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  • PS4 Pro Haddonfield Killer Hillbilly Actions: Roaming the map, chasing survivors, using chainsaw sprint, kicking gens, vaulting, moving the camera. Other information: During chases the game would freeze for 1-2 seconds and moving the camera would cause it to 'skip' and 'jerk' in random directions.
  • Try restarting your game, sometimes lobbies get bugged and you just have to restart to fix it.
  • The event should start in one hour.
  • I made a post about this back in the technical issues section. FPS as a killer is a horrid ######### show right now, frames dipping as low as 10-15 FPS, jerky camera and sort freezes/pauses during chases. Almost impossible to play and do well. Before the patch the game was very nice and smooth for me on my PS4 Pro but now…
  • https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/7172/ps4-2-0-0-update-status#latest
  • Agreed, if you read their post it's not only the DLC with the Clown and Kate that will be coming later but Auric Cells as well. So I suppose you can save up shards for some stuff but don't expect to go on any big shopping spree tomorrow for cosmetics.
  • They wouldn't hold the patch and dlc back for the entire world just because America is on holiday nor would they release to everyone else BUT America because it's a holiday. It'll either be out tomorrow or Thursday.
  • God do I miss Soul Reaver… picked it up on PC but it's not a good port, really hard to play.
  • If it rolls out like it did on Xbox we should have everything within the next 24-48 hours. The 2.0 patch, access to the store and the new Curtain Call DLC. Also the Shrine should hopefully be turned back on for everyone.
  • Regardless if we get the double bp event or not, if the clown and kate aren't out by that time what's the point? Everyone has been sitting on 1 million points and 1k shards already. We want to use the event to level up those characters just like everyone else.
  • PC's problems occur more with the nurse and having multiple blinks or her black wedding outfit. Xbox is having more problems with FPS for basic killers. I don't know if they've fixed the Nurse issues on PC, I haven't seen anything in their recent patch notes indicating anything.
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  • That's actually not true, Smite does get some big updates going. Just recently they kicked off a new adventure with a 3v3v3 game mode and a week later even added more variants to it, console got that surprisingly fast after PC, that one only being a week wait I believe instead of the standard 12-13 days. That was a huge…
  • I don't know when you last played Smite or if you check the main website in the news section but when Smite updates on PC the update has always made it to console in the following 12-13 days, like clockwork. It does not take a month or longer to get updates. Our last update with Baron Samedi came out exactly 12 days after…
  • I doubt it would matter, even console users use discord on their phone or laptop/desktop. Hell I do with all my friends and I'm a ps4 player only. Nothing is going to stop people from partying up if they want to.
  • It's not coming back till PS4 gets the 2.0 update. You'll just have to be patient.
  • I don't believe this is Sony holding the patch back out of laziness or petty reasons. I've been with Sony since as long as I can remember, starting on PS1 and moving up every generation. I strongly believe that Sony is holding the patch back because it's so horribly broken. The 2.0 patch has caused major performance issues…
  • To be honest you guys probably don't want to get it at this point because when it does come out the game is going to break. PC is having FPS issues since the patch dropped for certain killers and on Xbox the patch has made almost half the killer roster completely unplayable due to frame drops and freezes. When it comes out…
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  • I'm actually dreading it at this point since the patch is going to bring a lot of performance issues. Xbox has been reduced to a state of almost unplayability for killers due to horrific FPS issues. Even PC is having FPS issues with certain killers and cosmetics. What good is it coming to PS4 now when it does arrive we…
  • You guys are in for a rough time when the mid chapter patch comes at the end of July, BBQ won't be the only perk to offer aura reading anymore. A lot of perks are getting changed to offer it and for a much longer period of time and range.
  • Can't say I'm excited at this point, seeing as my favorite killer is now having big FPS problems even on PC I can't imagine the Nurse will be playable on PS4. Not to mention the other killers that are having issues on the console with the release of 2.0. Doctor, Huntress, Nurse, Clown and I think even Hillbilly are having…
  • The shrine is up because an employee at BHVR made a mistake and turned it on when it wasn't supposed to be. They're already taking it down and even for people who have the new perks showing aren't allowed to buy them.
  • The shrine is not supposed to come back up till all three platforms have reached the 2.0 patch. As it stands both Xbox and PS4 are not there yet. The reason the shrine can't come back up on just PC is because it's shared across all three platforms. You'll just have to be patient.
  • It was an error on BHVR's end, don't expect the shrine to be up for long. Some players on all platform are already saying the shrine reverted back to the old one.
  • I asked about this on Queen's stream and she said this was an accident and wasn't supposed to happen today. She made another short comment about not expecting the shrine to stay up for long.
  • Boy do I have some bad news for you BBQ haters out there.... the killers are about to get new and improved aura perks that show the aura of survivors when completing other tasks to, like when they finish generators. And a perk rework that'll alert killers to generators that are close to being finished. You hate BBQ now but…
  • It's going to suck cause I use it as a staple perk. Guess it's time to pick up stridor III and maybe some slightly better headphones.
  • It'll come back when consoles get the 2.0 update, however if that's not by the 29th then the shrine could be delayed even longer.
  • No they never once confirmed new cosmetics for licensed characters. They said there was a very slim chance that a license holder could give them permission to make some but as it stands there is no new cosmetics for them nor any in progress at this moment in time. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for cosmetics for any…
  • What struck me the most is even though the nurse has the potential to be an absolute beast. Even the best killers on nurse can struggle against a well coordinated survivor team. Seeing a perkless nurse lose to a team of perkless survivors is a bit sad to me. Everyone cries she's so OP and needs to be deleted or nerfed into…