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  • Nothing to do with Steam Beta, not got it on. Logitech mouse, this just happened to me for first time, possibly 4 hours into playing like others have suggested (definitely more than 2 games.) Everything beyond being in the game = fine, but as soon as able to rotate camera once game starts it's just slow as treacle. Not…
    in DPI Bug Comment by MisterTIBS March 2021
  • Twice seen this regarding 2nd point, Alt-F4 only option.
  • IIRC Plague loses her power on a pallet stun, right? I think same should apply to Oni, and I'd add in Head Ons to that.
  • Used to like him, opinions are valid, he's good at both sides, wouldn't say killer biased (last time of watching, maybe that changed), and have thanked previously for his teachings which were really helpful (just general commentary while playing), but turned off due to all kinds of shaming he'd do on stream, most of which…
  • By design, I believe, though makes me wonder how we're meant to get a Steam64ID for a cheating killer now *rubs chin*
  • I was getting that prior to taking 4 months away from the game, if you mean the one at rank reset? Minor irritant in my case, it didn't have any impact on the actual rank update itself.
  • I guess it counts as same except for some reason mine also included a glitch on being able to even wiggle while being carried - I'd paused wiggling, then resumed but it became totally unresponsive to game controls (other than mouse) soon after. Whole game recorded, you can see the bit in particular here:…
  • So come endgame, with one survivor remaining and the hatch closed, do feel free to explain how the remaining survivor has any chance at all of opening an exit gate?
  • Anyway, I'm done, it's clear that there are far too many who play the game who think only of themselves and their own way of playing and have absolutely zero room for a mechanic being added which would SOLELY be to disrupt arguably the ONE perk in the game which (ultimately) is unable to be countered regardless of how well…
  • Heard of Poker?
  • You think I'm saying this cos I just played a game where it came into it? Bless. I think beyond the end of the nose on my own face, unlike some apparently ;)
  • Yeah, and little arrows pointing them out on the screen, seems like you'd be all for that too.
  • Horrordude, your mind is so open, Moses would've had nothing on you, clearly.
  • The point is that there are different ways of playing the game - one of which is stealth. So you could be the one survivor on the team who outplays the killer for the entire game, never being seen (which already will see you not rewarded for that in the way a survivor who runs straight up to a killer and throws every…
  • So you're in a team with 3 potatoes and that = "you got outplayed"? Riiiight, 6000 IQ answer right there.
  • "Survivors using DS usually suck so you end up finding them again while going after other Survivors" You realise that survivors running DS will very likely WANT you to get them again before it's out, right, and so you "finding them again" is quite likely more along the lines of "they run straight at you again" to take the…
  • But what good is that to you if you're the last survivor and the killer has kicked the hatch closed?
  • My two pennies, I love the anti-tunnel effect of it and it's true that all the killer currently needs to do is not pick you up again within 60 seconds of being unhooked, which for the most part is completely fair imo. My suggestion would be for it to cancel out that 60 second timer in the following three scenarios: The…
  • Yep, it's been utter BS, on PC too btw.
  • Yep, getting the exhaustion (which would sometimes occur while it was 'working' anyway though) but the main difference now is that I only seem to take something like a 'juddering/stuttering' 2 steps forward with no actual visible gain on the killer in terms of distance so just getting downed every single time even if I use…
  • You're missing the point - the EGC is about stopping the game going on forever when all you want is for it to be done with (both sides) but in it's current state killers are the ones holding the game up (more often than not) by slugging the 3rd survivor so the EGC never starts - either you finish the gens (unlikely) OR…
  • Alternatively, if the killer closes the hatch then make the gens available again - if the survivor gets a gen done, hatch re-opens. This way, killer patrolling the gates only leaves himself open to said gen being done and hatch escape a possibility (without need for a key.)
  • Just 'used' it (Head On) in 3 games (running Dead Hard, Quick and Quiet, Head On, and DS each game), 1 basement locker fail in each of the first two BUT Q&Q kicked in upon jumping out (which would suggest I 'rushed' out as required), and the 3rd game was in a normal outdoors locker and finally decided to work. Yep,…
  • Yep, that's the approach I've been taking (where applicable), though teammates open other exit so yeah, more do this please. @OP, I agree that maybe unhooking a survivor during EGC could maybe add 20-30 secs back on the timer, but my main issue with it is when you're the last survivor and the killer already knows where the…
  • I'm not sure yet but have they kept his view when vaulting a bit higher up now so easier to track where survs go after vaulting?
  • I like the idea of it blocking other stuff and not just the exits but like Kiskashi said, the length of time it's up is really the main issue with it; scenario, Lery's, you hook one just inside the main map near the exit gate, all 3 other survivors are at the exit, whether it's NOED or whatever you manage to down ALL 3 of…
  • Yeah, it could be one or the other, though prioritising prompts might not be so straightforward - maybe they could make the pick-up take priority if you use SHIFT + vault/pickup key though, that way you could still do the vault as the 'default' if you're in a chase after another surv or whatever.
  • Tbh I thought this was by design when it happened to me, ended up HAVING to take NOED despite being a decent killer.
  • @Entità - if the killer was literally stood in front of you then the 45° cone would be at it's smallest, not sure how the game works that close up but it would maybe make sense that they'd have to be in centre of your camera view rather than to the side a bit when that close? (I might not be understanding exactly how you…
  • @aarongai - killer is one player, survivors are 4 (well, prior to this patch at least), so 4 survs can take an insta-heal each, along with their Borrowed Time, Adrenaline, and all that other crap. As a killer player, I'd be happy for there to be an item which countered a Mori, even if only just for the first unhook so…