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  • Compared to "grab a survivor and hook him", it sounds way more entertaining to have a fun animation we rarely see it. Way more satisfying than doing the same you did the last 2 times with him... grab... hook. That seems dumb. Both sides would have the opportunity to see Moris... for free! Every match. Picking up and…
  • The Killer would be aware of the time wasted this way because Mori's animations are longer than just hooking. So they would choose whether to have a gruesome and satisfying finish on a Survivor is worth that seconds OR he could just hook them right away and be done with that. This alone would make it fair to the Killer,…
  • Thank you! So you do realize the intention of this alternative to Death Hook is not give the Killer any advantage, right? He would actually be trading some waste seconds being active to a Mori animation (which takes longer than just hooking the Survivor). Just to be sure. How's that? In case the Survivor is downed under a…
  • I think you are misunderstanding it or i am being dumb (probably that). I even clarified it on the original post now, just in case. What i meant by "dragging the Survivor to a hook's area" is for the killer ,after downing the Survivor (who is on his last hook next), to pick him up, take him all the way to a hook and…
  • Fair enough. Designs could always be improved and worked on and you provided good insights about it. I appreciate it. Regarding the perks mentioned, would it really make a difference? Since the requisite to drag the Survivor to a Hook's area (under it) would give the perks their chance to either be successful and let them…
  • No worries, i salute you for understanding it and being so helpful. I can assure you i am not a toxic person but i understand your point of view dealing with most of this community. I honestly thank you for that answer, made me have hope in DBD players again. I did the the poll, as soon as you see this post and confirm it,…
  • Any chance you read it all? Just in case it was confusing: This "Baseline" Mori would ONLY be usable if the Survivor is on his LAST hook (death hook) AND brought sucessfully to a hook's area (under it). That is not powerful since using it would actually waste more time but would open the killer to a gruesome finish for…
  • Hum... if you check my history in this forum, i am really new here and did not know that. Will be using it, but nope... not a Bait at all. Dont make assumptions =/. Now... how to do a Poll here.. brb.
  • "performing far above expectations" what about half the killers that are underperfoming on expectations much longer than she is?