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  • Horror is all about a rejection of conformity. As such, the community attracts a lot of gays. FUN FACT Freddy was used as a metaphor for homosexuality in NMOES2. Now that may not be the most well regarded movie out there but it existence speaks for itself. Also *ghostface* said the only way to survive a modern horror movie…
  • .......what about shirtless David? Im just saying I've been on twitter, you're right about a lot of gay guys playing this game but no one has a problem sexing him up 😂 Personally I think it's a little weird to sexualize women who are being slaughtered but at the same time this IS a slasher fest. Laurie and Nancy could both…
  • Skip to about 3 minutes in and listen for a few seconds. Because of gamer issues I'll leave it at that since this forum and sadly game is filled with gamers who probably wouldn't like me saying that lol Or don't, it actually doesn't matter since unbeknownst to you we're on the same page. See that's what happens when you…
  • Never heard that name before in my life
  • Gamer issues aren't about gameplay they're....people get really sensitive so I'll explain in a song. This about sums it up lol
  • This is horror please leave your gamer issues in COD
  • What are you talking about? Who's Kevin?
  • I think a lot of people are confused about Ghostface, rightfully so it is confusing, but nothing about Danny is Licensed. He has nothing to do with Scream but his outfit is Licensed from the creators of his mask. It would be like if they just gave Legion a ghostface mask, the character really has nothing to do with the…
  • What would the skill be, guessing where survivors are? If you couldn't hear anything then her phase walk would be almost useless for anything other than moving fast
  • Yeah i know (scream is actually my favorite slasher) but the mask didn't start with the movies and is still owned by fun world which is why this ghostface has nothing to do with scream or "ghostface" if that makes sense he just wears the ghostface mask made by a separate company, fun world. Yeah but the mask he wears not…
  • I like how you declare that he's a scummy killer now lol. Also FYI that's his name, Bubba Sawyer. It's crazy how many non horror fans play the game but ig that means they're doing something right....maybe.
  • It won't happen because Sony suckssss. They're getting better now but i know they're not at Microsoft letting banjo in smash you know. And Nintendo for sure wouldn't allow us #########. A Luigi mansion map? It's dumb tho because it would be free advertising but that's where we are rn. I hope Sony will come around on the…
  • Book would be really cool. That's what i love supporting every corner of the horror community. For the culture lol Like if a chapter came out about a book that i hadn't read i would go out and buy that book.
  • You know what would be an even better idea? A few iri shards. Doesn't have to be a lot but it could build nicely overtime and would be tempting even for long term players It just asked me for the minimum BP boost and i hope everyone says 100. I think its not even worth talking a boost under 50 but even 75 wouldn't be too…
  • It's almost 100% Candyman which is incredibly dope i really hope we get a map in the projects please dear lord. But looking past that I'm pretty on board with a FNAF chapter at this point. I'm not a fnaf fan but the killer and map potential are pretty great, plus its cool how it makes people mad tbh lol. Such a silly thing…
  • Yeah you all the auras are different now? They also updated some of the maps. And i feel like his add ons got a buff, the apex muffler i think is insane, the chain would be really good if they change to not work as a speed limiter when it's not going through a pallet, the ones that make him move faster if a flashlight is…
  • Let me guess, you only play survivor in SWF? This game wasn't made for SWF, being in a SFW is a massive advantage. Its why so many people never play solo because why would you if you just wanna win? It's not going anywhere but it is basically cheating with no exaggeration its that much of a benefit
  • I hope you have some fun man, and i hope you get many more games in the future. ######### cancer
  • If he does he needs to be buffed
  • Yeah im pretty sure it's meant to be a nerf to stop people from being camped but in reality its another power
  • It's one of the most OP perks in the game lol. Worth a perk slot is an understatement
  • I see. While i personally would like to see Freddy because he's just an absolute unit if Springtrap is the killer than he's a no brainer. Of course since im not seeing anyone mention that he has any special powers over the other guys they would almost positively be skins. Im on board with this tbh, i hope a fnaf chapter…
  • I think the fact that you think FNAF is aimed at high schoolers means you need to embrace your dadness lol. When i think of DBD i think of like middle schoolers Pennywise, Pinhead and Jason are all constantly being worked on from what i understand. Jason got caught up by legal, Pennywise said no, and they said they wanted…
  • The cosmetics are priced higher than most free to play games. The rift takes twice as long as any other battlepass ive seen. Dbd is the 19th most played game on xbox this week. Most people who play regularly buy all the dlc. Many spend upwards of 1000$ which is just disgusting Well disgusting from a consumer perspective…
  • I like when it lags durning a skill check but my favorite is when i play clown and lag the whole game
  • I skipped to the screenshots but this is just a post about how to be toxic back lol
  • 700 dollars! I bet that's not even super uncommon....but they still want 200 hours for the battlepass or make you buy tiers
  • This is a good idea. They KNOW how salty some survivors get in this game and they baby them so often that i don't know what they were thinking when they did this lol. It really sucks because i hear the other events were really cool but they were before i started playing, now apparently they don't do them anymore because…
  • I'm 100% sure there is no law anywhere stating you have to advertise a horror game as a horror game, i don't even know what that would imply. But to further my case about dbd not being a little rinky dink indie game you actually reminded me that it was in a video Trump had put together to show that video games = gun…