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  • Legion Rework 2020? I hope.
  • His addons. Personally, I think the injury Akito suffered ca…
  • Object is far worse than Babysitter in the hands of anyone other than an obnoxious loop god. Babysitter is a double edged sword. 50/50 whether it works for you or it kills you.
  • I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth on this one. They listened and they're fixing it. That is what matters.
  • Adding on to Kazan's story: Akito was his son who fell from a tree and injured his leg beyond repair. It's never mentioned in the lore but is mentioned HEAVILY in the addons. Drawing a line between Akito losing his ability to be a true samurai warri…
  • I'm led to believe that Evan killed Archie after several more years of torment and depravity. Evan is an obvious victim of Stockholm Syndrome so it makes sense that he went a…
  • I do think a revamp to idle animations and running should be done someday. Every survivor behaving the same way mechanically is a little dull. Steve deserves his badass pose and Ace deserves his fingerguns.
  • I've been in the same boat. New chapter was awesome (love me some Steve) and I dig the idea and vibe of the Demogorgon but I just can't seem to get him to work without feel…
  • God damnit. Well, I guess even the balanced killers who combat the fast paced nature of gen speed these days are gonna get hit hard. Freddy, my boy, my favorite killer, my main from the get-go, you were excellent for at least half a year and for tha…
  • Exactly, the whining over Spirit has always been present. It's just that it wasn't the loudest, hate over the Nurse was. Complaints over Freddy, however, have been minimal …
  • Same, bro. The Bloodlust nerf was justified but he doesn't need to be gutted. He just got good this year, don't kill him AGAIN, BHVR!
  • Good tier list, surprised people consider Huntress to be top of A tier still. Only thing I would change is swapping Freddy and Hag. They're close in power levels but Freddy has the advantage in a chase which Hag lacks.
  • Hag is easily A tier already. Making her stronger would make Urban Evasion and Flashlights mandatory for every match as Survivor. Let's worry about Nurse and Doctor/Legion …
  • These two elements make him as good as Billy though. He is easier to play but needs time to build up and is punished for picking survivors up.
  • S: Nurse, Spirit A: (Oni?), Freddy, Billy, Hag, Ghost Face, Plague B: Huntress, Myers, Demogorgon, Pig C: Trapper, Wraith, Doctor, Legion D: Clown = Leatherface Added Wraith
  • Your entitled to your opinion but I highly suggest you play her with the slowdown build or watch someone else use it. Sure, survivors will stay sick all game to avoid clean…
  • Not every survivor is going to run a Green Medkit every game. However, Self Care is still a fav…
  • So forcing the survivors to be antisocial potatoes? Damn, sounds like a buff to me. Especially with Sloppy.
  • Personally, I feel the power should cancel out when you pick up a survivor but refund you your remaining time back into the charge bar. I think that's a great buff for him and it will make the only annoying thing about him feel much better.
  • Your list was good until you put Plague in C tier. She's easily bottom of A tier, top of B tier. Thanna + Dying Light Plague is disgusting.
  • Candyman is perfect for DBD. *Tortured Soul *Sympathetic *Grotesque *Bees, yo, BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES *He has a hook for a hand, need I say more?
  • I KNEWWWWWWW IT. So much for the Devs following their livestream and release schedule. Thank you, unpredictable Devs! <33333
  • This, exactly this. Base kit is base kit for all killers. Powers are the flavor.
  • You misread my comment, amigo. People who charge stupid amounts for skins are jerks, not the poor fools who buy them.
  • Upwards of a $100. X>$100. I never bought or paid attention to those crazy expensive skins so I didn't know the exact numbers.
  • Legacy is never coming back. Unlike the Hound mask and Lunar Jacket, only a few people have them and only a few people from that group lost their Legacy, This mean…
  • They will be free. I'm looking forward to seeing how upset those jerks who charged upwards of $100 for a stupid skin will be.
  • There was a leak that said that there is a new "Shrine" map being added to the Yamaoka realm. PTB next Tuesday.
  • The Ronin or the Samurai. The Demon would be cool but if we're getting Rin's ancestor, the former two names make more sense.