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  • Lol I love that photo an fact it's feng
  • Lol eveline I end up with the salt from them for playing the killer after the D/C haha Mushwin good I hate 3 or 2 match matches as it normally don't last long just make it more fun I let em do few gens before I start hitting em
  • Also to anyone else that agrees with them my proof of offering to show them is above an they clearly refused guess they don't want proved wrong but hey ho have fun with next person you try to do this against... So say what you will an so forth I won't reply as like I said you refused my offer even after yous thought yous…
  • I just offered to give you all what you wanted an you all complain then demand a link I offered it live but nice to know you can't handle the truth so I give up I offered to give proof later an you just refused it so am done with this convo think what you will but an yeah I said I can beat them I didn't say every time if…
  • Only ones outta them I don't play much is legion an trapper but either way it'll be fun an if they can't find me I may post the link to it but I can already see the replies 'you didn't stream, you didn't give name etc so no proof' as that's all they seem to come back with lol
  • Did one of yous try to keep the killer distracted near the gens while rest tried working on them?
  • Fu*k it Ill tell you what this is to everyone on this thread who has tried saying 'low' teir killers can't do sh*t an don't think it's possible to beat sweaty squads come find me tonight on YouTube. I'll play as Freddy, Wraith, Legion, Trapper (just cause mhhburgers keeps mentioning him) some huntress and ill do some hag…
  • Why do you always refer to just trapper? Just curious cause you said it to me too?
  • I never said I can beat any death squads I said it's rare for a full team to escape or for 3 to escape there's a difference... Also why would I lie its a game I started as a survivor main when I first played then changed to killer an I've said where my proof is but me keep sh*t of my channel don't mean it ain't there
  • I only play trapper every now an then, dunno where you go trapper from as I ain't mentioned I main him but oki an I'd love to play against marth he's awesome an a great player aswell as go against his nurse
  • That's how I first started using her through daily rituals then once I thought I had enough practice with her from my rituals I started using her a little bit more
  • I have my proof but just cause someone thinks their entitled to it don't mean I have to show it my proof is on YouTube if you can't find it that's your problem not mine so instead of repeating your self trying to make yourself look smart when it ain't how about actually contributing to this thread or make a new one your…
  • Am a killer main an always have been I only play survivor every now an then but nice try... But if you wanna think am a survivor main if that makes you feel better oki you believe that now instead of wasting time how about you actually say something useful towards this threads actual post or make a new one an we can carry…
  • my proof is on YouTube but I ain't giving out my name for my channel so you can troll it an get others too which I can tell you would from how your going on in here... An not giving you a link to my channel ain't an excuse... But like I said if you find it by pure luck knock yourself out you can say what you want on it
  • Your idea about the tokens to complete skill checks an for the controller to vibrate before a skill check are really good ideas I think that could actually help
  • I think that idea of a toolbox would be an awesome edition to help your husband. I would suggest slowing down the skill checks for him but I don't think they would be able too for just one person... As you said he stated he would like to try playing killer going off what he was able to do in tutorial mode has he tried…
  • Like am gonna tell you my name so you can 'analyse' how I play an so you can troll my channel I don't let that sh*t on my channel, just cause am a better killer then you an I don't let survivors rule the match but if you somehow manage to find it by pure luck knock yourself out have fun 😉
  • Hopefully they will be trying to fix it soon as
  • Same treeman I've just been logged out cause of it lol
  • Yeah I've had it a bunch times
  • I've done videos an live streams just cause you can't handle good swf don't mean everyone can't an just cause you say their low their don't make that true I've seen many 'low' their killers in red ranks with no perks an domonate so would you like to try any more excuses? Also if survivors rule the match your playing killer…
  • I've seen her work before she has a real talent, I love her work
  • No they weren't bad they were good so guess it does matter how I play as the killer cause most swf groups I dominate there's only odd few where 1 maybe 2 will escape, it's rare when I come across a group where all or just 3 escape... I've been gen rushed loads to where its down to1 gen left or exist gates need be opened…
  • I'd swop ruin for bitter murmur or thanatobia but the build ain't too bad
  • That is very true fire for alot of killers but there is still a bunch at all ranks that can't handle them
  • I can handle groups of swf with with all the killers I have at red ranks so I can disagree with that comment, its just about how you play with the killers an their strategy etc
  • Alot of survivors won't give you the time of day for feedback but once you figure out your controls properly take it 1 step at a time ie look where your running then try to look behind you while checking your space so you don't run into anything. Then move on to the next thing you'd want to learn to do better, it all comes…
  • I had similar experience last night with 9 outta 10 matches been hillbilly just at high ranks alot of players don't like branching out to other killers they will stick with one killer an normally run with ruin, NOED, sloppy thanatobia or bbq... Of that's how it normally is on ps4 anyway
  • He was just been an ass an trying make himself feel good about 360ing twice (what's not that impressive if its just twice, doing it in 1 spot for 5 gens yeah but not twice) an trying to come up with every salty survivor excuse he can think of cause he can't face the fact he had his ass handed too him... But yeah basic…
  • That's similar to my suggestion of having a killer origin mode (if you wanna check it out https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/23163/new-mode-killer-origins#latest ) but it would be fun to have something solo... Also eveline KYF is basically practice mode as it has every perk, add on, item an offering for free…