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  • It's not suppose to be helpful to survivors but to make it a bit more fair for the killer side of the EGC. Once the EGC has started survivors should either try and help their team escape and not stand around the exit area doing nothing or leave. Otherwise the killer/survivors on hooks who are being camped have to deal with…
  • The buff was a nice QoL, and it's more reliable than ruin since you don't have to worry about it getting remove within the first 30 seconds of a match.
  • I believe they've updated and buff two of the Plague's perks. Dark Devotion since it's now 30 seconds, with no cooldown (QoL change for the better and this only activates on a basic attack which it states in the text. Infectious Fright on the other hand has now been buff since it can now be activated by any attack that can…
  • This is an unexpected surprise that I'm happy to hear about! Thank you @NurseMainBTW for the info!
  • This event feels sadly lackluster. They could have released a new map just for the the 3rd year anniversary, like they did for the 1st year anniversary with the Groaning Storehouse, but no. They could have released new cosmetics to be unlocked or purchased with the 3rd anniversary, yet they didn't surprisingly. They could…
  • Agree with you completely. I'd also like to see a buff or change to his perk "Thrilling Tremors" since they made a good QoL change to "I'm all Ears" to make it useable but the point of TT is to slow gens down and it does a poor job at that.
  • Dying Light: Your obsession's alturism action speed is increased by 50%. When your obsession is on the hook, all survivors suffer from 25% speed penalty to healing, repairing, and sabotaging for 30 seconds. When the obsession is rescued or escapes the hook, the perk goes on cooldown for 60/45/30 seconds. When a Survivor…
  • It feels underpowered since it has two negatives on it with... 1.) Being outside of a killer's terror radius 2.) Being on a cooldown (hopefully it's 30sec or below, otherwise it would be worthless perk) If one of the two negatives were to be removed, (mainly number 1 since the cd would feel fair) this perk would find some…
  • I absolutely agree on with the tweaks to Plague that you've posted. Nothing major but minor stuff to make her feel and play better without being to oppressive or weak. The only things I would add to this are... 1.) The Plague's Irridescent Seal feels very weak compared to what her other addons offer but I can live with…
  • I think when you're recovering at the fountain, it reveals your aura with Nurse's Calling since I think it's considered a healing action. Which is a fair trade off, I just think it should take a little bit longer to heal yourself at the fountains.
  • True, she needs to be more open minded and have some meat in her diet like the Hag or Cannibal
  • I was offset by the red forest/temple mashup vibe at first but the more I keep watching and seeing the clips of it, the more I started to like it and it reminded me a lot of Rise of the Tomb Raider. Plus, I'm going to go on a theory with this, we could have been told how far the Plague and her followers travelled to try…
  • You'd think she would be somewhat healthy with a high fiber diet. 😏
  • I think the farthest gens should be locked till at least 1 or 2 gens have been completed, then they could be free Or Make it a 3 token based perk that whenever a generator is at 85%, the entity blocks it from being worked on any further for 30/45/60 sec, which it should be highlighted white for being blocked and yellow…
  • I think the gens should be locked till at least 1 or 2 gens have been completed Or Make it a 3 token based perk that whenever a generator is at 85%, the entity blocks it from being worked on any further for 60sec and highligh that the generator and removes a token. With this, it would synergize well with Tinkerer and other…
  • I would love this buff for Thanataphobia!
  • Ah okay, thanks for that bit of info!
  • Haunted Ground - Two trapped Hex Totems will spawn in the Trial. When one of the two trapped Hex Totems is cleansed by a survivor , all survivors suffer from the Exposed status effect till both totems are cleansed. When both Hex Totems are cleansed Survivor's will remain Exposed for 40/50/60 seconds afterwards.
  • Either Indian or Latina character would make me happy! I'd also want a female survivor that's a bit more aged too, kind of like Ace but more stoic! Also, do you think we'll have a survivor from within the current time or do you think they'll have been plucked from the past?
  • What if the power is like the Doctor/Wraith where the new killer has two modes? The Normal modes has a base speed of 115% and all regular killer stats. Yet the power makes the killer faster while being able to phase through walls/rooms, reduce the field of view for survivors, and cause them some sort of threat/debuff in…
  • I'm torn between these 2 ideas about hex perks. Whenever a hex is cleansed, all survivors all free from the Hex except the person who cleansed the totem, giving hex perks some use after its been taken away but still somewhat in play. Or Hex totems respawn after a certain amount of time (like how traps and hooks are when…
Like the loading screen when you log in and the killer's weapon is on the left side. 😁 But if it is the killer's weapon, oh boy, I'm going to cleansing and purge the toxicity out of survivors!
 So I noticed that the censer in the killer's right hand, does that possibly mean that it's the killer's weapon or is it the killer's power/ability and if so, might we get a killer that's left handed?
  • The Cultist, The Monk, or the Hermit are my guesses.
Could be a Cultist, Monk, or Hermit since all three can be religious but still remain neutral.
  • ° Nurse - Ultra Rare/ Survivor's no longer hear the nurse while she's charging her blink or her gasp of breaths when she blinks. (Think prayer beads but for the Nurse)
  • For Lullaby, the perk shouldn't notify survivors till at least 3/4 stacks since more than likely you'll start noticing the alert delay.
Ah, I understand wanting something new for the game. Rule No.2 should be in the Pig's basekit! Also, your english is fine, I blame my confusion to being extemely tired and not sleeping properly! 😁 Looking forward to seeing more post from you in the future!
  • I really enjoy reading your post and I liked a lot of your ideas! However, for Rules Set No.2, it does seem a confusing and a bit complicated (half asleep here). How about keeping the original idea of the Addon but add a little bit to it to make it more interesting (and to be able to fit in a text square). 😁 * Disables the…
I would like for Vigil to also include the Doctor's Madness as well.