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  • Thank you all for the responses. Ill try the perks that Verconissp suggested first and apply the tips in this thread along the way. Im always open for more perk builds.
  • You could try uploading the video file to youtube and linking the youtube video in your bug report.
  • Mori's give killers a chance to bypass a pallet/flashlight rescue on last hook to secure that kill, as well as avoid DS with it if the survivor happens to still have it. They still have functionality and on top of that mori's are just cool lookin', so I think they are fine.
  • LT walls on both sides. Then the standard one. Even with the pallet gone the long walls are the most annoying to me as killer. If there is bad RNG and there are strong tiles right next to it... I cry.
  • Anything that messes with the game that is not intended by the developers can be classified as unsafe.
  • Creepy 😱
  • Definitely Noodle legs for me. It always came out of nowhere too. Made me cry of laughter and caused me to go down allot.
  • My take on basement Bubba is that its only really strong if survivors actively drop gens to try and save the person in the basement But if Bubba plays against a team that knows that saving that person in the basement is useless and focuses on gens, then basement bubba gets no points and is basically wasting his time…
  • Whaha I mean this is very much possible.
  • Just for fun :D Turncoat You lurk in the shadows, ready to scare your teammates. You are a creative soul and a twisted one at that. You start with 2 tokens. Press the Active Ability button while standing still to consume a token. Turn into a cosplay of a random killer for 10/15/20 seconds when uninjured. When under the…
  • Its a "use at your own risk". Anything you change in your files can be picked up by EAC. If EAC bans you there isnt much we can do for you. We dont recommend altering your files in anyway.
  • Awake survivors will not see it blocked, since they cant see the fake pallet at all. When they fall asleep is when they will be able to see the fake pallet blocked. Illusionary Doc pallets will also be blocked, but as soon as the survivor gets to the pallet the pallet will disappear
  • Yes it affects them. If Freddy has the fake pallet addon and Hex: Blood Favor, then the fake pallets will be held up by BF if they are in range.
  • I feel like Nea has some great outfits to work with. So based on cosmetics I would suggest her. My heart goes back to Adam as of late. The Bearded Diety-head from the greek collection was a great addition to him. Also not gonna lie I switch mains all the time too, so I feel the struggle there.
  • Like @Echorion has mentioned, if you want to provide additional evidence to your in-game report you can do so here: https://support.deadbydaylight.com/hc/en-us attaching the video proof you collected and all the offender's information. As long as you reported them in-game it doesnt matter what platform they are on.…
  • Constantly waving your arms on hook is a signal that the killer is camping. This was the default back in 2016 and was universally accepted as such. However the meaning has slowly been changing over the years due to miscommunication. So for me its always been "the killer is camping, do gens", but I have been trying to read…
  • Medkits especially the green one. I just love the fast healing it gives. The Commodius Toolbox is a really close second due to its many charges and has quite the bit of variety.
  • Dont worry, slugging is not bannable and since the person will bleed out on the floor after a few mins it does not fall under keeping the game hostage either.
  • The healing noises are one of those noises that can be heard during a chase. Which would explain why you got found on the tractor. However there could have been multiple reasons why you got found. The killer might not have giving you the full reason on how he found you or he might have confused you with another survivor (I…
  • Happy holidays everyone. May your days be cozy and comfortable.
  • Screenshots are the one thing that every platform needs imo. This is indeed a masterpiece. Also gave me allot of nostalgia. Im not gonna lie I miss playing Left 4 Dead with my old friend group.
  • In an active chase sounds like footsteps, grass/corn, and breathing are usually masked by the chase music. If the killer isnt in an active chase you would be surprised by how much these sounds stand out.
  • Oh my gosh hahah I have a fair bit of Gmod behind my back, but I have never seen the model do pretzel legs before 😂
  • Bans from the Official Dead by Daylight Discord server can be appealed by contacting the staff member that issued the ban. You can DM the elemental bot, as your ban should have the person listed there. You can find more information here: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/kb/articles/140-ban-appeals
  • You should be able to get the Demon Slayer Feng Min outfit in the DbD in-game store right now for 21 500 shards. If you dont see it in the store try to restart your game, it should show. If this is not the case then you might already own the outfit, since this outfit was in a past rift.