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  • I just played like 4 games against rank 9s and I'm a rank 18 killer like wtf i may as well of just dc and give them the win cause I stand no chance when their 3 of them every god damn game even if its swf it should NEVER be like that wether its a fr…
  • What they should do to sort out the [BAD WORD] players from the good ones is, do it by hours like ranks 20-18 is 300 or less hours and then 17-15 is 500 and so on, ontop of…
  • I was meaning that even with how [BAD WORD] and garbage the killer was with out the buff that people could still get kills with out camping people to say camping doesnt pay…
  • Just like there is no rule that says you cant quit so 🤷🏻
  • I completely disagree that this should happen considering the killer is just being lazy af taking that route and it makes him look pathetic to and why is it ok to punish pl…
  • But thats not my problem and just because some one uses a perk doesnt make them trash i dont call a killer trash cause they use things like ruin, noed,bbq and nurses or whe…
  • How it is a problem to have the shrine you just save up theyll always have them non stop even the ones that rarely show up thats how i been getting them from the shrine eve…
  • I was playing earlier and i could of sworn i was hearing the same sound you hear when your using whispers as a killer but i completely forgot to check at the end if they had it so if they did then I guess it possible. I also had a game where I was g…
  • Well i use whispers and franklins cause I'm always being gen rushed and those two help me cause even with whispers i suck at killer which is why i NEVER get past rank 16
  • I dont wanna ban them cause its not worth it i just wanna know why survivors wanna get salty over certain perk being used and when they are used on the weakest killer i jus…
  • Even at a rank 15 survivor i wait forever for a lobby up to 15 mins and i agree i feel like lot of people suck as teammates atleast that my case when playing survivor
  • Its already private as far as a I know cause when i go to my msgs it doesnt show their msgs but this one I think left a comment when he sent the friend request which again …
  • I use freddy alot and everyone knows that freddy is one of the weakest killers to use until hes been redone so why their making it a problem is beyond me bcause its the only way i can counter the survivors
  • Thats what im doing its just annoying when its all the time is all
  • I dont have a post game chat on ps4 thats only for pc players instead what this person did was send me a friend request and then a msg with it but usually its just them sen…
  • Use franklins, and NOED those will help to get back at them for it, thats all i got cause im one of those toxic players you hate lol
  • Im low rank and I mean like 15 rank and I main freddy. I think hes suppose to be a low main killeratleast that's what it seems like, I honeslty think hes just a tad OP depending on your rank and if you know how to use him against the survivors
  • I agree but atleast make so not everyone in SWF is a rank 7 or 8 against a rank 15 or 16 killer how thats even possible is beyond me at that point the only thing i can do i…
  • Survivors ALWAYS want the game to go in their favor newsflash there is a way to counter NOED its called small game and second you should be doing totems for points anyway stop complaining and get good
  • Im only a 18 on killer on ps4 and ive been waiting up to sometimes 20 minutes to find 4 survivors its ridiculous that it takes that long and to even get a lobby in general with out survivors takes forever also