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  • (Quote) I feel like his hitbox for walls and obstacles has been increased since the update, but honestly I haven't played enough Bubba before to be sure. (Quote) Really like the idea of the sputtering! But yes, considering the short time to act and …
  • (Quote) honestly didn't think about that. But it would also require to learn the swings with each combination of add-ons that increase the duration of each token, doesn't it?
  • It sucks to see what you're going through, but this is the PTB (Public Test Build) feedback section. You should report this to the normal Bugs section.
  • Very good, very good. Except for some shoddy grabs that were randomly turned to nothing, overall great experience. But I had a stable 80 ping, and other people that live farther away from the servers seem to have a lot more problems, so... Yeah, yo…
  • (Quote) Your idea is to limit those two from stalking from close distances. Do it and see how it works. Then come back and tell us if it was different from not using the power at all. Also, I NEVER said not to stalk. I just said not to stalk during …
  • You can't be bodyblocked while stalking. Stalking removes collisions. Also, try to play those two not stalking during chases, then tell us how many times your power triggered.
  • First of all, is this from the killer's or the survivor's perspective? In the first case, they're either running Dance With Me (after a quick action hide your traces for 3 seconds) or the awful scratch mark generation is at it again. In the second …
  • We'll probably get something like these with the Archives. Not really daily, but more diversified. We'll have to wait the next mid-chapter for that.
  • (Quote) Well, I recorded this about half an hour before posting it, so if you played DbD today in Badham Preschoold I, then most likely you've met me. P.S: Yes, I play on PC
  • (Image) FOR. F**K'S. SAKE. P.S: The changes seem decent. But the timing... I had just finished uninstalling this! Devs! WHY?
  • (Quote) I don't totally disagree with you, but one of the main points of Ghostface is that literally anyone can be him. In all the movies the guy(s) behind the mask changed. While it's true the power and stuff could've been more iconic, but I'm per…
  • (Quote) This is NOT about the post-sleep slowdown. When you hold your power button (RMB on PC), you raise your hand, right? Now you walk around and as soon as a survivor drops in range, you sleep them. In the PTB, if you keep going without ceasing o…
  • To all the people that answered the discussion: I'm no survivor main. I mainly play killer, but from every prespective No Mither was a bad perk. Even if it is a challenge perk, I still think that at least the killer shouldn't be aware that a survivo…
  • (Quote) Why? Any negation of the ideas presented would be gladly helped if backed up by the reasoning behind it.