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  • If you mean on miss while they are using their power, then it's not a bug, it's in the latest patch note.
  • yeah, 20 seconds is usually not enough to hit obsession and check more than one generator sadly... But I think it would be a bit too strong if it was a longer timer :/ (imagine this on a silent spirit w/ring add-on or an omega blink nurse). Maybe ma…
  • I saw lots of streams and vids of this game and one day, it was 50% off so I decided "why not ? Looks like I can have some fun with it". Played 200h as a killer only before trying out survivor (I usually hate horror games but DbD is not wh…
  • oof, my bad actually... Interesting ideas btw, but I think 16 tokens might be a bit too much, 8 sounds good, with every action only giving 1 too, because it would lead to people still farm others and bodyblock since it would be a "faster" …
  • https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/comment/444461#Comment_444461 If the perk have a higher token number, the bloodpoints awarded by each should be reduced then, because having 8 or even 16 stacks would potentially make 200% (so 96k BP p…
  • That reminds me of a P3 huntress camping the hatch... I did the last two gens, pretended to open a gate, and escaped with the hatch. She had an ebony mori so I knew she wasn't gonna give up soon... But yeah, this hatch mechanic should be reworked…
  • The emblem system is actually a good indication of what is a "win", since I almost everytime give the hatch to the last survivor if they played fair/at least not toxic and still get 2 pipe almost everytime I do it... So yeah, 4 kills isn't required …