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  • Update: I tried it with several Med-kits, making sure the charges/leftover charges should always be enough for one full selfheal, the problem always occured when I was using the Medical Scissors addons, the problem might be within those.
  • Oh god damn, you're right! Darn it, how embarassing.. but thank you! EDIT: Fixed it! (You saw NOTHING!)
  • Not really an original creation but a replacement/rework for Stridor because I really don't like that you can never contest it, especially If you've equipped Iron Will or go against a Spirit. Stridor being just a passive with no real effort is just something I'm not a fan of, so, my version would be called: Trauma Once a…
  • Hello devs, have you ever considered making prestieging more rewarding? For example 5% more bloodpoints after every trial with a P1 character, a P3 character would grant you 15% more bloodpoints after every trial. This also would ease out the huge grind in Dead by Daylight a little bit and make prestieging look a bit more…
  • Yeah I just wrote a ticket to the DbD-support, hope I'll get them back EDIT: OH MY GOD I LOST MY LUNAR STUFF ASWELL!
  • I went back to normal, they're gone. Sorry, I was trying to say I lost them after I was done with PTB and switched to normal.
  • Can you call killer abilities really new mechanics? I understand what you mean and I kind of agree with that, but I was talking more about universal mechanics, that would be nice to see someday. People had really cool ideas already.
  • I'd love a boss/mafia outfit for him. A dark grey-ish striped suit, a melon hat, a cigar on his left hand and his bottles look like cheap gin-bottles.
  • Not just killers, there are survivors out there who agree aswell. What I want is that nearly everything relys on skill and smart decisions. I want to compete on a fair level, sadly it doesn't matter because you can compare the skill-level with Mario Kart sometimes. You can be the best racer yet the blue shells hits ya and…
  • Myers, I had the scariest time with him when he came out. Before the Halloween DLC I was a survivor main and he scared the ######### outta me and I never understood how he works, until I tested him. No other killer plays like him, he is very well designed, his addons offer great variety and his music oh my god. I…
  • Ugh.. I don't know how to sugargoat this. I believe that many people who like to claim that "the devs don't know their own game" don't know how the game works either. There are people out there, who played this game alot and suggest mechanics like "When the killer camps, he loses points and a pip" or "When the survivor…