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  • Yep most of mine are tailored to ranks because certain addons are better at lower ranks. While in higher ranks I need to stop goofing off and be legit.
  • Definitely not looking forward to the reset tbh. I use BBQ&C, Ruin, Infectious Fright, and Discordance. When I get more comfortable with her I'll drop Ruin.
  • Same honestly I enjoyed her more after I adepted her. I dont play with perks outside the teachables until I do the adept.
  • Plague is fun.
  • I think both Pig and Ghostface are stronger than Myers. Great list tho otherwise. Ya my ex was…
  • I know what it says and I know that it will be fun on certain killers. Not every killer people want to heal against.
  • I need to get better at Hag.
  • Spirit was the only one I got all perks on after the updated bloodweb. So I figured it would provide some level of accuracy. Ya moving to PC was rough I jumped back to cons…
  • When the new blood web update happened u can get between 3 to 6 now. So long story short with the new update to blood webs plus the small increase in rarity from prestige …
  • Oops oh well best harrass them harder next time for that perma ban.
  • Guess lately I've been bad since i was trophy hunting on survivors. How dare I chainsaw them, puke on them, or lean stalk them.
  • Actually it does matter nowadays. Due to the bigger blood webs you get far better offerings. The picture included was taken right after the blood wen changes with the introduction…
  • It's cute and I like it, but I get the feeling that killers will use it to know who to remove.
  • You talking about slugging the whole team or slugging last person for hatch escapes?
  • I played against Tru3 when I first switched from console to PC. I was nervous AF against him because I wasnt use to using Mouse and Keyboard. He was really good back then.
  • I got ya I voted up for u.
  • Ok glad I'm not the only one who runs into this. XD I should do that honestly. It seems like it…
  • They usually have TTV in the psn name like this…
  • Oh dang it is?
  • Depends on how fast I end the game and what happens. If someone DC early I'll farm. If they have a chance I'll play normally. Yesterday I had a Billy game end within minutes on Shelter woods. Btw I'm a terrible Billy I just wanted the 50 chainsaws o…
  • This is the best exhaustion perk in the game. I've changed my mind.
  • Your not wrong, but it so just takes longer to restart the animation between getting up and waiting and then getting back on. Depends in the day and or match some days I'm…
  • Add Legion too that PC better List. Random FPS drop on console means good bye power. Plague is not nearly as hindered by FPS from PC to Console like Huntress or Nurse tho.
  • I like for Pig Green Rank Last Will with Either Bag of Gears or Interlocking Razor Purple Ranks Last Will and Combat Straps Red Ranks Last Will and Tampered Timer or Combat Strap If I want to mix it up Tampered Timer with Crate or Gears or Jigsaws S…
  • Dude your rank 9 you woulda pipped regardless. Dodging people is kinda sad because of rank. Most people are boosted animals anyways. I general…
  • As you T Bag him from a distance. Omfg OoO now with 100% more long range T Bagging.
  • It's a risk, but neither mori nor keys are balanced either. DS usually just gets you slugged anymore so bring unbreakable.…
  • Honestly I could go on a huge rant about gen pressure and why people solely rely on Hex: Ruin despite it being bad for them. It's the fundamentals of a killer that should n…
  • I use to pop Haunted Grounds every time when it first came out. Every single time.
  • So your upset Legion now requires 3 hits instead of 2? Legions the same killer with some slight buffs. Let Legion mains have some fun as well instead of constantly bullying them for the lack of overall power this rework gave them.