We will shortly be deploying a hotfix to the PTB to potentially address the Save Game Errors that some players were facing. Please update your PTB build when the update is available and let us know of any issues. Thank you.



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  • Been a PC gamer for a long time so it's really second nature to play like that. I've actually tried playing DBD with a controller and find it to be slower and more clunky than using a KBM. Back when FPS games started showing up on consoles, I couldn't stand using a controller for things like FPS games. Over time I learned…
  • The environmental collision issues make playing Bubba on this level such a headache. Every time I'm on this I run into a hidden twig multiple times per game and go into a tantrum. That mixed with the main building make me just want to give up as soon as I load in.
  • My experience has been completely terrible tonight as a solo survivor. Teammates are...alright, not doing amazing plays but also not completely clueless. Killers on the other hand are either totally stomping everyone before a gen can even get done or not so great but camp and tunnel. Tried killer, and yeah miserable there…
    in April 7th Comment by Jareth April 8
  • I don't think it's possible. I have all killers but two and only two survivors at P3 with all perks. I'm at devotion 15 and have played this game since before that was a thing. Even if you ignore prestige it doesn't seem likely to be able to get all perks on every character.
  • It was also a good time to clean up on the survivor challenges in the rift. Had no problems getting the Any Means Necessary and Breakout ones since MMR thought I should be paired with rank 20 killers with only 1 or 2 perks. As a note, I do realize rank wasn't supposed to matter but these people played like baby killers.
  • Fun times back in that first winter. Killers could equip other killers equipment, like chainsaw myers. They could also equip survivor perks, so good luck trying to get away from a killer with bond.
  • No, that just let's you rev longer before you tantrum and you would still see him rev. What you describe sounds like an insta-saw and that's not possible. I wonder if it's a bug where you don't see him rev on your screen even though he was?
  • All of them. Whenever new ones get released I work on getting those. There's only a couple that are a pain (Evil Incarnate is probably the worst), but otherwise it's just grinding them until they're done.
  • Do you get the DC penalty when you get booted out? Are there still issues with lobbies getting shut down? It's been painful enough to play survivor when you constantly get kicked out of lobbies, now getting kicked out of the game makes it even worse.
  • When I play survivor it's always solo and the first day saw the error only a few times. The next day it was every time I tried to play as survivor (probably 8x total). I also got the error as killer, but only 2x. For me the survivor queues are about 5 min while killer is instant, so I gave up even trying survivor.
  • Seems like the general lobby errors that are happening since the patch yesterday. I can't even get into a survivor match anymore due to the lobby errors. Killer seems to work 90% of the time, but even then the queue is way shorter so it's not a big deal to get right back in.
  • I have this happening as well on Steam. First game as killer, I get an error and can't load into a lobby, try again and it works. I then try survivor, get into a lobby then get booted out with "The lobby has been closed due to an unexpected error". There were 3 survivors and no killer at the time. Then I try another 3…
  • Survivor: Kate, I have every cosmetic on her Killer: Bubba, I've always liked playing him even before the buff, it's a great feeling when you can get 3 or 4 down in a single chainsaw (and no I don't do insidious or basement camping)
  • Only played it twice so still need to get used to it. The thing that keeps bugging me about it is some of the entrances to the building. You need to hit some of them at the perfect angle or you get caught. I found this mostly happens at the dirt ramps they have going into it.
  • I thought a lot of survivors were running it recently, but this makes sense now. I honestly didn't pay attention to their perks, just assumed I was running up against it a lot.
  • I was getting this error a lot last night. As survivor it happened 3x in a row. I gave up playing survivor since you don't get it until you are going into a lobby, so after a ~5 min queue wait just to have to start over wasn't fun. As killer I ended up with this error 5-6x consecutively but with the quick queues it wasn't…
  • I used to be all about the DC penalty but these days I'm more against it. If someone doesn't want to play a game for whatever reason then they'll still DC, kill themselves on hook, or go AFK. If it happens at the beginning of a match then it's ruined the whole game anyway, now everyone just has to suffer through a…
  • I remember back in the early days running across a streamer and three SWF friends. They brought 2 flashlights, a key, a Haddonfield offering, and whatever meta survivor build there was back then (can't recall the specifics). One thing to note is that this was back when there were insta-blind flashlights and the hatch…
  • Jake was the last one I got, mostly due to people not playing him as much I figure. It gets harder to obtain with more survivors coming out but if you keep playing Bubba you'll eventually get it.
  • I didn't have any trouble finding them. I got it in 3 games as a killer and found them all by playing normally. You need to listen for the sound when you get close. The hardest to find was on the Game since it made the noise downstairs but was actually upstairs. Even then it wasn't really that bad.
  • This is definitely going in the right direction, and it's appreciated that you guys are working on it so quickly. My concerns would be that survivors are still a bit spread out by being vertical and the colors aren't quite as contrasted. After playing a few days I noticed that I almost never looked at the survivor icons or…
  • Not sure if he's actually any worse than others but visually his hits are pretty bad. He's always kind of been that way so it may just seem even worse with the current hit box issues.
  • It's nice to have them look into these things. Just not sure why they thought it might be different from what people were saying during the PTB. Saying they wanted to let everyone try it is a bit of an insult to those who took the time to play it and give their feedback.
    in SUCCESS Comment by Jareth February 2021
  • They should give killers the same hook view as survivors, the one they have now really doesn't serve a purpose. I imagine in most cases killers keep a mental count anyway. If they want to tunnel then they'll tunnel whether that's there or not.
  • It's too scattered and harder to parse all the info you need easily. Having pretty much everything at the bottom half makes it easy to see everything without having to scan your whole monitor. Also the different statuses like injured aren't as obvious. On the plus side the hook counter for survivors is nice. The killers…
  • When I use pretty much the same build (swap bbq for discordance) on Bubba I end up 4king way more often than not so I'd say it's a pretty good build. The times when I don't it's a good team that can get things done and I would probably need to sweat on any killer. It doesn't sound like you really did that bad it's just…
  • No, I don't see a point in locking survivors. What I really want is killers to not be locked. I understand why it's like this but it's still one of those pet peeves I have with this game.
  • I was playing her a lot a few months ago. I'd run across the issue where you puke on someone, they make a noise, but they aren't infected probably about once every game. What made me stop is when I was playing one round chasing someone, puked on them 3x, they made the sound each time, but were never infected. I just left…
  • I don't like to farm in general but if the killer shows that they are trying to complete a challenge or something I'll help out. I try to get out of the match as quickly as possible though so I can move on.
  • Killers: All Survivors: Dwight, Meg, Kate, Ash