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  • From my experience with Pig: She has very little beyond element of surprise. She's basically just a M1 killer without it so learning how to loop will fix that. If she doesn't get anyone down in the early game she has a really really tough time of it later on because her RBT's go faster with gen completion. She can only use…
  • I don't think Hatch should go but keys need to go. You also should not be able to reopen a hatch with a found key after it has been closed, the doors power up for a reason.
  • One of them had Prove Theyself and another had BNP but i didn't think it would cause that much speed for them. Either way, the fact that you can get Gens can be done in 20 seconds is kind of absurd even if it is only SWF. That seems really really busted.
  • What do you mean by this? Is that an actual mechanic or are you joking? I can't actually tell
  • After this incident I've been doing my best to level Billy up to 35 for lightborne but I had mostly played wraith and nurse before I started playing DLC killers. I don't have a ton of blood points saved up yet because I've been spreading them out leveling up different killers. I hope to grind out a bunch of them this…
  • They were specifically surrounding me at a distance and flash lighting me, wherever I looked they were trying to flashlight. It started at a pallet and I brushed it off then they got on either side of the little corridor I was in and did it, I rushed them but was blinded and couldn't get them. I had to actively run away…
  • Listen, I was just trying to say that there often aren't as many as people think. In fact, if you did it this way you'd probably have people who say they never play against SWF complaining about how often it happens. The point I was trying to make is that SWF is a problem. Straight up its a problem and it needs to be…
  • I think if they added a point bonus for playing against SWF it would probably help a lot. My guess is that a lot of people would start realizing that the groups they're playing against aren't SWF. SWF is definitely a huge advantage for the survivors, I don't see why getting some points as compensation could possibly be bad.
  • I ended up splurging and getting both Pig and Ghostface! Thanks for the recommendations all!
  • Generally speaking I like a bit more of a challenge. I really only care about getting the adept and having fun anymore so killers that have to either stragize or stay engaged sound more fun to me
  • I have adept on half the killer roster at the moment except for Hag. It really comes down to good use of add-ons. I was doing terrible at getting it as PH but when I used his Hemmorage on Torment add-on I got it immediately. It's also really important to let the game go on for a bit and not camp. The point deduction for…
  • I mean, I help the killer if my teammates are being bad people. Blinds, teabags, DCs, that kind of stuff. And I don't just, like, walk up to them and let them hook me. I give them a bit of the chase and all that. Hopefully I'm teaching the killer to fish and making it so they don't have a terrible time while I'm at it. Pip…
  • Is there a good solution to any of this? Like, something I should be trying to do to discourage or avoid the toxicity or will I just have to get a hazmat suit?
  • I mainly said survivor because I've only had, like, two bad occasions with killers. The one that sticks out is when someone told me after the game that I deserve to have my dog put down in my fourth ever round as survivor. (I don't have a dog) It was so over the top that I honestly found it funny but I just assumed the…