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  • They should just make Bloodlust more dangerous. Bloodlust increases movement speed by 5 % for each Tier. Increase vaulting speed, breaking speed, lunge speed etc. as well and there won't be any need for Bamboozle being basekit. Also, Bamboozle takes…
  • I heard that some dev said that they made this "slightly" "moderately" stuff because everybody else uses percentages, so they wanted to do something unique/different. The thing is, everybody uses percentages/numbers because it is…
  • You can not stun the Nurse while she is in the blink (when you see the white line following you). You can stun her when she is in the post blink state (little window where she can hit after a blink before getting fatiqued, when she is visible) That …
  • Distressing should give you the Bloodpoints after the match, like the 100 % offerings and not during the match. Then it would be solid to use just cuz of the BP bonus.
  • Fun fact. If you use Agitation on Scratched Mirror (Tier 1) Myers, you move faster than normal walking speed. His speed is 105 % and Agitation increases every Killer's carrying speed to 108 % if the 18 % speed buff aren't additional or 110 % if the …
  • The only things you read in the Killer/Survivor section was only salt anyways. Now this section which has at least some sort of civilised discussions will get the entire salt from the other ex-sections.
  • They are probably watching a video in the background and forgot to ready up, got called by someone if they can help their parents, loved ones, brothers, sisters etc., purposely doing it, searching for a snack etc.
  • Unfortunately, 24 metres isn't really stealthy.
  • Many people think that this potential change would make ds into an real anti tunnel perk. But the devs won't do that cuz they "don't have time" for that cuz it's nOt PrIoRiTy. The idea of how they changed DS was a very good idea, but the …
    in DS Change Comment by MrDardon August 10
  • Billeh and Freddeh have their own advantages. It's hard to say which one is stronger, but Freddeh is definitely more fun to play than Billeh.
  • Make green one like flask of Bleach. Increased Hindered on top of the 15 % speed debuff Z-Block: Increases slow down duration. That'd be a good snare combo actually.
  • So, you basically want an option implemented so childish people can talk sh** about you.
  • Behind the exit Behind the other exit Besides the Killer every time when it's not behind an exit.
  • Sven is looking good tod..... wait, where is Sven?
    in CREEPAH Comment by MrDardon July 31
  • Badham: boring Goodham: boring Bestham:
  • First of all, remove the sounds when he vaults, he is probably the only M1 Killer which can't mindgame windows cuz of it.
  • Baby City Tickler
  • Yeah. I used to hate this perk also but now I don't give a dumb about it. Unlike old DS or Mettle of Man it has actual counterplay. People are right, it rewards bad Killers but not only bad Killers are using it. Like it was mentioned, it's popular b…
  • Killer is quite fun but it can also be very stressful. I wouldn't say that it's frustrating but it depends on which character you have. I usually don't give a dumb about toxic people, they should do what they want. I don't really feel frustrated bu…
  • I mean, it shouldn't really matter if they're rare or very rare since they can be sorted from very rare to rare depends on which letter you chose.
  • You're forced to fart more often, hence you should get a boost
  • Especially when you stay in the dream world for a little longer, then decide to weak up and everything gets dark all of a sudden. I like the clocks tho.
  • I think I underestimated Doctor and Plague maybe. Doctor definitely but I still think that Plag…
  • Spirit is overrated? Didn't hear that for a long time. If played right, she can't be looped in any way while Freddy is still an basic M1 Killer with some extras. Huntress g…
  • I'd agree if the devs changed bullshit loops which have no mindgame into loops which have a mindgame, like the new Badham. It requires skill instead of circeling around the whole time. Also, those bullshit windows like Ironworks, Torment Creek, Suf…
  • Definitely better. I think snares could have more potential if the Block Addons were changed. Brown Block Addons gives Blindness for 120 seconds Yellow Block: Exhaustion for 30 seconds Green …
  • Will you rework Freddy's Block Addons? In the PTB people already said that "Hemorrhage" and "Blindness" status does nothing and is just a waste of Addons. You changed it on Ghostface, why not Freddy?
  • What I thought was: As soon as you hit a Survivor with the Chainsaw, the dash ends. And they decreased the dash to 2 seconds but increased the movement speed. None of these is in the game. The cooldown is just slightly faster. So the changes are pre…
  • Good that Ambush attacks are useless anyways so it won't really matter
  • You'll get a stackable bonus of 25 % up to a 100 % on BP when you make a safe hook rescue, take a protection hit or heal a Survivor for at least 8 seconds. That's probably what I'd add.