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  • Agree with this 100% I play survivor more often than killer because it's a lot less stressful. Solo can suck sometimes, but it's always down to player decisions. I dedicate at least 1 perk slot to aura reading and can see exactly how other people are playing- hell I've been on the hook with kindred and seen 2 people in the…
  • Seen 'Drussy' thrown around a bit...
  • I miss being able to switch killers in lobby. The queues are longer for killer most of the time and the one I'm playing usually isn't the one that needs their bloodweb filled out.
  • I barely use the forum and I liked Orion's input- I saw him calmly express his opinion to people who make me want to pull my hair out. It says a LOT that this is a big enough deal to lead to such drastic action. Massively respect the integrity, hope he does well.
  • Same on PS4 here too. Two crashes, once as survivor once as killer.
  • I think the perks will become general perks so they can still be tweaked and out on the shrine. They'll probably update the icons for inner strength and baby sitter to be non-specific (like unbreakable before bill was added to console). I'll be very disappointed if they aren't able to tweak demo anymore. He doesn't need to…
  • This is the saving grace for the tome in my eyes. I like to mic and match survivor outfits in particular, having recolours of store outfits is a great way to have more to play around with rather than my 6th Nea beanie I'm never going to wear.
  • Fine, but that sucks because I only got it because I liked how it looked before and now I'm not going to use it. You can see how that is still a problem right?
  • One thing I like in this rift that I hope continues: Nea, Zarina, Nurse, Billy, legion and maybe Jake (I can't actually tell if it's the case with his yellow outfit) are all getting mix and match outfits which are recolours of previously released BUT non-default outfits. I like this a lot more than 70% of the rift…
  • Haven't got a before shot but one of the most random is the addition of streaky eyeliner to one of my favourite zarina heads No on is talking about Nancy's close eyes and eye bags, so is this a known cosmetic bug?
  • Feedback applies to 80% of general. Just kind of sucks to be randomly picked as the person who's post is gonna get shoved into a part of the forum no one is going to see. If I had any faith that feedback would get me anywhere I'd post here. As it is I most just want to complain and have others agree with how much things…
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  • This was my favourite Dwight head and it's been trashed. The silver teeth are one of my least favourite things about this update.
  • I don't really understand why this is feedback when posts on the trickster and spirit changes aren't and a similar post of David's heads aren't, but go off I guess.
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  • Maybe bad in a single game, since it's a cumulative one, just keep playing normally until you get it. There are worse challenges in this very tome let alone the entire history of the archives lol.
  • *Spinechill is fine, chill.
  • Yes. They've yet to do anything interesting with the concept sadly.
  • This is something I haven't really thought of. I think there should be more effort to balance perks around game state. So killer perks that start very strong and get weaker for each player who is eliminated, survivor perks that get stronger for the same.
  • I enjoy playing against nurse- as a solo console player I rarely survive against a good one, but there's an intensity to nurse chases that other killers truly lack. I don't feel rewarded for running a strong loop against an M1 killer. I do feel rewarded for making use of LOS breaks/last minute changes in direction against…
  • Small game is in an amazing spot as an anti-totem counter- been using it for the archive and the counter in particular is incredibly powerful- I know when to stop bothering seeking out totems as well as where they are so minimal time is wasted. I wish killers had more/stronger options to disable survivor perks in the way…
  • I agree, but I'd move the shelter tree to another map. Possibly delete Azarov's and move it's structure to wreckers and the map shape is much nicer to play in.
  • Let me simplify: Wraith is mid tier at best. Bamboozle is a pathetic perk to complain about. Play the game for more than 8 hours before giving anecdotes. :)
  • I don't like reducing things to sides, but: This is an incredibly survivor sided comment. Running around in circles isn't interesting for the killer. Any number of survivor perks are 'no you don't get to play the game perks' to a degree that bamboozle doesn't even get close to. Blocking 1 window for a short period of time…
  • This. Now instead being strong at camping and slugging, they're just strong at camping. They needed to reduce respawn time on Victor after he gets kicked while also giving Charlotte something in her kit to compensate. Maybe some kind of rage mode that activates if Victor is hurt? But whatevs yeah, it's frustrating
  • I agree. I'd love to run something other than BBQ, but it's basically a lock based on the bloodpoints alone. Even bad games are less tilting when you leave with double what you'd earn by default. Maybe they could ameliorate the problem by adding this effect to otherwise really bad perks and having the effect stack- like if…
  • This is a really solid rift. The last couple of have been lacking (last one was carried by how ridiculously good the Oni skin was), so I consider this one a return to form. Really dig that this one fills out the rift with less supported killers and survivors rather than the usual Claudette, Dwight and meg reskins.
  • As a pallet only Freddy I'm mostly just sad they reduced the number of pallets and made dream state easier to stay out of for longer :(
  • Fair play. I think we're using different approaches to evaluate weakness- I find trapper immensely enjoyable and often do well with him. I do agree that he needs some love- basekit brown trapper bag would make a world of difference and actually open up options when it comes to load out. But yeah for me trickster is 100%…
  • Can I ask who is the weakest killer? I see clown and trapper thrown around a lot, but clown downs survivors faster than trickster and trapper is pretty powerful with game knowledge and good reads on survivors (imo).