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  • I've got nothing against him personally, he never came at me or offended me in any way so it's whatever. Actually I'm surprised he was the first one I'm seeing to be banned/suspended. Figured it would be someone else.
  • Nurse, first female killer, loved her outfit and how unique her mori was when she was release.
  • Most likely got his account suspended or banned for being so toxic and/or breaking rules.
  • Would be a bit OP really since survivors can body block, cut off paths by dropping pallets and blinding with flashlights. If Boil Over allowed a faster wiggle time the killer would never get anyone to a hook.
    in Boil Over Comment by Noodle June 2018
  • Cheating is very much a thing on console, not just PC. So it doesn't surprise me console players are finally getting caught and banned.
  • Odd I play ps4 and even at rank 17 I encounter ruin a good 30% of the time. As I climb higher towards rank 10 it's in about 80% of my games now.
  • Nope there is no way to gift Auric Cells or Steam funds directly. You can use your credit/debit card on his account to add funds directly to his wallet that way or go to your local gamestop and buy a steam card and give him that.
  • There is no option to transfer data from one platform to another, if you move to PC you will have to start all over as a brand new player and you'll have to buy all the DLC again. The devs will not be able to pull any of your data over.
  • No one really knows, not even the official wiki. If I had to take an educated guess I'd say you get a 0.5-1.0% increase in odds at more rare stuff in your blood web based on level of prestige. Given how a lot of people say it's not worth prestiging a character even for the clothes. There's no real noticeable change to the…
  • The devs can't really tell you cause they can't track console. Sony or Microsoft possibly could but good luck getting them to spill that information.
  • Well on PSN you can set your privacy so random people can't message you but if you do that and you're in a community chat that blocks messages from everyone so it's like a double edged blade. You can stop people from sending hate mail but you also have to give up talking to people in communities and group text chats.
  • Yeah it's always funny seeing survivors blaming killers for lag 100% of the time. Killer can have great internet but because you live so far away or because of issues on your own end you can cause yourself lag.
  • After reading your posts it's still blatantly apparent you're too lazy to play a game with even a slight grind to it. You can get anyone to level 40 in just a few hours of playing and get their teachables, you can get everyone to level 50 in maybe 2 weeks. 20k not enough are you serious? If you're that greedy for blood…
  • Please no, I get enough hate mail from salty survivors in my psn inbox, I don't need in-game chat to be as toxic either.
  • Are you guys serious? They just buffed up bloodpoint gains exponentially with the 2.0 patch and you guys are still crying for more? And not only did they buff it up they buffed it in a way so that even if you have a bad match you can still gain a lot of points.
  • Can you show proof on this? Screenshots, videos, anything?
  • Paid for currency usually never goes on discount for a game, it's rare for the developers to decide that which I just don't see that happening with BHVR. Don't hold out luck that any of the cell packages will go on sale. Even more so considering how new it all is.
  • Look at the patch notes, the scoring I posted in this thread before made it into the final release. You'll start earning more BP over all as you play.
  • Shard prices will go up for perks while the amount of bloodpoints you get for buying already own perks will go down.
  • Both sides can be pretty bad, people get online to let out anger and hatred on other people for either no reason or selfish reasons. You can't avoid that.
  • I will probably buy the DLC directly with cash like I have with all the rest. Especially now that DLC they release will give exclusive cosmetics if you purchase it with money instead of grinding for it for free.
  • I wasn't trying to sound angry, sorry if it appeared as such. But really this question is asked so frequently all anyone has to do is make use of the search bar at the top right to find the answer. Dozens of threads are made daily asking this question both on these forums and back on steam. It's also asked quite a bit of…
  • No, no and again no. This question has been answered a million times here on the forums, steam forums and Twitter. Shards will carry over to the next patch, they won't be reset.
  • Depends on when they sent it in for certification. There is a chance we can get it tomorrow or we might get it the following day. Not_Queen did say the patch was sent in for certification a few days ago so who knows. I'd assume at the latest Thursday. Unless Sony/Microsoft finds a glaring issue like last time and they're…
  • Eh... just giving more bloodpoints won't make the game more enjoyable to play. Giving me more bloodpoints won't help deal with the struggle against survivors who can endlessly loop the entire game or help slow down the rate at which generators complete. I'd rather see a system where dependent on the number of SWF in the…
  • The shrine is going down for all platforms but as we know right now the new patch is only hitting PC for now tomorrow. Console will be coming later unless Microsoft and Sony surprise us.
  • It never ceases to amaze me how selfish people are. "We bought previous DLC so we should get a ton of free stuff with the new update!"
  • None of this matters anymore, Redshell will be removed on the next patch, BHVR has already released an official statement on the matter. We don't need the spam threads anymore. It's done, it's over, let it die.
  • Not sure why my old post was removed but anyways you'd have to go back 2-3 streams and rewatch them to find but they said if you directly purchase (future) DLC with money you will get exclusive cosmetics matching that DLC's theme. As for old DLC so far they have given Dwight a special cosmetic head for people who purchased…
  • My guess is around 1-2pm CST, the time they usually do their twitch streams.