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  • play on xbox but want it on pc for better framerates loading times graphics. would really like to keep progress and paid DLC too across platforms which I know is cross save but I'd like crossplay too. so I can still play with xbox friends after I move to pc.
  • yes. yes. yes. yes. I could play my lvl 1 I only play for dailies or use the splinters.
  • 1. I think a CD on queue for DCing is a good idea. it would forcibly make you cool yourself down after a possible ragequit. I typically find if I'm having a bad time in one role I switch to the other so maybe a role specific cooldown. A -2 pip prevention once a day could be okay too. Yea it would be used to prevent a loss…
  • Survivor main actually In my 3 weeks of playing I've noticed some trends. -When I play survivor the killers never sends hatemail no matter what I did to them. -When I player killer most survivors whether they win lose will send hatemail on xbox and/or send party inv after to group bash over voice chat with swf group. -You…
  • I dont know what system you play on but if the killer dcs I still get bp and in my experience as a killer I lose 2 pips for it. which if I have just the worst time and do almost nothing I'll only lose 1 pip. so there is something.
  • so I play killer mainly but I'm also pretty new to the game. been playing for maybe about 3 weeks judging by shrine resets. rank 5 killer, 11 survivor so heres my 2 cents. tunneling is good for killers because it allows you to eliminate a survivor the quickest. only reason I decided to post here now is because I just had a…
  • I await the day a message from the devs say NOED is fair and will not be changed. Because it really is super situational to 4k with. Depends on how the survivors play. If 1 survivor dies then get over it. That will most likely happen with or without NOED in a match with equally skilled survivors and killers. There are ways…
  • I dont think it's good for the game to have the devs decide which specific perks are better. Which is essentially what they would be doing. Not that there arent perks that are blatantly better than others. But they should strive for balance.The ranking system helps mitigate the possibility of fully kitted players being…
  • I think the EGC is fine. Survivors ive seen escape it typically do the same thing very well. which is hiding until they've seen the killer travel far enough away to begin opening the door. Occasionally stopping when they suspect the killer is too close by looking around, TR, or a perk like spine chill. If the doors are…
  • I started playing about 2 or 3 weeks ago on xbox. At rank 11 I switched from wraith to GF and am now currently rank 5. at this point my ability is almost useless, as almost everyone knows I'm coming no matter how stealthy I try to be by using obscure routes, crouching, and hugging cover. sometimes theres a bill I can lean…
  • I can see this happening as boost at 0 hatchets. but it's more of a skill compensation buff, rewarded for missing doesnt seem good. as for filling the ms per hatchet loss might make sense irl but could make that last hatchet very powerful. in most pvp games ranged characters are slower so that they dont completely destroy…
  • A monthly reset makes the game less enjoyable for new players but that's also due to being matched with an opponent as much as 10 ranks ahead. obviously how pipping is calculated is an issue in and of itself too. it shouldn't be possible for everyone to pip or depip in a game, I feel. I almost feel that there should be a…
  • I'll start off with my experience. Been playing for about 2 weeks on xbox. started with wraith and meg. prestiged meg immediately and immediately regretted it, rip perks. rank 11 surv trying to get teachables like self care. played hag to get teachables then moved to GF at rank 14 am now rank 5. Take that as you will,…