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  • So, do you want old survivor perks how they used to be? Being able to heal with self care before killer could hit you again? Anti loop and killers with movement speed are going to be top tier because SBMM makes it miserable to play against survivors who are able to do everything at once. If you can't get weak survivor to…
  • So, reality is survivors aren't really going to want to use a perk that is pretty good imo for the movement speed, you can def get a killer to whiff on you from it as well; because they have a second chance perk like dead hard. Lithe is just a sprint burst whenever you want it.
  • DH is annoying when you don't even see the DH but they still make the sound as if you downed them. Same with the new pallet validations. But DH is just their best second chance perk
  • LIthe is a good perk and under used. But they're probably never going to nerf dead hard because why would they? Most exhaustion perks are just second chance perks for survivors.
  • You know, I used to be able to get 3-4ks playing fairly. Then they readded the MMR. I couldn't play fairly anymore. Doesn't mean I proxy camp or camp hooks. But the fact games almost always end within 5 minutes or so because I chase one survivor and by the time I down them 3 gens go by. Should survivors only do 1 gen per…
  • Obviously you don't know what it's like lol. You're trying to give survivors a huge boost cause you got farmed. Sorry but me not tunneling or camping is what caused my MMR to go that high.
  • Lmao what. You have 60 seconds of immortality with DS basically. You're saying they should be able to get an instant heal and a stun? You can hide in a locker and basically get a free DS strike. You're just saying survivors should be god tier while as killer you're going against 16 perks with only 4 perks. Be rational here
  • Basically you'll know what MMR you're at based on how well the survivors are doing. If you're getting bullied then you've basically hit around max MMR
  • I'd love for them to actually fix plague and or just give her a rework. The add on changes were kind of hot garbage
  • So the way to get to red rank is pip'ing. But high MMR does not equal your rank. I'll give an example of this. Out of all of my killers, I probably have the most time on Plague. Before they reimplemented the new SBMM I would get 3-4k every game. Now with the new SBMM (skill based match making) I'm lucky if I even get one…
  • Survivors need DS base-kit? Then killers should get NOED base kit. Hate to break it to you, but the other guy basically farmed you. In that situation the killer is going to take advantage of it. DS is just one get out of jail free card, just like dead hard. It's not even an anti tunnel perk it's just an annoying thing to…
  • SBMM prevents that you know. Do about 20-30 killer games then get the SBMM in and you'll just get survivors who know how to run you for 2-3 gens. If you break chase for another they'll run you for more gens. And guess what? They'll hold the game hostage. Until you just force them out.
  • Lmao. It's kind of difficult to find one "weak" person in chases with the new SBMM. Literally every survivor is on their A game when once they decide your SBMM is high on a certain killer. It's absolutely funny that they think this is balanced. You chase one survivor for a bit, see it isn't worth it. Break off to chase…
  • Honestly, boon totems should act like Hex Totems. Should take a bit of time to break but once broken it's gone. Let their boon randomly spawn on the map. It's honestly weird to me. Hex totems can be broken and perma gone from the game. Meanwhile, sure boon totems take time to set up, but they can basically make it to where…
  • I honestly would love to see an original killer come out at some point again this year. I feel as if all the licensed killers have been pretty bad with the exception of Myers and Pig on release. Which had to have been changed and nerfed as other licensed killers have been changed in some way or form. But everything after…
  • Ah. So you only care about ratings from other people? I enjoy both movies franchises but you can't tell me Candy man 2-3 were very subpar to the original one. Even though clearly Hellraiser 2-3 still did better than Candyman. It's perfectly fine to have your own personal preferences, but at least stick to what you say. For…
  • You tell someone that but you're focusing on how bad Hellraiser is? I enjoy both movies, but you my friend are coming across as overly bias.
  • Sure, that would've been cool looking. But it really comes down to backstories. I like the concept and how they made him look. Maybe they'll give him a skin to look like that in a way.
  • I'm pretty sure he's a 110% movement speed killer, which really is not that bad. I'm not really sure as to how people assume Plague is a terrible killer, she has great snowball potentials, and I have the feeling this killer will as well. Looking at the PTB isn't a good way on how to gauge a killer's skills. Let's not all…
  • Undying ruin needed a change. Now it's undying devour which is equally annoying and just as bad. But that's my opinion
  • Because people still think killers and survivors have a huge divide. It's just the people that're self conceded what they main that gets annoying. Iri head with a belt is stupid. I honestly think they should change it to where it has to be fully charged and be at a certain range to do a one shot down. Like death slinger's…
  • I'm guessing you use iri huntress with the belt because you miss most of your shots and you finally land one and think "I deserve this." People using iri huntress here and there without the belt I don't have a problem with. This would be like me going into a game using black incense as plague. I'm sorry, but it's not a fun…
  • Dodging because they're all using the same outfits? Just power through it. Get some confidence in your ability as killer
  • Deranking is just bannable if you basically keep making yourself derank on purpose. And that's hard to prove. Sorry for your luck on killers, but that's just how some of them want to play so they rank up. I just play Plague and that's hard enough to get pips as is
  • Honestly, I just wish I knew how much of a grind it could've been. I don't mind it but I def feel like it's a big turn off for newer players having to go against killers or survivors with superior perks.
  • I usually see killers acting this way around rank reset. I don't know why, it's stupid. I haven't really been seeing survivors run DS lately, which is weird but probably cause of a possible up coming nerf. Then again, I'm still waiting for the devs to change NOED.
  • Bait. But yes, killers are like that, not all of them. Just like every survivor doesn't act like they're the best by t-bagging at every loop or pallet they waste
  • I'd have to disagree with the Plague nerf. The problem is most people don't know how to play against her because not a lot of people play her. I main Plague and she's the first and possibly only killer I'll P3. She's balanced to where you know when she has the secondary power. You can hear her picking it up. And you can…
  • Honestly. I think it should be changed so it's deactivated once you go into a locker. Imagine just jumping into a locker, using DS, going back in and then using head on. I don't even get why survivors say "it's a anti tunneling perk" no, it's a second chance perk like most survivor perks.