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  • Basically 1 heal is 16 charges So a yellow medkit has 1.5 heals (24 charges) , so its a good idea to add 8 charges to your yellow med kits generally.
  • Can I just point out that this game has a lot of issues, that lets face it are not fully addressed. Like bugs, lots of um, old ones new ones. Fact is this game has more bugs than your average multiplayer title. There is also the constant struggle with balance And also an abundance of toxic behaviour. If a player is…
  • It takes like 10 years to get to tier 3 with those add ons, i think ebony mori is worse
  • Yeah I totally agree the performance can make your games a bit painful, freezing when tier up as Myers or when bloodlust kicks in can buy the survivors some time get to safety.This can make the game unplayable.It wasnt an issue 4.2.0 my killer games were perfect, hope it gets fixed soon
  • How am I trolling? Lol why wasnt True complaining about it?He said nothing, because he hit Quentin.(why else did Quentin scream like he got hit).
  • Ok he clearly hit Quentin there, you do realize that right? I have no issue going for grabs, the unhook animation takes a few seconds, you have time
  • I do play killer on a slightly competitive level lol Yeah the aim dressing can screw you over from time to time especially when it makes you smack an object when you are clearly looking at a survior, thats annoying. If it happens in a dead zone and you just whiff in a circle, this is called a 360. If you miss a swing on an…
  • Lol the point is killers are benefiting more than ever from broken hitboxes and server latency. Hit validation is off. If you missed its because you missed. The current system benefits killers. There is no upside to being hit from 10 feet away from a survior perspective but there is from a killer perspective, ie free hit
  • Other than frame rate issues everything seems fine, survior on the other hand not so much. Being hit through fast vaults when you've taken at least one step away from the window at the other side needs to stop. Being hit through pallets that were clearly thrown down before the swing needs to stop. It was never this bad on…
  • Sometimes you can only truly appreciate something after its gone.
  • Did I explain this wrong or do people not read the thread? It REQUIRES only 3 survivors.1 to be downed 2 to heal Very important note here,in order to pick up a downed survior being healed the killer can only interupt survivors healing a dying survior is by hitting them. Keep that in mind, The 2 healers jump on the survior…
  • Is it not 10k shards we get? Those are daily amounts i think
  • My last post on this i know it is ridiculous, but it only takes 3 survivors to pull this off. They had a random doing gens. It is very possible to win like this. I suck at killer i know, but i am speaking objectively with an open mind this is 100% unfair on killers at all ranks. Im done now lol
  • Your right, it is nonsense that i must down someone 5 or 6 times or slug the whole team to secure one hook, what happened in his video happened to me. It aint balanced one bit. It is funny tho but it is broken, lay your bias to one side and open your eyes, im a survior just like you, i only play killer for bp
  • I never said WGLF is OP. You could at least read the post's before commenting something like that. Please people just watch Aryuns vid, im not trying to promote that gameplay but it is quite clearly broken when used like that
  • I agree that is true, its not broken. But if 3 or more people run WGLF+Soul Gaurd that alone is enough but in my case they also used for the people. Those 3 perks used by 3 people simultaneously means unless your Bubba or PH the downed person can never get picked up. Do you not see the problem with that? I highly doubt…
  • Ok, didnt think this was relevant they also used WGLF, completely forgot it got buffed. Aryun did a video showing how broken it is. You can basically pick someone up from the dying state faster than the killer can hit them, it is broken. Check his video all you need is soul gaurd and WGLF. For the people aint necessary i…
  • Well done devs! 4 years in and you are as incapable as ever ,bravo. Keep shitting on your customers please
  • As a solo survivor, I would much rather play with 3 other solo's. As a killer I would rather play against solo's. Comm's ruin killers like trapper its not fair on the killer. This is just my opinion I'm not a killer main, not saying SWF is unbeatable but for someone like me they are. I'm not that good at killer I play for…
  • We need a mode without SWF, a laid back version of what we have. Maybe everyone gets random perks or something but no comms. If they're going to bring in MMR you need a casual game mode where people don't have to stress about pips or kills etc.
  • There is no such thing as "steller good WiFi" Use Ethernet if you can
  • I've been grinding for almost 3 years. I'm done, I've regretted almost every prestige. I've got a lot if P3's with bad perks. Even without prestige you still have to grind way past level 50 to get all your perks
  • They honestly don't have a clue when it comes to console, but they're more than happy to collect money hand over fist from console user's. I get it the architecture of current gen console is outdated etc. But you can still get a game to run smoothly still look at R6, it runs at 60 fps on PS4 Pro and is graphically superior…
  • Solo also, I use it with self care, fast heals for team mates and you can heal yourself at a 33% reduced speed rather than 50% with just self care
  • If it don't exist why does your character spin in a circle when trying to hit a dead person on a hook, just as they're being sacrificed. If your looking at the hook you should swing at the hook. I never bought into the "aim-dressing" excuse because most of the time when this happens your looking directly at a survivor (I.e…
  • I just don't like it as killer or survivor. When it launched on console there was a bug that caused the killers game to crash anytime they loaded into Ormond. First impressions were bad and can't see aura's. I remember games as killer where I literally gave up because I could not see aura's of gens lol
  • Lobbies definitely need to be different. I've been playing a lot of killer since cross play because wait times are so low. Generally I've always played more survivor but like to play killer also, currently in red ranks. I'm basically not gonna play killer for a while until I de-rank. Its a completely different game playing…
  • They should ditch MMR, this game ain't built for it. There's a huge difference between SWF and solo,(solo and SWF should have separate matchmaking anyway) there's a million and one bugs that still need fixing. This game its about as balanced as a McDonald's diet. MMR will push SWF to the top and encourage toxic and scummy…
  • Its a joke, I'm constantly being hit through pallet's, and through windows with fast vaults. This game is four years old its so pathetic, just literally played a game where the killer got two free downs on me. Will this game ever have consistent gameplay, I wonder.