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  • What Ace should have is a legendary skin of Ace Ventura because they sound so similar.
  • Well, I mean if you go No Mither, Dead Hard, Vigil and one other perk maybe DS you could probably manage. Your grunts of pain are minimalized and you leave no blood trails as well as being able to pick yourself up and using Dead Hard at the perfect time is similar to getting hit and gaining distance with Vigil reducing the…
  • Are you talking about the Trickster video? It was three purples and a red uploaded shortly after the Rank reset..
  • Because I'm playing DbD. :| and my other videos are old.. Also, in the single Survivor video I have, I am in fact a Red Rank playing as Laurie at level 38 because I play Survivor's starting from scratch and as solo only. Gets more core experience rather than relying so heavily on crutch perks or comms as an SWF.
  • Oh and I forgot this one Spine Chill vs Freddy:
  • I'm a Red Rank and I AM better. Here you go Kibbles Spine Chill vs Ghostface: Spine Chill vs Myers: Spine Chill vs Wraith: Spine Chill vs Pig:
  • Behavior doesn't spend thousands of dollars to have a Killer be 3D modeled, textured, animated, voiced, themed and promoted for no one to buy or use them. Killer's are the faces of DbD and no one's gonna use a Killer that's considered terrible. The irony in this game is that despite the fact that a "Killer" is someone…
  • Sounds like you just need to play it a bit more. I've played it about five times now and I've pretty much got the layout down. Still won't be easy as Killer regardless due to the things I mentioned before. Hag definitely exceeds on it though, Trapper may as well.
  • Yes, because PC Master race. ;) That's a bold statement even without any numbers whatsoever to back it up. Nice.
  • I agree. There needs to be an option to filter out these SWF groups from searches as both Survivor and Killer.
  • Well, I hate to break it to YOU but there are 37k people currently playing and about 60k-70k playing at peak times. I've never even experienced this crashing issue myself. For all I know OP could just be one of these people that D/C at the start of every trial themselves for kicks and wants it back so they can go right…
  • Well, the topic at hand is D/Cing, not those other bugs. The amount of people suiciding on first hook is vastly lower than the amount of people D/Cing for dumb reasons. At the very least, the worthless Survivor can keep the Killer busy while they take them to hook (each second counts in this game) and can also serve as…
  • I usually have the most fun being as toxic as possible to the Killer. His life as a Killer is already a living hell, so for me to teabag him at every waking moment, be it at every pallet, during his BBQ after he hooks a different Survivor or just doing it right out in the open it usually ends with them tunneling the ever…
  • No, don't disable it because one person is having issues. Fix it whilst keeping the D/C penalty enabled. Go report your issue in the bug subsection instead of making insane suggestions. The D/Cing was rampant when it was disabled. Survivor's D/Cing over the dumbest things like the Killer, the Map or even the fact that they…
  • When I read that post I just thought: I pReSsEdeD M1 AaAaAlLlLlL gAeM y I nO gEt MoAr PoInS tHaN sHiDdy K1LlEr?! The reason as to why the Killer got zero kills is a mystery. Maybe everyone in your team is running Unbreakable, Dead Hard, Decisive Strike, Borrowed time and he got a map that's just horrible for Nemesis…
  • Spine Chill does work against Myers and Ghostface in stalk. I don't know about Freddy in sleep. You *think* it works against Pig and Wraith? I want to know how many hours you have in this game if you think something may or may not work. If you're a newbie you shouldn't be complaining about things like this when you have no…
  • But whennnnnnn will MMR be implemented? Will it also be released with the ability to toggle whether or not you play against SWF's? Because I know you said the system would somehow "average" out the skill of a group, if that was you, might've been Peanits, but I don't trust it'll make the experience any less infuriating.
  • Massive, maze-like and dark. Very Survivor sided. I don't care if they remade the whole level from the game, I'm saying that they shouldn't have in the first place. It should've been warped by the Entity or something so it's not like this. I lose the Killer very often because I wear dark cosmetics and every corner is a…
  • Seems like a bad addition in my opinion. The reason being is that I watched the movie and had the same opinion shortly after it started to when it ended. Knockoff Freddy Krueger. Now any time I think of Candyman I think of that meme of a kid asking his mother for Nightmare on Elm Street, his mother saying we have Freddy at…
  • Not really a big fan of it either. Behavior's kind of being big brother with that. Censoring everything.
  • Would be nice if farming was actually bannable rather than being in a "gray area". I've despised the act of it since the days of Modern Warfare 2 when I first experienced the act of Farming/Boosting headshots for gun skins and because of that I never willingly participate. Though it is annoying that my time is wasted…
  • I escaped twice as well. Thought it was because the event started while I was playing but I tried restarting the game, getting the pop ups and free currency, escaped again but no dice.
  • I think it's more likely to be rejected. Because you talk about just being able to avoid toxic Killers but there's one Killer for every four Survivors. So the chances of you running into the same Killer should be fairly low unless there's just not a lot of Killers queuing up. On the other hand, this isn't just going to…
  • Make it so that whenever a Survivor goes up to the hatch and attempts to open it they hear a key breaking sound then instantly get sacrificed to the Entity.
  • I agree. I hate all the farm maps as both Survivor and Killer mainly due to the corn. If the Killer brings a Hex good luck finding it because it's gonna be the one that spawns in the corn making it damn near invisible and as Killer it's just straight up impossible to see due to the corn. Survivor's probably running right…
  • Knock Out When putting a Survivor into the Dying State with your Basic Attack: Their Aura is not revealed to any Survivor farther away from them than 32/24/16 metres.