could sell your editing services honestly. :D Perma ban is nice to hear. I know some though were given second chances tho.
  • Well I for one appreciate your post. (Sorry that other guy was on your case holy cow). And I love the footage and editing, if that was you, you are really great at it! Holy crap. Anyways. It's nice to see these because the truth is, it does exist and for people that don't stream or can't record it, you can't really do…
  • Yes. Sadly if the game kicks you, it's still just "your fault". What they need is an option to allow you to reconnect to the game, that would be ideal for those that didn't want to leave in the first place. (game crashes etc.) Perhaps the penalty can just last as long as the match is going on for? And add up that way for…
  • This thread seems to be proving OP's point on the community that exists... Also, I never understood the whole argument of when someone says there's an issue.... it's like 'well why fix it' (even though it exists, clearly)? There's worse issues in OTHER games.... why focus on this one that is relevant to this game we are…
  • So... You were intentionally trying to be toxic and make the game un-enjoyable for others, in order to get people to DC? The "threat" of a penalty is not going to stop people, as learned. So, I'm not really sure what you were trying to "test" here... If you play toxic, people will respond by either DC still, or alt-tab…