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  • No, as game evolve the maps will keep shrinking and survivor will get easier to track as can be seen with the recent modification of coldwind and the corn fields. The perk is fine as it is. It already have plenty of counterplay(instadown, aura perk/addons, spies from the shadows) it's not like ds where if you didnt slug…
  • On the note about killer red stains. That's pretty much what the undetectable status do. No terror radius and no red stains. They're pretty much giving survivor the same treatment that killer received couple patch ago on tinkerer
  • It was not good because it was not needed because killer current tracking ability is off the roof, it's like survivor not taking gen tracking perk, it's not needed but with lucky break it's actually very good now. The more i see killers message. It's just killer that are scared of a meta change really. Guess you will have…
  • It's like looping an undetectable killer like ghostface really. You use the information you got beforehand and things you notice he like to do to make your prediction. But for killer main, killer with no red light is fine but survivor with temporary removal of scratch mark is bad
  • Stop this dramatic tone. Just equip some off meta aura/tracking/instakill perks it will be fine. You have plenty of options to counter this perk if it annoy you this much. Saying that only one shot killers and plague will play is such stupidity. You see weak killer all the time in the match making even successful ones. and…
  • "Killers and survivors are saying the perk is too strong" No alot of killers and survivor like this perk as it is. You don't have the monopole of the opinion on this perk. The current meta is so boring a change is very needed if BHVR don't want to lose more players to HSH. You will need to adapt like survivor had to adapt…
  • alot of survivor went to play another game in a similar genre. I won't name it. But i'm pretty sure thats the reason
  • It also doesn't work against Plague and insta down killer or rather it will get wasted very easy. I think killer are freaking out for nothing and refuse to think about it more rationally. It have many weakness killer just need to use those weakness to their advantage.
  • Lucky break is very interesting it will create a new meta. And killer will have to adapt to it by changing their own perk choice. The counter to lucky break is aura perks. (I'm all ears, nurse calling for example) which if killer adapt will mean other survivor perks become better too. Like the new object of obsession.…
  • Killer have killed DS now they try to kill dead hard. DEAD HARD is fine. It have condition. Doesn't work very well against one hit killer. Move you a very small distance. In exchange you can use it when you want. That's the deal. All exhaustion perk are meant for distance. There's no problem with using dead hard for…
  • It should teleport you to the hook when you get hit by a m1. That way i can save those precious seconds against those gen rushers.
  • That's the opposite actually. All exhaustion perk are meant for distance. The dodge mechanics isn't the intended mechanics it's just a logical application. Dead hard need you to be injured (meaning mostly useless against one hit killer) and cover a small distance in exchange you can activate it when you want. It's a fair…
  • You can play stealth if you stay near the killer you'll still get those boldness point. It's when you purposefully avoid the killer that you lose on those. Like running bond and going to the opposite side of the map of where the killer is and focusing on m1ing the gens.
  • I run prove thyself, detective hunch, inner strength, dead hard Most of the game i lose it's either because of ruin or gen slow down perks inner strength combine well with detective hunch. Detective hunch make me able to remove the occasional noed/ruin/devour hope prove thyself is very good since most of the time people…
  • Maybe stop stalking every survivor in your lobby. That's the reason why my profile is private
  • And there are los blocker so you can't know if a survivor is opening the gate without being close. Which imo all gate should have. There's no reason you should be able to stand in one spot and see both gates.
  • Knowing when to chase is part of killer gameplay. You aren't meant to chase anything that move. You have to consider if you can catch the survivor fast before chasing.
  • Are you sluzzy alt account ?
  • I play both side at a pretty good level. I lose way more as a solo survivor. People would literally leave the game without the hatch. It's the sliver of hope in the solo survivor mind.
  • Hatch is there since the beginning of the game. I was killer main in 2016 when you couldn't even close the hatch and we had stand off between survivor and killer. Just waiting for the killer to make a mistake so the survivor couldn't get grabbed. This game is incredibly snowbally and unfair for solo survivor. You can be a…
  • You are faster, you don't need to worry about getting spotted. You travel the map more during the game so you have more chance to know where the hatch is. How is it survivor sided to have the gates at the opposite sides, most of the time you can stand in the middle and see both gates which is ultimate bullshit. Just get…
  • It doesn't protect you from being tunneled. Try using ds against a nurse. After the stun she just teleport you are downed, i know because i play nurse alot recently it's mostly what happend when i get hit by a DS. GG what a waste of a perk slot. You gained 10 seconds. Same with all the top tier killer it's not just nurse.
  • Make all perks op. Dota 2 style. If everything is op you can use perk that are less op (but still op) to surprise your opponent. Right now perk are so weak there's no real benefit going off meta. If there were other perk that were as reliable and versatile. You would see more diversity in perks. Also stop making teamplay…
  • Just had a guy 2 hours ago that did this. Everytime he was in my vision he would run up to this spot. Please fix.
  • detective hunch is better in every way
  • freddy and hag. it feel nasty to play them.
  • You explained how holding w takes no skill but you still haven't explained yet how camping and tunneling takes skill.
  • Then don't play at high mmr. Play all the killer with fun build and let people get hatch. Same for survivor. Don't run meta you won't be at high mmr. If you run the meta and tryhard every game you will get the opposite side equivalent of your gameplay.. Working as intended.