Please for the love of God!!! Fix the damn hitboxes in this damn game!


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  • 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Hmm lets see. Deathslinger is perfectly fine he's a B tier killer that has great 1v1 but his gen pressure sucks. Spirit imo is fine, people need to shut up and learn to get better at playing against her and stop complaining like what you're doing. Imo no killer needs a nerf at all. The only killers that still need tweaks…
  • 2 things helped Dbd. 1. Content Creators. 2. Licence DLC's
  • He's A tier. Perfectly fine good killer that has counters and fun to play.
  • Ghostface. He's my first and only killer I've P3 all of my other killers are P1.
  • Hawkins isn't getting changed the Devs said this already. The only maps left are Haddenfield, Red Forest & Swamp.
  • Uhh... No. 1. Stop camping the pallets. 2. Learn to bait pallets. 3. Pre-dropping pallets actually create a longer loop that wastes the killers time forcing them to break it. 4. The only bad pallets on Hawkins are the ones upstairs in the small rooms. Can't tell you how many times I've played on Hawkins against "Good…
  • Look... I don't know how long you've been playing this game... and I'm not trying to come off as a jerk or anything but if the killers decide to camp or tunnel they are allowed to do so. It's not a punishable thing... The Devs have said it themselves. If you want to punish the killer for camping... Do the generators or if…
  • Lmao you do know they nerfed his uncloak lunge speed when they buffed his cloaked speed right? So it's worse then what it use to be. Plus if he's beating you to a loop just run the other direction or trick him into moving. I do this all the time. DON'T JUST STAND IN THE PALLET WHILE HE'S UNCLOAKING ALLOWING HIM A 50/50.…
  • Today with my friend. We both haven't played survivor in like 2 months, she also hasn't played Dbd in that same time length but I have pretty much played Dbd killer in that time length. I only play Dbd like twice a week, but we used to play it like everyday but we've pretty much taken a break until now. We've just been…
  • Bruh I can't tell if this is a troll or not lol. Sure the perks are strong combined but 2 of the 3 perks can literally be destroyed. Sooo... Yeah :)
  • I play Blight and I don't even know how to do, I could actually careless to be honest. I don't think I've even crossed a single Blight actually doing it themselves? If I do happen to come across this rare thing in my game one day... Oh well, I guess I'll just adapt and learn to outplay it instead of complaining about it.
  • Wow I didn't even know that was a thing with Doc & Tinkerer. Alright thanks for the advice. Been playing this game for 3 and a half years and never knew that was a thing. First time seeing it. I'll be switching perks now.
  • I waskinda gonna say the same thing about the fatigue as well but I understand what you mean.
  • Well I read what you said 5 times... I stand by what I say. You pretty much got your answer from everyone here. It was a no brainer... Actual dumb question to be asked since she's a solid B tier killer. (My apologies for saying dumb) At this point in Dbd I just want people to understand that no killer needs or deserve a…
  • You definitely don't play killer at all because if you do then you'll know that in high level gameplay (high ranks) gens go too fast. Killers use gen slowdown perks to prevent gens from go too fast so the game doesn't end very short. Trust me us killers want to change up our builds and do fun gimmicky builds but we can't…
  • I'm a little stumped at what you're trying to prove. Let me get this right... So the killer is underrated and strong and she basically gets free injuries (just like Legion can right, so does this mean Legion should be nerfed?) but you also know all the counters of that killer but because the players playing as the killer…
  • Dude are you new or something? You were never ever allowed to use a key on the hatch while in dying state, it's been like that since forever.
  • Yea they made no sense with this post at all. Basically they should complain about Billy over Blight then if that's the case. Billy is also 115% and power that gives him mobility that's faster then Blights mobility and he can one shot. Dude... The op of this thread is just ranting because they had a bad game against a…
  • 1. They are addressing & changing the J-flick. 2. He's not even working as intended on consoles. 3. A good majority of the community all agree that he's one of the balanced killers next to Oni & Billy. 4. If you "Tone" him down in any of the slightest way you're destroying the character and how he's meant to play basically…
  • Well not gonna lie but me personally... I hate Trapper, he's in my Top 3 most hated killers to go against but I can't deny he needs a buff. I think they should just allow the guy to start the trial with all his traps on him that way he shouldn't have to waste time walking around the map to get them. If he wants the traps…
  • I mean when survivors are in the Dreamworld and inflicting with the Oblivious status they only hear his Lullaby when in range but it's not directional. Meaning you know he's in your area or near you but you can't pinpoint where he is exactly giving him some type of an advantage to sneaking up on hiding survivors that can't…
  • Uh... No! Flashlights, Crouching, BT, Deadhard & bodyblocking. Congrats you just countered her. Stop nerfing a killer because you're bad a playing against them instead of trying to understand and get better against them. This game will be boring af if you gotta nerf a good killer just so you can have fun. She's good but…
  • Honestly imo he's a top 10 killer. One of the best at zoning out survivors. Some survivors are a little ticked that he's one of the few killers that can outplay them at loops. One of the best at playing the shack as a lot of other killers can't do that. He can stop survivors from making it to certain pallets before…
  • Well... 3 genned huh? Also sounds like 3 ppl still alive. My question is why didn't you 3 just split up and try to work on separate gens? He wouldn't be able to pressure all 3 if they're being worked on separately, which means he would have to chase and kill someone. All 3 of you shouldn't just be sitting on the same gen.…
  • Grabs are fine. It's the dollar store servers they have that are cucking the grabs.
  • 2 posts? Ladies & Gents... We gottem. 😂 Bruh... If you wanna punish the killer for camping, just DO THE DAMN GENS!!! You're throwing the game by running in saving against killers that can one shot. Don't hate the killer, you just need to understand the situation.
  • How about you stop complaining about them. If you do happen to go up against a SWF you have 2 options. 1. Try your best to win. 2. Take the L & move on. Not every single game you get will be a SWF. The Devs will never take away the option to play with friends just because you wanna play the game like it's an Esport.