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  • No, You are paying to have some sort of exclusive rewards. There’s always the free track if money is the issue.
  • 1 - Bloodwarden + Noed 2 - I’ve already listed the killer to use 3 - Capture one survivor, and use insidious with leather face. On on top of that not all challenges are m…
  • @Theoretical_Heart The challenges help encourage you to switch up your gameplay style and tactics. So that mean as a survivor you may need to try different perks. And as a killer play different killers for different scenarios. For example, Spirit,…
  • Yes and No. This is where I become a hypocrite lol. I like the exclusiveness when I am able to participate in the event. I don’t like the exclusiveness if I was not able to participate in the event. However with that being said as long as they give…
  • That’s what I’m saying!!! @Peanits Tell the cosmetics teams I said what’s up, we can handle this through 4vs1 match. I got my pebbles ready to go.
  • @camgaming You can change the setting to friends only.
  • Survivors gameplays on console & of seems the same the to me. Now if you were comparing different killers then that’s a different story.
  • @The_Bootie_Gorgon Spend it all!!!
    in New outfits Comment by Iceman October 11
  • I bought Jake. I wish we had two survivors like last year. I would have love for Adam to have one 🤧
  • @Grimbergoth Thanks!
  • @Salty_Pearl That’s a new character who is being introduced into the game. He has the ability to channel old memories that killers & survivors had before it was wiped away from them. He goes by many names such The observer, The Alchemist, and m…
  • @Rivyn Actually it helps people who are in your situation. If the egc timer started, and you are looping the killer for a long time. All the killer have to do is wait the timer out.
  • @Chaotic_Riddle Me 👋🏾
  • @Dr_Loomis I think he mask could only have slight blood due to him being a license character. Myers covered in fully blood will give him a different look from the franchis…
  • As a survivor I did not have a problem with the hallowed blight event last year. It was fun doing another objective beside generators The problem was the fact that your teammate would collect their serum then kill themselves on the hook. And I’m no…
  • @ProfoundEnding When did announce that they are against Halloween costumes? Most of the cosmetics we receive can be looked as “costumes”
  • @Kaiju Adam here 👋🏾, I just have my fav killers on the forums.
  • @ItzSoulz It normally take place sometimes in October. And the devs don’t start teasing about until like the end of September. Last year it took place between October 19th…
  • Yes yes yesssssssssss!!!! @Peanits I’m hoping survivors like Kate, Adam, Jeff and Jane are the spotlight for this upcoming Halloween event.
  • @Ihatelife Happy Birthday! 🎂🎁🎊🎈 Enjoy your day
  • @BlueSweater It could possible be 5pm, your time. However, remember the devs mention just because this is the usual pattern that may not be the case all the time.
  • @StupidPallets What do you want to happen to the item? I mean if you want me to take the item with me then I would be more than happy for that to happen. I wouldn’t have to worry about having white ward.
  • @borna_lk 18,000 shards = no money. It’s just play time. You didn’t spend money on those characters. Now if you bought them with auric cells and decided to buy the chapters. Then they could have place back your auric cells.
  • @Yung_Slug No it would be long because it’s additional to what ever the time is now. As of now only add an additional 10/20/30 seconds…
  • @Kumakx Yeah, I was just aiming for something close to the older saboteur, where it use to be 190/200/210 seconds. And I think making hangman trick like this will create some crazy builds.
  • @killerman They’re both connected. The rift is giving cosmetics that is related to tone of the archive. Unlike the archive, this will be limited. I thought you were saying battle pass as if it was going to be a pay to win. My apologies @gamer123 …
  • @Kilmeran It’s not really a battle pass. It is just something dedicated to receiving more lore information. The difference between free and paid, is exclusive cosmetics.
  • @Raven014 I think if anything it will probably be out of Susie/Joey. Their cosmetics are the popular amongst the other two. Which is funny because Susie and Joey don’t even have their own voice 😔.
  • I don’t agree that the killers are repeats. Look at in the sense that they are coming from a similar base. Switching up the base and making it unique is fun imo. I prefer ghost face stalking mechanic compared to Myers. They both have their down sid…
  • @BlueFang Survivor stalked meter never goes away until they have been exposed. So if you stalk a survivor half way, and then manage to down them with out exposing them. The stalk meter does not reset. This will always keep survivors on their feet.