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  • I don’t understand this you act like the killer has to 4K every time I’m order for it to be a good game. When I’m killer if the survivors are good I’m happy with 2 kills I still got a lot of blood points I didn’t camp I played my best game them survivors just play a lot together and I won’t see them next game gg.
  • Umm so when killer brings in mori and I lose pip, cuz I’m dead already in the first 2-3 mins of game. What am I pose to do ? It’s gonna be games like that if everyone brings In a new part and things you have to bite the bullet. Your playing solo so you don’t know how their last games went. Last night I went back to rank 4…
  • Yea I’m a red rank and once a killer is on my butt I’m pretty much caught I don’t know the loops or anything y’all talking about. It is one map when the survivor goes thru the window and all the railing is in the middle I can never get the survivor there I think it’s the farm.
  • They should of mad it cost 10,000 instead of 2,000 and see if anyone brought it lmao
  • Guys I got lucky and did it look I got into a match I’m going to let them win so I can de rank some. I hear crows I’m like omg this could be my match so I hook them and I start checking gens playing for real that person I hooked come back luckily and and start playing but there on death hook now. I hook two more people I…
  • That’s who I’m stuck on
  • Maybe my rank is to high I’ll take a break killer and de rank lol
  • I been working on it all day I did all but the hag. I had two matches of DC’s and because of that fell a hook short twice. I think the hag is the hardest because I’m basically playing without any perks her 3 OG perks all totems lol there blown soon as the match start that I don’t even try to protect them anymore at This…
  • Yea the other kills I can do no problem I can’t use her power for the life Of me they make me look like fool I have to chase a survivor for like 2 mins before I can knock them down.
  • I feel like crying because I can’t do anything as the nurse even in simple chases she so slow you have to use her power and I cant hit a thing after I blink then That head drop when she looks at the floor Man this is pitiful
  • yea I wish I can just play pig 24/7 I need about 5 more trophies this stressful
  • Aye just got it lol I know the wraith is going to be the hardest for me probably the nurse Tbh man but atleast her perks good
  • Dang it was trail I’m late. See when I’m survivor I think the killer shouldn’t be able to lights on the door. But killer say they shouldn’t even be able to open door without the gens done when it’s 1 survivor left then complain when they can’t find that find survivor for like 30 mins lol. But when I’m killer I also use the…
    in Fixing DS Comment by Jopium March 2020
  • You think predator gonna be good I thought it was gonna get boring quick but I haven’t watch gameplay just the trailer
    in Fixing DS Comment by Jopium March 2020
  • Tbh half the time DS is a wasted perk for me my timer alway disappeared by time I need which is why I kinda hate it. I did use deliverance DS and tenacity the killer had no choice but to pick me up cuz I was crawling quick af. But killers make DS pay by turning them into obsession but killers barely run does perks anymore.…
    in Fixing DS Comment by Jopium March 2020
  • I and I’m not saying nothing the top survivor streams don’t say. Point is I play both killer and survivor with great ideas I think the DBD devs aren’t that good tbh but there’s no other game like they in there own bracket. Evolve shut down, Friday 13 I feel like is for kids, it’s one I seen but I think it’s only pc I can’t…
    in Fixing DS Comment by Jopium March 2020
  • I knew it that’s why I said don’t it start by it self after a while he said no but that’s because the killer opened the door cool to know.
  • So you want the survivor to only run and hide and not do anything Ohh ok bet that does make your life easy.
    in Fixing DS Comment by Jopium March 2020
  • You have 680 Post all you do is complain on forum when a match doesn’t go your way. Half ass opinion lmao isn’t that what a forum is for dummy to voice opinions your opinion DS should be nerfed because I don’t agree it’s half assed ok buddy
    in Fixing DS Comment by Jopium March 2020
  • Lmao I am red rank
    in Fixing DS Comment by Jopium March 2020
  • The killer can open the door?
  • Haha true that I found it easier if you actually do walk around and hit things I hit the exit gates and they leave
  • Lmao they happy you didn’t try but after I while if they don’t open door I think end game start automatically. But I always run out quick when that happens because I had killers DC and didn’t get my points ugh I don’t play around. That’s mostly ppl in groups I play solo and duo only I don’t have friends who like this game
  • Plus matching on this game is completely bogus. I even been level 16 killer Against 4,6,12,3 level survivors. I’ve been level 4 survivor against rank 17 killers with other rank 2’s and 5’s I play solo and duos. I’ve Been rank 12 killer vs level 19 survivors with 1 perk.
  • Yea I play killer a lot more to now because the battle pass and the tome. It’s been stressful games like today I chase one survivor for 3 mins he was the best at running and making me miss me basic attack. He dropped every pallet on me and flashlight me. They all died at the end because no pallets and the last gens were…
  • Man truly if you want to get better at the game you gotta move as the killer and go to gens and stuff man it will make you better overall camping and tunneling only works with survivors who only care about rescuing and not really escaping. If I see you camping which I will I run kindred I’m going to make sure 3 gens pop…
  • That was horrible. I edited it
  • No it’s only 60 secs you can definitely leave them on the floor for 60 secs. Scared because you have another things to attend to but it’s really because killers are so stuck on one Build you can use deer stalker you might think the perk is unless compared to others. High level killers do pretty well with not picking up…
    in Fixing DS Comment by Jopium March 2020
  • How weren’t they leaving you a choice you left the killer I don’t understand. If your playing killer regular of course your gonna get pallets dropped you flash lights crazy perk build DS head on stun . Your the killer you play regular you still gonna kill them like you said 3/4 is great. Some survivors are better at…