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  • It's really easy to rank up. Play well and play a lot. That's it. Your teammates don't matter. The killer doesn't matter. You're the only constant in every game, so if you play enough, you'll end up at the MMR you belong at. It also helps if you stop worrying about it and just play to have fun. You're going to rank up no…
  • People get mad when things change.
  • If you're playing Pig properly, you're ignoring survivors with hats on. You're not using hats to kill, and your shouldn't be wasting time chasing them. The hats are the best slowdown mechanic in the game, and they got better.
  • Um, Pig got buffed. Learn some math, bruv.
  • You have a long time to finish the rift. It's really not too bad if you're a regular player. You need to play more than once a week, but if you play a game or two a day and focus on challenges, you'll get it done with time to spare.
  • As a gay man yourself, you should be familiar with the term "coming out". Hiding the fact that your gay has been much more common than being out for far too long. That's why things like David being gay and people noting the Jeopardy Queen is a lesbian are important.
  • What? Queue times are fine if you play during normal hours. Queue times are longer at night because you need four survivors and one killer for every match. There are far fewer people playing.
  • Sorry, but your build is garbage. You're worried about using Ruin because decent survivors know where totems are, but you're using Lullaby, Lightborn, and Tinkerer? Lullaby might be the worst killer perk in the game. Good survivors don't miss skill checks no matter how hard you make them, plus it needs to ramp up, plus…
  • Um, what? You completely missed the point. If he gets a 30 kill streak or not is completely irrelevant. He was using one of the weakest killers in the game and still won 15 games in a row, yet people still bring it up as an example of the game being survivor-sided. If he cared enough to burn offerings, then yeah, he had a…
  • Or you could, you know, look at what he's talking about in context. He was trying to win 30 games in row. He wasn't losing every game. He was losing every 15th game. Sadako is also desperately in need of some love, but she's also a free win if you get an indoor map. Sure, there are some frustrating games every now and then…
  • I'm not saying I use random builds. I'm just not using the same maximized builds every time. You can absolutely use non-meta builds with non-meta killers and win at high MMR, and you'll probably have more fun. You don't even have to believe me. Just look at any of the streamers people have heard of before. They're in the…
  • Playing killer is great. The number one thing getting in your way is you seem to be unable to admit you need to improve and you just want to blame everyone else. I play at high MMR. I never play sweaty. I try out different builds. I use most killers. I have fun with survivors that want to have fun. I still win most of my…
  • You don't seem to understand why DH is such a problem so you can't really comment on it.
  • The whole premise of your tier list is flawed. If you're against survivors that are less skilled than you, you're going to win with whoever you pick. None of the killers are useless, some of them just take more work. Some take a lot more work. If you're against survivors who aren't as good as you, you can win without even…
  • 5 seconds is a massive amount of time. It's going to be borderline broken for Ghostfaces who know how to be sneaky and a pretty good crutch for bad Ghostfaces.
  • Dude I been playing this game for 4 years now but man I just need to get better at the game, right? That's what it sounds like.
  • The majority of the chat interactions are positive, especially if you initiate them. There are always going to be dicks anonymously sitting behind their computer screens who are going to be jerks. You can't design around them since no communication at all is not fun for anyone. If you want to play any game online, you need…
  • Well, you can always refuse to improve, but you probably won't have a ton of fun that way. If you were downing them quickly and got many hooks, there's no way they could've finished the gens all that fast. I've played ten games since the patch went live, and the only survivors went through the hatch, but yeah, keep blaming…
  • Are you aware that the survivors are being controlled by actual people?
  • It just sounds like you need more practice and time in the game. Take a walk, cool down, and figure out how you can play better instead of just blaming everyone else. If you put the time in, the game definitely favours killers right now. I'm certain that the majority of the games you lose are your fault.
  • Every game that has chat has people being jerks in it. It's not a Behaviour thing, it's not a DBD, it's a societal thing. Killers need to grow some thicker skin. DBD is still balanced in favour of killers. Instead of worrying about what they think after a game that you enjoyed, move on to the next game and figure out what…
  • I'm not really sure what your point is. Killers who are complaining are just bad at the game and want to vent. I play killer and something extremely special needs to happen to not get 3 kills in a game. I don't even think I'm that good at the game, but killers just have an extreme advantage is just about every situation…
  • Maybe the game just isn't for you. Playing killer is infinitely more fun than survivor. You probably just don't understand the role.
  • It's pretty easy to come up with 50+ perks that are more useful in every situation than the few times Blood Warden works. Use what's fun for you, that's the game, but there's no scenario where Blood Warden is anywhere near a build that's trying to be sweaty.
  • Camping should NOT be as heavily incentivized as it is, especially through Leatherfaces current existence. It's not incentivized if you're not against day one survivors. If they facecamp, they get one one kill and the game is pretty much over if that's all they do. A lot of survivors are also awful and then blame the…
  • Pop and Ruin don't work together since you can't kick the gens.
  • That's actually wrong. It's hit 2 survivors with the chainsaw within 30 seconds as the Hillbilly. It's not too bad.
  • So what's the point you're trying to make? Did you really need an all caps title just to say I think these killers are boring to play against and don't have anything else to say? Here's some advice. Instead of "WHY DON'T PEOPLE UNDERSTAND WHAT BORING KILLERS ARE, AND THE FACT THAT DBD IS NOT A HORROR GAME???," try "What…
  • Have you ever seen a slasher movie. 90% of the "scares" involve the victims knowing exactly where the killer is but being unable to escape the chase. DBD does a great job of putting that in a video game.
  • You're clearly not here to have a thoughtful discussion. You don't like playing against some of the killers. Are you suggesting that no one should ever play them because you don't like them? What does it even mean that it's not a horror game? It's just as scary as it's even been, which isn't very scary.