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  • They could make legion a combo killer, like whenever you hit a survivor with feral frenzy, each hit builds up a combo meter. When you have four hits from feral frenzy (meaning deep wounds has been applied 4 times) the next time you hit with feral frenzy (5th hit) that survivor will go down instantly and the meter resets.…
  • If you want a new asymmetrical horror game, there's always VHS that's about to come out. So far from what I've seen and heard it seems pretty balanced and it's free to play so it's already looking better than dbd.
  • Sadly, I'm going to have to say no. With the addition to Boon perks, all hex perks suffer horribly. Until they balance out boon perks or buff/rework hex perks to be more aligned like Boone perks, I wouldn't hold your breath. :/
  • Boon totems should have the same benefits and downsides to hex perks. Like for example: If a killer snuffs out a boon totem, then it's lost for that Survivor and they lose that perk. Or they could update hex totems to be more like boon totems So when a killer's hex totem is cleansed or blessed, a killer can relight their…
  • It should make any aura reading perks have a lingering effect for 1-3 sec.
  • This would make for an an excellent iri then!
  • Desecrate - When you break 3 generators, the next generator you break will be blocked by the entity for 25/35/45 seconds. When the entity blockers end, the generator will regress by 200% until touched or until fully regressed. 1.You don't gain charges while it's in effect 2. This perk gains charges from Surge and…
  • Playing the Twins feels awful, they feel sluggish when using there power. I understand the whole slugging thing with victor wasn't fun to play against but there were better ways to adjust/fix them than this. To add this, the addon changes some were good changes while others were just really bad. Freddy's - Just bad all…
  • May I suggest taking Cote's advice from a few years ago and play another game that's worth your time and money. Try "Civ" or another horror game like Soul's at Stake, or Home Sweet Home. The best way to communicate with the Dev's is with taking your time and money elsewhere.
  • The whole chapter is trash as was the one prior. I have better things to waste my money on than this.
  • That's what I'm afraid of too. I really like the concept of this killer but with how things are currently looking, this chapter isn't worth our money till they buff the Twins in a meaningful way as @Demogordon_Ramsay posted, but knowing the Devs we'll get a killer that's only meant to be fun for survivors and this killer…
  • I agree, I really think Hoarder should make the chest as traps and either give them the expose effect for like 30 seconds or keep them in place for a few seconds like Trapper's Traps, because it greatly aids survivors and hardly helps the killer.
  • I can understand for the Legendary Skins but for her regular variant skins it's a bad move because mix and matching was fun and I hope they don't implement this to other survivor's or killer's skins, otherwise, people will be less inclined to buying them.
  • This! I don't understand the dev's reasoning when it comes to making perks. It like they don't want to release anything viable or good for either survivor's or killer's! Your suggestions make Pyramid Head's perks viable and worth using. I hope they see this post and take these suggestions into consideration, because as of…
  • Agreed, Base wise, he seems balanced. The only thing about him that's bad are his purple addons (because the dev's think that Blindness and Hemorrhage are good debuffs when they're not) and two of his perks aren't too good as of right now. Forced Repentance should last at least 45 second to at max a minute. Trial of…
  • So I'm going to base my guess off the revelations story from the archives and the recent trailer we got. My guess would be either... The Widow or The Outlaw
  • Well, the worst thing is not addressing gen speeds and nerfing a perk that slowed the game into a perk that's now very weak as a hex since it's effect won't last a minute which is as long as hex perk last and this new ruin is meant for mid to late games, but like I said earlier, about it lasting a minute, the actually…
  • @HatCreature If they wanted to add a perk like this for beginners, they should just add it to the base perk pool instead of a dlc. I agree, what's the point of having aura reading for vaults or pallets if you can't do anything about it. Yeah we see the vaults and pallets but there's nothing that helps a killer in the…
  • As someone who loves playing Spirit, I will say that I believe Prayer Beads should be an Ultra Rare and Father Glasses a Rare but other than that, I think she's fine.
  • Haddonfield is a nightmare for a killer, and extremely favorable for survivors and if they have Balanced Landing, gg. The map is not only large, but there's so many houses survivors can hide indefinitely or to a window vault (which is usually on the second floor) and repeat the loop consistently that by the time you down…
  • A simple change that I would recomend is have both the killer and obsessed survivor start off at 0, but as the Dying Light grows in power for the killer, it does the same for the obsessed survivor.
  • I agree, the pallet breaking should be base and maybe the ultra rare addon could make the shred attack a instant down like billy but with some downsides to compensate for the shift in power. Since it's a ultra rare it would be fitting for such a powerful change.
  • If Surge works with other gen perks, I would run Surge, Overcharge, Surveillance/Thrilling Tremors, and Pgtw. No one's touching my gens easily and without my knowing.
  • Instead of 20m, you could base it on the killer's terror radius? Then you could have more fun with perks like distressing!