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  • At the moment: Boil Over, Blood Pact, Flip Flop and Desperate Measures... that's when I play... been off for some days now
  • I played for one day on my ps4 and that was enough for me to take another break at the game. I guess nobody picking Trickster is enough data that he is horrible and nobody wants to play as him rn.
  • I don't know. I gave a chance to this killer to see if they solved any of his issues. I love his concept, his skins, his lore. But he's unplayable. Now I'm sure not to buy anything else. So if they wanted money, they won't have a single cent anymore until proven they can make what I've already bought worth it. I think…
  • I have about 1,7 million saved. I stopped doing challenges and dailies since last week when the release was postponed (I actually don't play the game for a week and a half now). I'm not sure if I'm that hyped for the release anymore too, but let's see how it goes.
  • I don't really care about what they might say in chat. Usually they don't really say anything and at most is a gg hahaha. At least that's what I notice when I play on pc, anyway.
  • On ps4 I'm rank 11 as survivor and rank 10 as killer. On steam I'm rank 17 as survivor and rank 19 as killer. But I avoid ranking up on purpose, so usually I stay at purple ranks, at most. It's just that this month I didn't feel like playing dbd as survivor, so I didn't go past rank 11 yet. And as killer, I never play…
  • I do have a friend that gets tilted out of nothing (I'd say I have 2 friends, but this other girl is not my friend, I just know her from other friends and rarely play with her). I don't usually say much. Sometimes I give advices like "when this happens, try to do this and that... and it's just a game". But by then he just…
  • Yeah, I've seen a message in post chat like that last time I played on steam and I was actually in a duo, but... omg, the person don't know when to drop a chase, when to slug or be just a little bit patient and less greedy on the hits, barely do mindgames, but it's all swf. Sometimes it feels like paranoia hahahaha
  • Hmmmm I guess I have about 60 hours on steam, but I have about a 1k hours on ps4. I'm still not good, but I'm not horrible. I think this method is not really reliable and, since you are on steam, you can always talk to your teammates prior to the match. Also, I know many people with 1,5k+ hours that don't know how to avoid…
  • I wish it exposed survivor for some seconds when they take an item, besides the notification. It would be fun and a true defender of items.
  • I don't know... if you know to position yourself to get the necessary distance with dead hard and know your pathing, I don't think it's brainless. I've seen so many dead hards at nothing, without any plan, that just work to prevent an early hit and can be easily baited out. I guess that's most of the cases. It's a bigger…
  • I think many people don't really know how to play against Plague. She is situational, but you can force these situations to your favor if you know what you're doing and the survivor are not playing super safe. She is really hurt by servers, when it comes to vomiting and on console it's even harder to land those hits. I…
  • I don't really mind delays, if it's for a refined product in the end. But, oh boy, I'm always annoyed on how Behaviour does everything in the dark. I'm still waiting for news on Open Handed...
  • I can't wait to try spamming blades all over the place and I really WANT/NEED Startruck hahaha gonna use it in meme ways
  • Even if he's weak, I'm looking forward to try Trickster... and I want his perks, so counting my bloodpoints, archive challenges and dailies, I have about 1,5 million saved for spending on him. Even if it's just for the perks.
  • I'm also bored on survivor side. But I'm unfortunately more frustrated about teammates than anything. Also, I'm playing exclusively Plague lately, since... I don't know why, but now everybody now seem to be cleansing often, giving me power for days. So it's being fun... and it's a different challenge for the survivors.…
  • I usually enjoy killer more, but it depends. Good survivors always teach me things here and there about good positioning, loops and stuff. But I usually watch killer more often than survivor, as I can learn more about powers and techniques of killers I don't play.
  • Hauhauhauahua I don't know if I hate more this or the Crotus Prenn offering, especially when it spawns those nasty infinites in the middle.
  • My advice is try to play the game when the killer queues are not instant. I'm lately playing killer on weekend, about from late morning to afternoon. I usually get matched with people close to my skill level. There may be one or 2 red ranks admist, but no rank 1 super survivor. I've been able to play Plague and perform…
  • I won't say I'll never consider playing, but - as a console player that has no aim whatsoever - it's very unlikely I'll go for Deathslinger or Huntress. I also think Oni is veeeery frustrating. I think Billy was easier to use before the changes, but I kind of like him. I hate Freddy, so I avoid playing with him and even…
  • I also have to add that while I like using Camaraderie, standing there smashing the same button for addtional 34 seconds is not good in the slightest. Struggle is just too annoying.
  • I'm pleased with what I've seen so far. The system seems to be adapting well to the person's gameplay and I'll try to play some weaker killers tonight. I'm having high hopes to get some nice matches after 2-3 not so good ones.
  • For what I noticed so far, if you're doing ok as killer, you'll get harder matches, but if not, you'll get easier ones (this I what I noticed from the streamer I'm watching). If that's the case, trying harder and harder will only get you harder trials. I wanna try playing Plague tonight and see what the outcome is. Maybe…
  • I love using this combo because she looks like a real spooky ghost. But in gameplay, I barely notice a difference of going without add ons and using these. I like it for the looks.
  • I'll be surprised if I see this perk more than BL or Lithe, actually.
  • Of course not. But maybe you're just looking for a single yes for comfort?
  • Thank god it's gone. I'll be biased like Behaviour if that's what it means.
  • Whichever role you play, it's gonna miserable, especially due to the our kind matchmaking.
  • Also, if a killer is hard camping (like Bubba) and even hard tunneling, they also get rewarded with noed in the end, because the reasonable thing to do is the objective to get the best chance of escape.
  • I've been using Boil Over these last days, and I have to tell you countless times I've been hooked with the wiggle bar full. It's not worth it. Sometimes you can barely even notice the difference of having it or not. I actually only was able to escape once with it, by itself. Even though I position myself to make it…