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  • It happened to me in Blood Lodge, it's not only on reworked maps.
  • A friend of mine got banned because of EXACTLY the same reason. I don't find it a reason to be banned, the difference between you both might be that he was on the black list due to past dids. Either way, i think it wasn't deserved so i hope you will be fine. I'm not trying to scare you, just saying what happened.
  • Legion CAN lunge while in frenzy and has a HUGE one because it scales with movement speed. I use it a lot to reach people that are about to vault.
  • I don't know if anyone else mentioned this in the thread, but they said that you needed to play 10 games for the mmr to settle IF you didn't play while it was getting stats in the background, which means that it is only the case for people that didn't play 10 games in the past few months. But i still agree that the…
  • So these are the killers/add-ons that i think are missing there. I don't have pyramid head on the list because i haven't played with him enough to have an opinion. Also, i'm pretty confident with numbering the legion's useless add-ons but there is a chance that i might misjudge the other killer's add-ons that i mention. If…
  • I would argue with some other changes, but my concerns with them are very subjective. But let's talk about moris - what do you think of these changes: Cypress Mori: Becomes base-kit, there is no need to use an offering to kill the last survivor because he WILL die if he enters the "dying state". Ivory Mori: You can kill a…
  • It could be a bug, but apparently the dbd wiki and my experience are wrong here :/
  • Aren't they a guarantee if there is only one in play?
  • It gets too far from reality when hitting someone does absolutely nothing in a game where hitting someone is the key to win. It even goes against the "consistency" that the devs talk about when turning ability hits into non-basic attacks.
  • As a legion main, i think that they need a rework. Legion has no chase potential and his identity was completely destroyed with the update last year. There's no way that you can make his power lethal while chaining hits by changing the way this one works, its simply not possible. Either too op or too bad, or balanced and…
  • Pallet Legion: Pop goes the weasel, enduring, spirit fury and blood echo. Add-ons: Iridescent button and stolen sketch book.
  • I don't understand hacking related things, so yeah.
  • Ok thanks. I'm dumb sometimes and completely forgot that.
  • I decided to do that instead of sending the ip when i sent it. I'm having problems in sending the video but it's a matte of discussion to who will answer me. Either way, thanks!
  • I cant report him. He plays on a different platform and there is no way that i can get his ID that is mandatory. I play on steam, he may play on the windows store or he could hack from playstation... who knows? @Rizzo90 @Peanits @MandyTalk I would love an answer from you guys.
  • You dont need to take a wild guess, the matter of discussion was that they dont need to revert everything. Its useless to argue with you. I am the one picking my words... sure, bro. You're turning the conversation around and telling me that i did what you did. Ill stop answering you because we're getting off topic with…
  • If they end up doing good changes here and there even if their philosophy is wrong, they shouldn't revert THOSE changes.
  • You were the one saying that they should revert everything. I'm saying that they shouldn't revert everything and that is the flaw of your logic. A thing that i think they should revert is the legion update, not everything. Stop putting words in my mouth.
  • "Either their sticking to their metric or not. Make up your mind." ? Where is this coming from? Almo was the one that said that their stats showed that legion is right in the middle. But they said before that we shouldn't take the stats into account. I'm really confused with it still.
  • Forgot to say: The problem is that legion has been like this for over a year and people who like the game style need to keep playing like this and the devs still think that legion is fine, so they disagree with all of us. I can't understand it.
  • That is true. They should rework them or update them in a way to make his power lethal and give him chaining hits potential.
  • No one reverts changes just because they changed their philosophy if they are good changes. Infinites are braindead like old legion. By your logic the past year should be undone which makes no sense at all. 2 kills 2 escapes is a good metric but only when looking at a case by case scenario not by stats that depend on all…
  • I think there is a way. See this rework that i made. It's very complex at first but then you see that it is simpler.
  • Did you know?: Devs said you shouldnt take any conclusion for such vague stats. Which i agree because they are indeed very vague.
  • I think you got the right idea. Imo Legion is the 2nd or 3rd worse killer in the game and feels very unrewarding playing them. They WILL need to be lethal but not that way. Making a killer miss a hit isn't the type of mechanic that you should base balance on because there are many factors affecting that: latency, hitboxes,…
  • That is basically bringing old legion with the same problems that he had but this time it's even worse for the survivors because the power now lasts 4 seconds longer and he is a 4.6 m/s killer. That isn't the way to change them.
  • The data that they are based on is the same data that they told us not to base on. Which makes sense WHY we shouldn't make assumptions based on that. What doesn't make sense is a dev presenting an argument based on that. The stats dont show anything. Massive community agreement means more than that imo.
  • As many people said in the thread, the "rework" was a quickly done and rush with no very complex thought behind it. I thought the rework was good before actually trying it but i was playing for 4 months at that time so yh. After experiencing the rework, you feel like youre not rewarded for doing anything with the power.…
  • I, personally, that played Legion for over 800 hours am really getting annoyed by the 4 seconds cooldown. 3 seconds is a lot better and makes almost no difference for the survivors.