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  • Not to be rude but it is normally $19.99 USD on Steam without a Sale. Although, game price changes depending on location. Also you have to realize the extra work to do a PS/XBOX release and publication.
  • Well to bring up theoretically. If you get hit mid-animation and go down why do you still drop the pallet. Because if you are down on the ground you are not in the state of being able to throw down the pallet. You simply missed it. This means that the game is not properly determining the sequence of events of this…
  • You could slightly nerf the perk and then apply it to all gens being worked on. Almost like a real 'surge' of power. The entire map is hit by it.
  • The 'Live' servers you are referring to are killers being the host. I had mentioned this as did many others that this game is too poorly designed and setup to run on dedicated servers smoothly. It practically makes it so the person with the lowest ping rules the game in several cases.
  • @Peanits or @Patricia is this possibly due to the mid-transition to dedicated servers? That or maybe an oversight during development?
  • I do agree on this the benefit of a 33% action increase for Dl doesn't really add up to the debuff the survivors get to gen speed.
  • Well, I didn't say that wasn't the date. I was making a joke about how people can sit and calculate and predict time for a game based on hints left around by devs. However, st-udder when given basic math. Which I never claimed you were wrong either.
  • However, @Peanits that really isn't the case. SWF already can tell the group the killer is camping and can tell them who is doing what and where the killer is while on the hook. Solos cannot say they are being camped other than wiggling their arms on first hook. Even if you gave kindred at BaseKit the only one getting real…
  • See I am surprised these gens done were not done faster. Generators take 80 seconds to pop. If you have 3 survivors on gens for 2 minute 20 seconds that is essentially 140 seconds. Which 80 seconds + 80 seconds is 160 seconds only 20 seconds off of having all gens done if the survivors worked uninterrupted. Assuming there…
  • @Rizzo90 @MandyTalk Do we have like an actual internal guideline for this? Very vague rules is not always the best to be under.
  • See, that sad part is this is how people are boosting their rank in swfs. They face lower tier killers and do the work to rank up. Match making wouldn't have done that from a solo perspective.
  • Yet, I question how some people do so poorly in math. Yet can do time prediction and business analysis of dates every chapter. I am waiting for the calculus proof that September 16th will be indeed the ptb date.
  • I do agree that it could be dealt with better than that particular killer. However, looking at the structures and orientation from the survivor and killer perspective. Killer shack can eat up to like 8 times if the killer makes a mistake and in this case 4-6 times around and use that left over pallet off to the side as the…
  • I think color coordination would be nice, however, confusing to new killers. I would prefer a perk Icon to be inserted into the skull of the middle of the totem. One of the circles above if not all. This would only be seen by the killer unless you are running Small Game. The Icon is then displayed to the survivor running…
  • Although, I don't throw streamers as to be the all knowing all wise as some people do. There was a recent post by Tru3Talent Although, it looks click-bait esk the loop in question is no doubt strong. You had two strong structures and two strong loops alternating in a line. Luckily RNG of pallets caused one to not spawn and…
  • Yes, however, the current mechanic is completely unfun to do from the survivor perspective. You can't expect people to have fun holding M1 for most of the game. It should have various tasks other than gens. Totems have no actual value and is a hold M1 master play as well. The survivor side needs an overhaul to make it more…
  • I do agree for the most part ruin is not needed. However, I do think the chance of the killer is too map RNG dependent. I have seen several loop setups that the killer just has to leave due to them being structure loop setups. Which should be fixed internally. (High Hopes since Badham Rework) I also think the type of…
  • Thanks for the advice for retirement, However, I wasn't trying to discredit the fact nor do I care if you did or didn't retire. As I said I didn't want to fully profile you on that alone. Which I do agree being able to set your own 'ping max' would be alright. However, this I do believe would screw up queue times more than…
  • I don't think they would like me pinging them for that post. I did think about it though XD. I can't even fathom how that passed QA and posted as an Announcement without anyone noticing the Elephant in the room.
  • Although, I had to fix their announcement to reflect their true nature.
  • Not to mention the store that has skins that are 10$ a pop per outfit.
  • Bait idk where I happened to get that from: "Currently, I don't disconnect to find better latency but some of these wifi-killer-potato connections are ridiculous. Bro, you playing in your Honda in the McDonalds parking lot? AGAIN!?!? I really don't want grandpa, or the microwave, or the massive usage of someones bandwidth…
  • Actually I saw the disconnect and assumed you were the killer. However, this wouldn't have been bad for you to play against it would have been worse on the killer. So now I don't get your point. However, my question of WHY PLAY WRAITH with two flashlights is still valid.
  • I play killer more frequently and wouldn't have a problem with this. The only time you do see this perk is a coordinated swf that will run past lockers their buddies went in to screw your chase up.
  • The only question is: If you saw they had flashlights why play wraith? Also it is sad to see the players that are 'low rank' with full setup builds across multiple character's perks trying to ruin new the experience of newer or lower skilled players.
  • I just want to say this title cutoff had me REALLY concerned for a minute.
  • Ok for this match I had pretty decent rng (for once) What was going on the entire match was the spam clicks of the flashlight when I was chasing a non-flashlight survivor (Their gen jocky people) However, these flashlights lasted all game unless they found them in the chests. Every time I downed and hooked someone I would…
  • How do you even apply here? I am simply saying the lack of sportsman ship in this game is really [BAD WORD]. But alright then insult people rather than using logic or reasoning to argue a point.
  • Generally before I say those things I give a nice pause from the GG. Most likely after they left. DS, Adrenaline, and Unbreakable are all second chance perks. Which it was a 4man swf I checked before leaving. They were also extremely toxic during the game so I figured them actually losing should have been at least worth a…
  • Yes, the premonition to walk backwards through the map. I don't think it does much tbh I haven't felt overwhelmed by the spine chill squad. However, it really becomes a hard counter to some stealth killers.