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  • If he wasn’t so dogshit on console I’d actually like him. BHVR should really give out refunds to console players that bought him, his rush is literally for mobility on console, borderline impossible to hit anyone with it unless they don’t move. Harder to play than nurse on console, I’d rather bash my head into a wall then…
  • Dude, it’s obvious when someone has it the first time they use it. Get into a locker when they pickup the survivor and it does nothing. At any rank above 8 it’s good for 1 or 2 uses then everyone that isn’t braindead clues in.
  • one side shouldn’t be treated better than the other. That’s unfair, bloodpoints also would do nothing if the gameplay is unbalanced and unfair and unfun for killer which it is.
  • In over a year at rank 1 I’ve maybe encountered 2 spirits that were actually god tier. It’s insanely rare
  • I’m rank 1 killer and survivor. I play every killer a lot so playing around each killers power is second nature because I know how to play them. I run the same perks every time for the most part but I switch it up sometimes. Usually Dead Hard, Spine Chill, Windows, and Kindred. I play with stealth but also aggressive if I…
  • I’m a rank 1 killer main and this is iffy. Like I just wait the dead hard every time cause it’s so popular. Distance is tricky and not having the option to wait is rough but that’s just the perk doing what’s it’s supposed to do, just like how sprint burst gives you distance and can bait hits. The invulnerability is kinda…
  • That’s quite good, are the little lines next to them their prestige or how many times they’ve been hooked?
  • Yeah let’s make it an F tier perk because ppl can’t do more than hold M1 on a gen lol
  • Sprint burst is strong but not OP, if you want to talk about a borderline broken exhaustion perk then Dead hard is the place to be. Sprint burst has punishment to it and takes skill and a lot of planning to 99 it properly
  • Ace walks on water and is the human embodiment of drip. Steve would simply evaporate by simply look ace in eyes. He’s a god amongst men and tournament nurses quake in their boots when they see a gold ace pull up in the lobby with his juicy teachables. Choose a hard one next time please
  • I’ve heard this one a few times and it’s by far the most god awful idea I’ve ever heard on this toxic forum. Yeah let’s punish killers for doing what they are supposed to do, kill. I play a lot of killer and I make a point of not tunnelling so that it’s more fun for everyone but I despise DS. In the last 2-3 months I…
  • Should have just removed ebony mori and kept the green as it was. Green wasn’t a problem, ebony was stupid and blatantly unfair. Now they are pointless and just for a kill animation.
  • There’s literally 2 unsafe pallets lol.
  • Blight is a brick on console and makes me want to blow my brains out every time I use him. Can’t flick my camera more than 20 degrees when swinging in rush. Like so fun having less mobility that Billy’s chainsaw
  • DS in its current design is an absolute joke. I shouldn’t be able to hook someone, then leave, have that person get unhooked, I chase someone else and down them, hook them and then go back to that first person, fully healed, down them, and they still have DS. It happens to me at least once a game, it’s an absolute joke.…
  • Yesterday I watched my ruin get destroyed 5 times in under 2 minutes and then my undying... like totem spawns are a joke and this combo is either awful or strong. Never is it OP, it’s not hard to find totems, you just don’t want to do it lol.
  • this has to be one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard. What is even the point of this at all
  • all perks are technically cheat codes by that logic lol. Dead hard gives you a dash and invincibility, DS makes it so you are borderline invincible for a minute. Every perk alters a base kit part of the game... how is seeing someone’s aura on a totem from a perk that’s only purpose is protecting another perk a “cheat…
  • Since the release of undying, I’ve played against ruin+undying 3 times, at rank 1... and it’s not that hard to counter lol. Do something other than hold a button on a gen and it’ll work out
  • I’m not saying weaker version of ruin, I’m saying a better version of normal regression speed because it’s awful. Idk how that’s a 5th pseudo perk when it’s just a buff in speed to an already existing base mechanic. Ruin could be nerfed to 75% regression speed to compensate for this buff. But it shouldn’t take 80 seconds…
  • Just don’t make him/her being gay or whatever, their whole personality. That’s what makes characters suck in every book/movie/game ever created that does just that with an LGTB character. Do it like J.K Rowling did dumbeldore, it was part of his character and it made him even better because he was more dynamic but it…
  • It’s brutal on ps4, it happens quite often where it’s a huge spike or it gives the invulnerability but I don’t move or it gives me exhaustion but no invulnerability or dash. Really annoying that this wasn’t an issue when I stopped playing the game like 8 months ago, but since I’ve come back like 3 months ago, it’s a huge…
  • Trap RNG is an absolute joke and needs an update. I played 3 trappers the other day and got caught in 6 traps, escaped first try 4/6 times, other 2 were on second try. It needs to be 2 attempts you don’t escape and then randomly guarantee on 3 or 4. Hiding traps is tricky because there should be a way to play around them,…
  • Cool down should really only be 60 seconds and it should only hit gens that have progress on them. It’s still only normal regression speed and skill checks can be hit to negate it.
  • Perk description says “3 random generators” doesn’t say anything about them havingn any progression on them.
  • How is it not their fault for releasing something earlier than it should have? They ######### released it... like what? No one else released it, they created it and knew it was garbage and broken and still released it. How is that wanting what’s best for the game. Yeah we care deeply but here’s a pile of #########, please…
  • This game has by far the most toxic community I’ve ever been apart of besides MW2 and B02. It’s every game of killer I play and the odd survivor game I play is just full of T-bagging, clicking, pointing. SWF is borderline unwinnable half the time at red ranks so I just don’t care. The second I get clicked at or T-bagged I…
  • I hardly play killer for the sole reason that every game is remarkably toxic and it’s just attempted bully after attempted bully. I was a red rank killer for a long time but since I hardly play killer anymore I’m like green ranks and this is precisely what happens. 2-3 red rank survivors every game and if I’m lucky a green…
  • Spine chill is miles ahead of adrenaline. Spine chill is used all game every game and to great efficiency and awareness benefit. Adrenaline does basically nothing if you a) aren’t in a chase when the final gen is completed b)aren’t injured when the final gen is completed c) if you die before all gens are completed. it’s…
  • As a killer main I honestly don’t mind it that much. Sure it gets you sometimes but it’s pretty obvious when someone has it, it’s also easy to just wait and bait it out. It’s not that hard to counter, really should be focused on reworking DS to actually be an anti tunnel perk instead of borderline invincibility for 60…