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For instance, one might say "my favourite way to slice bread is the most efficient way" where 'the most efficient way' is a label attributed to the method the person prefers because this is what they believe to be true of that method. This, of course, can be clarified quickly with the addition of the simple qualification "my favourite way to slice bread is the most efficient way I've encountered", wherein we see quite quickly that what is really meant by both of these statements is, in fact, the same, despite the obvious fact that one of those is representatively accurate with respect to total reality, while the other is not. Furthmore, both are equally consistent with the subjective perspective in question. This quite clearly indicates the existence of subjectively perceived truths which are entirely consistent with the scope of one's existence that are nonetheless not representative of Truth.


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  • Y'all are trying really your hardest to try and cancel BHVR here lmao, we all can agree that DBD has it's bug/glitch infestations but do you honestly believe they're even going to read most of these responses? They won't my friends and sharing a few perceptions on how racism is that inherently bad is something we can also…
  • The thing with 'racism' is that you're not standing up against it if you're just talking or being argumentative about it on the internet, why not actually try to do something in the real world? I don't see how some virtual world has to be that offensive in a game when all you could ever do is look away from the screen and…
  • Damn everyone, imagine getting so angry over watching 4 people escape or not being able to escape at all and then everything seems like you just gotta question your life's existence and the reason why we go on with living. All because of a videogame, I've seen people try to be as passionate with this game making a few fair…
  • Damn I mean it's not that deep if you don't want it to be, I mean I don't know about you but if I had the initial idea of pitching an online game like this I wouldn't want it to die right away. I'd get some criticism from the people and what they want and try to incorporate some of those ideas, since some people aren't…
  • It's been a long while since I posted here on the forums, but if we get a certain amount of replies on this thread you'll probably just get the eyes of the forum mods. But that'll be just it, with the way things are looking so far it's not good but it does make a valid point on the resident evil fans who happen to be…
  • Jane, feng, zarina and cheryl of course. I'll leave it up to y'all to figure out why Jane is first, giggity.
  • I'm not sure if this counts as necro bumping the thread but it looks like people already did that anyway, I'm pretty sure it's stated on the game rules that delaying the game on purpose can be a bannable offense, a couple of friends I know usually try to hide somewhere to die and bleed out while at the same time delaying…
  • Huntress or Plague cuz they both thicc, if this was talking about hanging out with any of the survivors it'd be most likely jane because well you already know my answer ;))
  • Considering that smash bros has more gamemodes than this game has, they both can't be compared with one another other than the fact that there's crossovers characters like mentioned above such as Freddy and Ghostface. I like DBD it can be fun not gonna lie but sometimes it can get boring at times, new gamemodes would help…
  • Something tells me the DLC might cost the same as the Stranger Things chapter, either that or it might cost even more since this IS capcom being involved.
  • Every time I use bloodpoints to buy perks, items and add-ons it goes pretty fast as well as the fog animation effect for it, no issues at all it's just really fast for some reason.
  • Freddy is a low effort killer even as of now, he's just there to use if you want to complete a challenge or you can just play him to get a guaranteed win. That's how easy it is to win as freddy, it's really annoying to play against freddy since he can teleport from generator to generator. if anything Freddy needs to be…
  • I remember this game series, sad that the game didn't continue further. Also the hex for this killer would be somewhat tricky and slightly OP but I guess if the survivors do each totem I guess it would help.
  • There's another argument to this take though, even though you can make legion wear bunny suits, clown wearing the elephan suit and more for other survivors and killers is that those are not default clothes given to the players, those are just optional cosmetics people can get.
  • Yeah and you're a bit of an asshoIe for just wanting to insult for no reason at all, when did I say he's gay to begin with? Literally blowing it out of proportion dude, go believe in your truth when all you want is a lie. I never even said I hated the killer, just looks out of place is all.
  • Ok I'm not sure why my replies got 2 duplicates, it lagged from my end that one time and it timed me out from the forums for a while so I'm guessing it might just be me or there's alot of traffic going on right now.
  • I know that, I've been seeing people call others out for being "homophobic" though. There has been some slurs thrown around but those are the real homophobes, otherwise the people who are just heavily criticizing this chapter as a whole are also being piled on and called homophobes as well. I'm not taking sides here to be…
  • I know that, I've been seeing people call others out for being "homophobic" though. There has been some slurs thrown around but those are the real homophobes, otherwise the people who are just heavily criticizing this chapter as a whole are also being piled on and called homophobes as well. I'm not taking sides here to be…
  • Not sure if anything is confirmed, my guess is that the killer could be gay or trans, I'm not entirely sure. Some people even stated that the survivor could be trans as well, I don't know for sure.
  • Yeah better not to criticize or say anything otherwise you're gonna be called out as a "homophobe" by anyone as of now.
  • Yeah some of the lore seems somewhat rushed, but not the case for everyone if you check their character info when selecting them. A good example of this would be Claudette no story for her at all since I guess it's because she's one of the basic starter characters. Either way it seems rather lacking.
  • Finished this whole level for the tome 😎
  • Yeah I even had trouble doing this challenge as well, the most tedious one so far has to be the totems one too.
  • The drama and the controversy that people keep trying to stir up in this community is getting annoying at this point, stop remaking posts and try to be original at some point. Why is it that the mods allow this anyway? If you want to talk about this same subject simply reply to the original thread that started all of it,…
  • Some people have the argument that it doesn't really fix the game's issues such as balancing perks, what needs to be nerfed or buffed which I can understand, and they get called homophobes because of it, they just want the game to be fair and not make overpowered perks or killer abilities. It's great that there's gonna be…
  • I was just playing as Pig right now and one of them managed to escape with a bear trap on them, idk ######### is even going on with this game anymore.