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A Console Player, who is currently awaiting the update with a great amount of anticipation. Current Goals: Get the Fog Traveller Outfits for Meg and Claudette Purchase the new Curtain Call Chapter as soon as it comes out/am able Get better at the game Choose Kate as my new main, despite having a Prestige 3 Claudette whom I'm currently trying to get all highest tier perks on.


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The base objectives are Killer VS Survivor. But additional objectives should not be pitting the two sides against one another. I like the Halloween event because survivors were able to do an additional objective that couldn’t be des…
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Well, no. The first game we played normally, given we knew nothing of each other. But for some reason he spared me. The second game we avoided each other but I would unhook people before they reached Stage 2. Eventually all that was…
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Actually, killers still get helpers. I personally helped a killer complete his dailies and he helped me get the Coins. Incidentally we played together twice in a row and I aided him by letting myself be hooked and all sorts.
  • (Quote) 
But isn’t this just enforcing the event-based Survivor VS Killer thing I saw so many get worried about prior to the event?
  • (Quote) 
Okay. I can see your point. You’ve explained it well but still... it seems agitating, to have the only two in the map be destroyed and being unable to get them because you tried playing the game normally. I sabotaged an event hook (…
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Played Killer. Got all 4 lanterns they had spawned in and hooked each survivor three times. I’m no pushover when it comes to killer, but even so it still seems to be a double standard, as killers complain when survivors destroy even…
  • (Quote) 
Mhm. Hoping my girl Claudette gets a good one soon.
  • I just play survivor because I like survivor... if the killers switching to survivor so easily are doing it just for the event I don’t want to face them as Killer regardless. It sounds like they wouldn’t dedicate themselves to being an actual challe…
  • (Quote) 
Why though? Some of us don’t go looking for obscure perks and simply are interested because, for some like me, wouldn’t be able to access those files anyway due to the fact that we’re console players.
  • I am the sixth G A Y person to come in and say they love Feng’s outfit. Also love Huntress’, though I’ll be unlocking Feng’s first because I’m a survivor main. Will definitely unlock Huntress’ second in between RDR2 grinding but, aside from that? Ac…
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If they make it base, alter it so that you cannot heal whilst in a chase, and can only heal after 15 seconds of being out of a chase.
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Look at Giddawid’s post, “from left to right”. And the first person to the left is the white girl with the glasses.
  • (Quote) 
Wait. So Claudette was originally a white woman? Genuinely intriguing, though I think these concepts should come back as skins, especially since we’ve seen the model for the girl wearing a red bandana around her hair.
  • Rank 5 Survivor and Rank 10 Killer (I haven’t played a lot of Killer since reaching Rank 1 last season, I’ve just been grinding to P3 the Spirit) and Survivor queue times seem to be equated to how bad a killer’s ping is. I tend to join games within …
  • (Quote) 
Actually... matches should never be in anyone’s favour. This is a PvP game after all. But to blame or punish solo survivors for the actions of grouped survivors, even if solos are the minority, is wrong. Especially given the origina…
  • (Quote) 
I presumed you were addressing me. But it’s okay. I do not agree with a squad being an example of balance: the Devs have been trying to design the game around solo survival, not having vocal communication and organisation. SWF’s con…
  • Anyone else remembering that he suffered because he was willingly doing a challenge? Anyone else remember that he chose to do the challenge? If he was gen rushed by survivors who were using perks and items and all of the tools at their disposal then…
  • Well, how ‘bout this. Unless they removed the feature to see others’ healing speeds increase then Leader does not work. I had a Nea healing me and it felt incredibly slow and was a grey bar. I know what a 25% percent in healing looks like, given I u…
  • If I was to ask for representation the character would end up: - Gay - Anti-social based perks - Wears suits - Is a small skinny white boy Representation in games is really easy to pull off, given they model characters themselves. Though does thei…
  • I do not want lobby dodging to be punished. You’re in the lobby. If they leave pre-five second countdown then they may simply not like circumstances such as poor connections, unstable connections. As someone who lives in a newly built home where bet…
  • I’d either do my best to help the survivors or just become a killer. I don’t know. Your reactions to real life scenarios are instinct and so foresight is useless to predict what you may do, given how your emotions may affect your actions when you ar…
  • Hm. Since I don’t have a fibre-based connection I won’t know what has changed for another 50-70 minutes.
  • S - F, varies on player: survivors. Just had a farming David and an unsympathetic Huntress. Not a good combo... Was farmed, bodyblocked and generally sandbagged by a P3 Claudette. I am genuinely hating solos. But in sincere matters, I think the Spi…
  • P3 Claudette- I’m kidding. Her entire Urban set is my favourite, especially if you give her the purple dyed schoolgirl hair and a pink top with the nice shorts. For Nea it’s her Urban trousers and hair. Though I finalise the outfit with the Grim M…
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Why the hell do I imagine her approaching a kicked gen and going “Now who da f*** did that?” 
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That sort of thing happened to me. I had played decently (two gens left, hooked after a minute or so of being chased) and I saw the others were focusing on gens. On the last few seconds I tried to self unhook and went into struggle …
  • (Quote) 
I want to do this. But only to have all of the Killer perks on Spirit. I intend to P3 her and get all of the Killer perks on her as I have with Claudette and Kate (all perks at their max tier) but I worry about how I’ll be gathering…
  • I’ve only ever ragequit once as survivor: when a Legion would keep giving up chases just to catch me, a non-toxic Laurie Strode using DS only when it was most needed: when you’ve got no more chances, when he’s picking you up for your third hook. As…