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  • killers don't have bottoms though. Its a head piece and a body. There are some outfits that are linked but thats not the same thing. Survs have a linked head body and pants layer that get linked together for certain cosmetics
  • are there any sets of just tops/bottoms without headgear? Id imagine its locked just because they didnt want to have to build that as a functional thing
  • there are two easy solutions. Survs regain their ability to be stalked slowly He can stalk multiple people at once for an increase speed in stalk
  • If I already answered 90% of the questions you kept asking then once again, its not about me, its about you. As I said, you kept shifting the burden of necessary constraints. I even listed the progression of what you deemed as necessary and how drastically it shifted. This was never about me arguing my position to you, it…
  • Iri Head, long term exhaustion based add ons, infinite tier 3 myers, all exposure and mori add-ons, insta heals, turbo gen boxes, flash lights that can be used with macros to extend their use to over 20 full seconds, would all instantly be removed. And of course the chests themselves wouldn't be able to circumvent the…
  • My initial post said exactly what I suggested. White and Yellow add ons/items only. 15% longer gen and sacrifice speeds Every other casual mode in every other game rewards all play, but incentivized ranked/comp play with far greater rewards and daily challenges I literally said half why would anyone be kicked out of casual…
  • it was a good question, and some people just wanna be angry, have a good one <3
  • You still cant ######### read. Jesus #########. I literally said a casual mode would deserve some, but far less rewards. Your mention of ques was not your first point, I pointed out the flaws in your original points so you kept jumping ship until I agreed that it is the single POSSIBLE issue. I also mentioned how the…
  • "hey you have a car, and I have a car, so why do we need a bus service in this town?". Its still such a non argument. Other games have less competitive sections for availability, expanding the community and allowing people to learn a game in a semi competitive environment so they can then experience what a game really has…
  • So your final reason, be all end all, for all the theatricts and ######### you were pulling, is ######### "meh" XD Im ######### dead
  • 99% of all games : Have a designated casual mode with functioning matchmaking : reward the play against people 99% of games : Have a designated, harder, more competitive ranked mode, with greater rewards for playing 99% of games : Have a custom mode with your ability to choose maps, abilities, and other modifiers you…
  • yes because everyone always has five people available. You also get literally no reward of any kind for this, no bp, no xp towards tomes, but if you want to say ignoring the fact that customs games physically exist as ignoring the "many points" you claim to have made, then that is just very diluted... The games listed all…
  • For literally the third time now, and Im opening with this because for as far as your head is up your own ass, you still can't read ######### english. I have no intention on using a casual dbd mode. I personally do not want or need that environment, I prefer the optimized competition of a rank 1 swf trying to survive…
  • Thats just... really not true. Like in any metric. There is no dialogue or focused strategy in casual siege, its you play your role and then execute. In ranked everything is calculated, every position is held, no one is dicking around, it is optimized. In overwatch it really is just deathmatch in casual. Ranked has such an…
  • Half of your argument was a list of analogies and the other half was deconstructing the world chill. A casual mode still exists in most games with competitive PVP, its not that that isnt a good argument, its that that isnt an argument. Its done in literally every other example of game, saying it wouldnt work because its…
  • there is no other competitive game that doesn't have a casual mode. There is always a ranked setting, and a casual setting. The only exceptions are battle royales which do not have a ranked mode of any kind in the first place, because how the hell would you matchmake 100 people? the solution is simple. just limit add ons…
  • Im not saying I win every game, but you get to a point where 4 escapes in unheard of. A bad game for me is two escapes with at least one on death hook. You optimize play styles to a point that unless you are facing an incredibly efficient team, your loses are games slipping through your fingers, not steam rolls. Noed will…
  • I mentioned the counterplay to exactly that though. If you detect him and can body block for someone else in chase, you can force him to lose the effectiveness of his power. In that split second he has to decide "do I keep my 99 or do I just hit them", which I promise you, is a choice they are not prepared to make. You…
  • the fact that using noed as a "back up" kinda proves my point a bit? Not trying to be rude, just objective. Im not getting lucky if Im rank 1 every season for a few years, consistently 4king 9/10 games with every killer in game. Any killer can be good
  • yea someone explained it. It really just sounded like you were playing poorly as killer, or against poor killers.
  • literally all of them. Thats why a 3 gen is so brutal. They will waste their resources, they will start making mistakes, you WILL eventually get a down, then the snow ball just happens, thats it. Plague with a ruin still in play is really fun though for a favorite
  • it sounds like he just isnt a very good killer then. :/
  • Im not trying to be rude, I genuinely do not understand what you are trying to say. It may be the lack of punctuation, it may be because it is late, but I genuinely do not understand what you are trying to convey
  • I play every killer except; bubba, spirit, nurse and billy in my rotation. Consistent rank 1 every season, consistent 4ks, no exceptions with anyone I play with. I have to fully disagree with you, there is not a single killer who is incapable of consistently getting 10-12 hooks on an average game, when played optimally.…
  • If a killer wants to waste a perk slot of it then ######### go for it. Annoying, yes. Good, no. Especially in a swf where a teammate can just go pick up your good item, it really isnt great
  • Some people have suggested having 4-8 checkpoints on a generator, and that they'd regress back to a checkpoint over a period, or begin regressing fully when kicked. I dont think this is necessary, but it has been suggested
  • you got hit with devour hope
  • Legion is good at spreading damage and slowing down the game, one of the most annoying things for survs. He has nothing for ending chases and any kind of post power stun always feels uncomfortable. This creates a killer who isn't necessarily great, but feels weak to play and annoying to play against
  • "You're so ######### toxic" "You have 300 ping, were tbagging constantly and had a flashlight machine gun macro, what did I do that was toxic?" "You played deathslinger" I had no response for that, and their only response was that he was boring. I cant even sometimes