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  • The Plague is my favorite killer out of all of them.
  • I had an AFK Wraith three times last night. I was a bit annoyed at the fact of having a killer not do anything, especially when there's rift goals I need to complete. Other than that I did depip because of it and got about 13K to 14K bloodpoints. I'd rather depip due to me making bad moves or facing a killer who's skill…
  • Despite it being an outfit that doesn't really fit with her personality, the description you made for it makes it work. It's cute and reminds me of an outfit you'd probably see in any type of cyberpunk nightclub scene. Looking through all the submissions I'd say you have a good chance of being one of the 30 best designs.
  • I actually really like most of her outfits and think most of them actually fit with her. The only outfits that I will say don't fit her at all is her Frosh Week Warfare, Open Day Student, Belle of the Ball(Other than the hair, I actually really like the hair). I also don't find it hard to mix and match her clothing. Many…
  • My main go to is usually Plague. I enjoy her design and some of the different play styles I can use with her abilities. However, I also use Freddy, Nurse, Legion, and Deathslinger quite regularly as well. Still trying to get used to the Nurse considering I'm not someone who plays killer often. But during this time period…
  • Personally, I just use self-care when playing Claudette because I like keeping everyone's three starting perks on their load outs. Though, Claudette is the survivor I play most of...I'm not usually hiding in the corner of the map if I know I don't have time to heal myself and save someone. I do play more altruistically…
  • I usually use self-care while I have botany knowledge equipped as well. I’m also a solo survivor so depending on my team for a heal is a bit too reckless for me considering I’m not great at running away from a killer.(I’ve gotten better but I’m still not great) Although, my main survivor build is for healing purposes, I…