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  • Fix and balance all maps Buffs to all killers below B tier, specially Michael. Laurie's theme playing just for the killer when you're stalking a survivor.
  • Oh, I agree with that. I don't think making the perk last for 60 seconds would be a good idea, I just think Lethal Pursuer is far from S tier. But honestly, a buff it could use would be having another effect that triggers multiple times or just lasts for the match, in addition to the effect it already has, just so you…
  • I've been camping and tunneling mercilessly since MMR was implemented. I even camped basement early on two matches in a row as the Oni. Also, one of these nights, I DC'd right at the start of a match because the map was Haddonfield.
  • Oh, once you unlock it, you will really want to try it on Nemesis. Discordance pops notifications from time to time when a gen is being worked on by two or more survivors... and those notifications count as loud noises for the zombies. This means zombies will automatically be atracted to any generator highlighted by…
  • [BAD WORD] people voting No Mither. It's No Mither, guys! And to prove this once and for all, I'm checking at Google Translate's audio... I just checked, guys. It's No Mither.
  • As I just said, there's just one problem with this specific situation: Discordance would have done the same thing, and also work for the rest of the game. Additionally, not only Discordance is a very good perk for Nemesis, by using it to find survivors at the start, they would think you had Lethal Pursuer since you were…
  • Well... yeah, but I'm All Ears triggers multiple times during the match. Lethal Pursuer triggers once at the very beggining and then never again. Don't take me wrong. Lethal Pursuer is useful to get that early pressure, I just don't think it's S tier. It helps you because the spawns can mess up your early game, but there…
  • My killer side would for sure down my survivor side without much trouble... unless the killer side was playing Huntress. Or Nurse. Unfortunately, those are the two killers I'm not very good with, to say the least.
  • Oh, this reminds me the devs also said in the past they intended to give survivors other things to do instead of just doing gens. They said that in 2018 when they started buffing the killers (because the balance was in an awful spot that time). But the thing is, their plan for "other things to do" was to make sabotage…
  • Making the maps smaller is much needed, and the devs kinda seemed to understand that when they reduced the size of a few maps like Rotten Fields last year... But now it seems like they forgot it, unfortunately. The first map they released in a long time, RPD, is massive (the biggest of all in walking distance), and I'm not…
  • Not to mention it has a ridiculously strong window at the office, and others that are completely safe and completely impossible to mindgame as well.
  • The TR increase definitvely needs to be reversed. Seriously, they nerfed him because if, and ONLY IF he had Monitor & Abuse, he could "shoot survivors before they noticed he was there", but he needed line of sight from 16m to do it, which means you could counter it by looking around. Yeah, it was something that was only…
  • To me it was different: I play killer a lot more, and I would usually get the common awful teams before SBMM was implemented. Since it was, my teammates got better and my survivor games got easier. Meanwhile, killer games started getting harder, since my MMR as killer is obviously much higher than the one I have as…
  • That's what the rework has done to this map. It used to have more god pallets than others, but not that huge number of god pallets. It when from a somewhat killer-sided map to a completely survivor-sided one.
  • I can only say the proposed name really fits... oh, wait, no: it should be called Boon: Busted.
  • I was playing a few matches as the Clown just now. I didn't really experience survivors avoiding intoxication when the cloud breaks, but indeed it does. The speedboost I'm not sure. If they get one, it last for one or maybe half a second, because if it's there, it's barely noticeable. Not enough to get too much distance,…
  • Even if it's kept as a hex, could at least have the effect that doesn't depend on the stacks - increasing the penalty for failed skill checks - to remain even after the totem is gone. That wouldn't be much at all, but at least you would still get something from the perk. Its only use is for impossible skillchecks builds…
  • I only saw this now, but I can confirm the fast vaulting. You intoxicate them and they still fast vault the window, making the Clowns power much weaker at loops.
  • His number of bottles should be increased. I really don't get why the huntress, who has a way stronger power, gets 5 hatchets while the clown has only 4 bottles and have to use them constantly if he wants to traverse the map faster. He spends way too much time in the match loading, even after the rework that decreased his…
  • Not to mention that, in maps and buildings with multiple floors, you might never have the oportunity to snuff a boon at all. On both Gideon's and Midwich you hear the sound of the totem, look for it, doesn't find it, realize it's on another floor and just give up.
  • I've seen a lot of people comment on this forum that the old Freddy was more fun to play, but I disagree completely. Old Freddy's power was just "pull the survivor to the dream world". You would press M2, the survivor would start the transition and, after 7 seconds, you would finally be able to hit them, and then you would…
  • Yeah, the nerf hurt him way too much and was completely unnecessary. He had one of the highest kill rates, but the DEVS THEMSELVES said we shoud't judge based on the statistics alone. If stats were the only information needed for balance, than Deathslinger nerf would make no sense, since his killrate was the 8th lowest.
  • And to make things worse, they are balancing the game based on the average kill rates, but don't show the data for kill rates X MMR numbers, so we have no way to know how this kill rates are on high-level play.
  • Same thing has been happening to me, just happened twice in a row, actually. I get the message "Disconected from Host", but my internet connection is working normally. Match results say I escaped and the killer DC'd, I receive the BP and even get to keep the item I was holding at the time, but still get a DC Penalty.
  • It's funny because they said themselves on the latest Q&A livestream that you shouldn't judge the balance of the game based on the statistics alone, but that's what they seem to be doing. At least in most cases, not on Deathslinger's case. He got nerfed while he had the 8th worst average kill rate. The Trapper had a higher…
  • Or Deathslinger buff, since he was the 8th lowest and got nerfed.
  • What annoys me the most is not the amount of nerfs, is the fact that the community has been asking tweaks for the Cenobite since his PTB, tweaks to make him more enjoyable to play as and better in high MMR - like making so his colision doesn't break his own chains, which is his worst aspect - and the devs just ignored it…
  • Coldwind Farm. That would get ready of a bunch survivor-sided maps, but specially Cowshed, the second most survivor-sided map in the game.
  • Keep looking and you might find Pyramid Head's tongue.
  • And when someone ask the devs about gen regression, they say they don't have any plans to do it because gen regression is already good with ruin... The problem is, this makes most killers have to rely on ruin to have a chance against good survivors. Kicking a gen without the proper perks is nearly worthless.