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  • Problem is anytime I don't take DS I seem to get tunneled and am reminded why I should keep it on. Personally I prefer playing with fun perks like deception etc. The only thing punishing killers who camp/tunnel are those meta perks like DS/BT. It's a bit of a catch 22 between survivors and killers.
  • I feel like I hit a wall, I occasionally enjoy killer but I find very little fun about survivor anymore. Ever since SBMM I've had less and less fun, seen an increase in camping/tunelling/letting you bleed out rather than hooking etc.
  • I've always wanted fiddlesticks. He would have been an awesome crow based killer. But I doubt they'd ever collab with Riot Games and now that the artists uses crows I doubt they do another killer related to them. As a side not I really dislike the artist aesthetically. Just not a fan of how she looks/her lore, they could…
  • I feel like im the only one who doesn't think hes bad. His active power isnt great but the constant pressure from the box is great. There is pretty much no occasion against pinhead where all 4 survivors can be on generators because of the box.
  • I mean I don't think the flashlights are entirely the problem in that video. I say this with no intention of disrespect but that game looks like you were unfairly matched against those survivors. There are elements of you gameplay that you can improve on that will make matches easier and more enjoyable. The main couple of…
  • As a survivor it's a lottery, one game i'm against a top tier killer, next game they barely know how to swing. As a killer it has been hell. Every game I get put against survivors who know how to play. I don't mind it so much on my mains but a month ago I bought ghostface and my first matchup was against 3 streamers all of…
  • Can't believe people are even saying yes. Deathslinger was easy to play against before the nerf. Completely unnecessary.
  • Sounds terrible. They'd also have to rework all perks that rely on you being injured and perks like No mither just wouldn't work at all. Thana would actually lose value as survivors would heal up more often. Anything that can apply the Broken effect like the plagues power would be insanely powerful.
  • Deadhard getting a lot of hate in these comments. Not exactly sure why, it's pretty easy to bait survivors into using it early and wasting it. Plus they have to be injured to use it so not something you have to worry about if you have Noed and theyre healed up. I'd say sprint burst and lithe are more of a concern to anyone…
  • I bought ghostface earlier today and just jumped into a game. I also haven't played any stealth killers before as I main Blight and Oni. My first game I get put in against 3 streamers who were clearly at a decent MMR. I spoke to them after the game and they were nice enough but they did mention that they think if you play…
  • I love Stranger Things but wasn't too fond of the map. Nonetheless it is a shame to be losing it. I would've preferred the mall.
  • I struggle against him too. His box is really powerful against survivors that arent in comms together.
  • My issue with camping is that while you can completely counter it by doing gens you are essentially just guaranteeing that 1 persons game is completely ruined. The survivors who get out just end up playing skill check simulator, the killer gets very little points, the survivor who got camped gets no points. It just really…
  • I understand, I probably wouldn't play if I didn't have friends to play with in comms.
  • Would be intersting to know what data they used to come to that conclusion. Of my group of friends that play this game all 7 dislike SBMM and have had worse games since it was implemented. Also a lot of people in the community that are claiming to have worse games too. Seems like a lot of outliers if you ask me. The only…
  • Personally I think Fiddlesticks could be really interesting. He could have some sort of synergy with the crows on the map.
  • She's really powerful but I think it's justified given that she is difficult to play.
  • It's really not, When i play survivor I go against killers that are extremely good or complete baby killers. There's no inbetween. As for killer I used to main blight before SBMM and since the change it puts me against god tier survivors so I've just stopped playing him.
  • I play killer and survivor equally. Deadhard should not be removed whatsoever. You can counter it if you just get within range for a quick M1, at that point they have to predict when you are going to swing so the odds are in your favour. Most times they will prematurely Deadhard then its GG you get a free hit.