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  • And if they had never implemented it the game wouldn't be where it is today.
  • But why does other people's perk choices effect you? I get if you feel compelled to use them because other perks aren't as good, therefore making your personal builds boring since they're all meta... but seriously.. Who cares what other people have? If you're talking about being a killer and going up against Dead hard,…
  • As schlute6969 said it should be a timer instead. We all know there are games where no one does a gen, so you could potentially be 10 minutes into the match and as soon as someone DC's it ends for everyone. I mean, I doubt the survivors would complain but that would suck for killer. If it's not a timer, then it should…
  • Idk actually, I consider the game to be dbd with guns and if i'm completely honest... I think dbd kind of sucks the life out of licensed killers. Like, I want Alien so bad, but I know if it were added into the game it would become a lil lame - i'm okay with that tho.. I want Ripley. Besides Predator Hunting grounds does…
  • I would be insanely happy is Alien was added into the game, even better if Ripley is a survivor - that would be so bad*ss. I don't think Predator would be added though, since there's already an asymmetric game called "predator: hunting grounds"
  • I mean, me personally i'd love it (survivor main) but i'm sure there's loads of players who'd hate it haha. It's the kind of thing that would need a vote and then a whole lot of discussing
  • This has been an idea for a long time. They said in one of their streams that they have no intentions of ever adding it into the game.
  • Oh yeah definitely, it's something a bunch of people would need to discuss and figure out haha No matter what though, I still think it would be better interaction/fun wise. I've never thought about it as much as you just did, I just thought an untouched gen would need a required part to start and then it would continue as…
  • Yeah, honestly maps like these aren't scary at all and I forget it's even a horror game because of how bright everything is. Darker, gloomier maps with some minor adjustments to objects (like how childish the pallets look) is something i'm looking forward to
  • I guess that's a good question. Did the offerings actually say it was 140? Cus I never noticed. I only found out due to dbd tweeting about the fix I mean, there was a time where DC'ing didn't punish you... So it makes you question why these people - who may I remind you only found this out by DC'ing - told the devs about…
  • It kinda did tho. First time I got gifted the 50k BP I had 900k already, so leaving me with 950k instead. After like 3 matches I ended up with over 1 Million and was really confused. That's when I found out the cap was raised for the time being.
  • I always liked the idea of having to go around the map finding gen parts. It would stop gen rushing and be more interactive
  • They didn't reward extra. I mean, yes individually they did but they're suppose to stack but didn't and for some people they didn't work at all. I can see a big difference too, before they were fixed I was getting 50k BP most matches and now i'm getting 100k
  • Not really sure what you mean. The 50k BP reward basically removed the 1 mil BP cap, and the only other thing I can think of is the event offerings being buggy. Don't know anything about an extra BP bug though.
  • Or if hatch was removed completely
  • It would have to be a whole bunch of things really. I've already stayed this long and although I'd probably be pissed if they were to nerf Keys and mori's I don't think i'd actually quit the game for it. I guess maybe eventually if they were to nerf everything I love using in this game then I would eventually give up, like…
  • Well i'd say that all depends on the person, platform, and how far away their monitor/computer is. I can hit great skill checks just fine (ps4) but when it was ruin I felt pressured and missed them most of the time. It's pretty common and not everyone is gonna be amazing at skill checks, nothing to do with being lazy..
    in HEX RUIN, Comment by MiniPisa July 2020
  • Well I've been in red ranks for a pretty long time and old ruin definitely wasn't as easy to deal with as you're saying, and frankly if it actually was then you wouldn't be so upset about the change. Every killer used it for a reason - because it completely screwed up the survivors objective.
    in HEX RUIN, Comment by MiniPisa July 2020
  • Yeah ruin and surveillance is a pretty good combo
    in HEX RUIN, Comment by MiniPisa July 2020
  • The problems with old ruin: New players suffered way too much. They struggle with normal skill checks in general and it just wasn't fair on them. It was actually kinda OP. Even in red ranks if you couldn't find the totem then you're screwed. No one does any gens because they're out finding the totem (assuming it's very…
    in HEX RUIN, Comment by MiniPisa July 2020
  • I mean, sure I guess. It's not exactly a perk people use - only time I did was when everyone was playing Doctor for the archives. So yeah, idk. I don't think it needs a buff or anything since it does the job already, but because of that I don't think this change would effect much either. It's still a perk that is very…
  • I was surprised too. He's my favourite killer to go up against because he's equally scary and fun. I don't even play him and I'm sad about this nerf..
  • I've never really cared much for BP but having this kind of reward for such a selfless act would be really good. I usually play slightly selfish when I play solo but a few days ago I decided to be completely altruistic (for whatever reason) and long story short, I was chased after saving someone twice and they decided to…
  • A proposal: Still active during the EGC but deactivates while inside the exit gate
  • True I guess but I think the mentality of "Survivors saving it for the EGC to bully you" is pretty twisted. Like who actually thinks like this lol. Don't get me wrong i'm sure there's people out there, but like 90% are definitely not thinking this. Thing is, I think it's pretty known that it's okay to camp/tunnel at the…
  • Hahaha ofc there's that one person who wants everyone in a hot swimsuit
  • True but I can't help but think of the times where someone might be carrying their whole team just to be camped/tunnelled right at the end and they deserve to escape due to them being.. well, the soul purpose of everyone escaping in the first place. I'd be more open to it if it were disabled as you have said, BUT can…
  • I think overall stopping survivors from abusing it is good but disabling it at the EGC doesn't sound fair to me. It's just punishing people for the wrong reasons tbh
  • I've noticed this too. I guess they're just a little busy right now
  • I've thought about this too. I play on ps4 and having 2 unused arrow buttons (left and right) seems like a waste. I think the gestures would have to actually mean something - one (like a thumbs up or wave) could mean "thank you" since a lot of killers don't know a t-bag can mean that, so having a gesture to genuinely…