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  • Let's not jump the gun and nerf another Killer before he goes live/right after he goes live? Nothing about him seems OP to me, but too most these forms 'He killed me' = OP. So please, Devs; can we have ONE viable Killer? It could be a holiday miracle!
  • I wonder how his power would work. I never saw IT but ain't most his power just teleporting around & making scary things happen? Like, he never DOES anything himself.
  • Ye...If you time it right. Pallet saves take skill. I know I'd rage if a pallet could be slammed at any time to break the pickup animation. All the skill of doing it would be gone.
  • Rofl. Gods are you wrong on every part. 1) Just because some Killers troll does not mean I lied about slugging being a valid tactic. But as we'll see here; you clearly don't have any grasp on reality. 2) God loops are clearly an oversight. This is proven by maps being adjusted to remove them. 3) The Devs cater to KILLERS!?…
  • Yeah but DC punishments are coming. After that, only Survivors are allowed to ragequit. Killers will be expected to play every match from start to finish, even if they are bullied nonstop by SWF-squads and trolling memelords. But people will STILL sit here and say it's fine for Survivors to leave early via hook suicide…
  • The problem is that you can't look to every reason people DC/Hook Suicide: People will DC/Suicide for any of these: Don't like the Killer Don't like Killer's perks Don't like the map Don't like being found first Don't like being 'camped' or 'tunneled' even if they are not camped or tunneled. Don't like being pulled off a…
  • If they punish DC (and they should), they will NEED to punish first-hook suicides. It's the same damn thing, bloodpoints aside; you're leaving the match as quick as possible because you're 'not happy with' or 'don't approve of' killer/map/perk/tactic. You're bailing without trying, and screwing over your team. And if it's…
  • Oh, when all 4. Yeah, if a Killer is not picking people up at that point.. Yeah, I could see a give-up vote for all alive Survivors when they are all Dying or on Hooked
  • You could always make it so Survivors lose 1% for every non-walking/crouching action they do. (Sprinting, fast vaulting, dropping pallets, repairing, etc)
  • Would it also pause any hatch opening? Because I could see this being abused to deny a Killer a 4K players think he 'did not deserve'. And considering I've had MANY someones call me a camper because they unhooked in front of me; they don't really get to decide if I 'deserve' my 4K. Or the guy who thought it was BM for me…
  • I'm not saying it right, or well, but the reason MOST Killers slug (some do it to be jerks) is to buy time to find the hatch/find the person camping the hatch/fore the 4th player to help his friend. If players could suicide on the ground: Killer downs. Killer goes to find 4th. 3rd kills himself. 4th hatch escapes. How is…
  • If you are getting slugged consistently; bring a perk that lets you get up on your own. If people could kill themselves on the ground, there'd be no difference between slugging and hooking, and Killers would be the ones to suffer. I know many Survivors would say it's fine to deny that 4K because 'Killers be greedy' but…
  • No, Survivors don't need yet another way to escape. If you got slugged, it means the Killer outplayed you and is now using you to catch someone else. Just because you don't like a tactic does not mean it has to be altered/removed/punished.
  • Honestly, I find ranking to be a bad excuse. I could be wrong. I am a Killer main and I slug because my whole point is to make the match hard for Survivors. I also understand that, while it does suck for the slugged person, it's not directed at THEM. Instead, slugging is meant to be a tactic so I can get the fourth person.…
  • Exactly! Also, your thread is less 'This would be balanced' and more 'I want this nerfed because I hate these perks.' Sorry NoED and Adren are not as useless as you want them to be, just because you consider them 'crutch' perks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ..Also, aren't MOST perks 'Crutch' perks? I mean, you rely on them to either make…
  • I'm just talking about the time it takes to gen tap. The 1/60th of a second a Survivor can stop a regression while it takes Killers 2 seconds to kick. It's just another badly thought out mechanic that needs tweaking.
  • To be fair; all the gens complete when the Killer closes the hatch. I see what you're saying, but I still don't like it. if I bring NoED, I want it to pop if I close the hatch, because if the hatch is open, what Survivors will complete generators instead of taking the free escape?
  • What? You want them to turn off once a gate is opened? ...Adren is timed anyways, so I don't think it'd even be affected by this change, but NoED would become garbage. 1) A totem would need to survivor until endgame 2) The Killer would have maybe 1 minute to enjoy it before a gate opens 3) It could also be cleansed between…
  • Honestly, her stealth mode should be normal speed. As it is, she's like a worse Ghostface when you compare pure stealth mechanics. GF can at least move at normal speed, if he's not crouching. The Pig, on the other hand, HAS to crouch, and HAS to move slower, and does not even have the ability to oneshot Survivors, yet her…
  • ..What would be the point of NoEd or Adren if they did not trigger when they are set to trigger?What would they be changed too?
  • I..what? No, seriously...WHAT!? 'It's frowned upon and carries a consequence'. Yes..it gets punished...BECAUSE IT'S AGAINST THE DAMN RULES! THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU BREAK THE RULES; YOU GET PUNISHED!
  • 'I paid for it' is not an excuse. Also, DCing is against the rules, so rules are broken when a person DCs. And hook suicide is just going to be another symptom once DCing is punished more harshly. It will be the same end result as the same thing Devs have and will continue to punish for. That kind of says, from a logic…
  • You picked a really bad hill to die on, if you defending people's right to DC & ruin the game for other players. Seriously. Sportsmanship is not..ok, it DOES control how people act in games, from PC games to console games to backyard games to pro sports. It's supposed make people BETTER PEOPLE and better people to play…
  • You can't address the causes of DCing, because people will DC for any reason whatsoever. First one downed? DC. Grabbed off a generator? DC. Pulled out of a locker? DC. Feel like the Killer camped (even if they did no such thing)? DC. Feel like the Killer tunneled (even if they did no such thing)? DC. Killer is running…
  • The theory was that removing it means DCers can't instead force themselves into stage 2 & then not struggle. A removal of the way so many people are going to wuss out once DCing is punished.
  • The description says nothing about ONLY the Obsessions aura showing with final gen. But I've never used Rancor so I dunno.
  • No offense but are you literally saying 'Rancor is useful, please nerf'?
  • Dude. I was talking to someone who's been trying to shame people who don't play a certain way, and you've been attacking me. Chillax.