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  • After reading some of these comments, I could only think of this... in all seriousness though, dont let it get to you.
  • As a killer on PC, im pretty use to it in the endgame chats. No matter how you play or with what character, you will always find SOMEONE who has issue with it and will flame you. Ive just taken to screenshotting the best ones so I can share them wit…
  • Can't really call people doing gens "genrushers" unless theyre bringing decked out toolboxes and such. If theyre going in empty handed or with just a brown medkit or something, expecting them to go out of their way to find the killer so th…
  • Was lookin forward to Head on... With the Doc update I said to myself hmmm.... I should probably invest in calm spirit and maybe a locker related perk...Oh I know, Head on. The twitter announcement got me excited, only to be quickly let down.
  • I try to keep track of whatever perks I can. Perks like thana, sloppy butcher and tells ya the killer has it pretty easily. If I can identify all 4 killer perks…
  • I guarantee you if killers had something they could break to remove some of the more annoying survivor perks before they can proc, they would.
  • The NOED Bloodwarden combo is brutal, kinda like survivors who save stuff like DS+deliverence for endgame can be pretty brutal. Fortunately, you can always do bones...
  • That was the neat part of each event was unlocking cosmetics through gameplay. For the first Hallowed Blight, I was new and got the Doctor cosmetics. Got Huntress and 1 p…
  • Last year we could earn full outfits for Huntress, Feng and Ace for Chinese New year
  • It was nice being able to earn Event skins like how I did with the Huntress skin for year of the boar. This year's Legion skin looks like it can only be gotten with Auric…
  • He could be someone who gives ppl the thumbs up report. I do that at times.
  • I know plenty of ppl who don't play killer. A streamer I play with sometimes regularly plays red rank survivor, but only plays killer when his SWF isn't is li…
  • Resident evil is making an asymmetrical game? Whats the name, I wanna look it up.
  • How are those numbers real? Youd think at least half the community wouldve hit rank 1 on at least 1 side.
  • I've heard, my point being that somehow only 4% of people have the achievement on steam. Frankly, Id have assumed it would be MUCH higher even without the bug.
  • Its been over used alot, but I still think its a good example... People dont like situations like this on…
  • Susie stabbed a man and then snatched his wallet as he fell to the ground. Julie wasnt involved in this.
  • Had a game earlier where 2 people had the obsession brackets at the same time, lol. Only one of em was ACTUALLY the obsession though (Rancor wouldnt let me mori the 2nd one...darn).
  • infectious fright is kinda meh since its TR based and Huntress has a smaller than normal TR at 20 meters.
  • whispers is great for her. Due to her slow movement speed, you dont wanna be spending too much time in areas looking for survivors where there isnt any. Also, with her movement speed plus large hum distance, her bane is often stealthy…
  • Its a fog whisperer charm. Did you remember the name of your killer?
  • Who's Adam Francis? Is that some kind of code? Jk, goodluck
  • I updated afew games I use to play before DBD and have just been hopin on those more when DBD stresses me out. Ive gotten rusty at Overwater and theres aton of stuff to grind for on Warframe now that I dont have.
  • Same thing happened to me afew weeks ago. I hooked a guy and turned to kick a gen...only to get stuck. Apparently the guy had Kindred, so his team just thought I was facecamping him since I was playing Bubba.
  • You do you. As long as it doesnt break any rules your free to play however you want. Meme builds can be fun sometimes.
  • Most of the time they offer some sort of event currency to use. Last year I got the Huntress cosmetic skin for example for year of the boar. Its odd that the same options…
  • If ppl are playing facecamping Bubba t protest, they're gonna be deranking to your rank too
  • I got my rank 1 survivor achievement when I finished up a killer match with entity displeased, lol. Felt like the game was saying I did SO bad as killer, I must have been playing survivor.
  • I got it on the emblem screen right after a match.