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  • EDIT: since 11.02.2020
  • Rank Reset Bug: PC today reset (Survivor vom Rank 3 to 11) Killer is fine 3.5.2
  • I´m playing on PC and I DC two times with playing Ghostface. My game didn´t crash and Iám still in Lobby after my "DC" after two times in a row I didn´t play Ghostface...idk what happenend to me
  • great to play :) as Killer and Survivor. But now it was my 3rd Killer round and DBD has chrashed after the start into the game?!
  • I think the change is actually good, it has to be more challenging to be good this game. Therank system must be further revised. Of course, it depends not only on this system, but also extremely on how a killer plays. It's sometimes frustrating to see what ranks you're playing against, even if it doesn't say…
  • @Freki Thanks i didnt know it :D
  • Yes it's a hard achievement :( no matter I'll keep trying, thanks :)
  • Mhhh, good thinking, would be in any case a good suggestion! But it uses quite a few Deliverance and Monstrous Shrine is also not such a popular used perk. I can't answer that question, though.
  • mhhh, it already happened twice after the new patch 2.2.1- I came after three tries not even from the hook!
  • @FrenziedRoach It's good survivors who distract the killer when you notice from the way they play that you lose too much time you shouldn't be too focused on the survivors and go to the generators. That was my problem in the beginning and the generators were all quickly repaired. And why we should nerf Survivors? - Killers…
  • @ChesterTheMolester That's a good thought - I'd like that.
  • I understand it's a strategy. But this strategy is made too much of the Killer Rank 1-5 for me - it has less skill than another way of playing (my opinion). We are happy to add more points :)
  • @CoolAKn I just had this situation in my last round. All clean totems destroyed and only two hex totems left and the killer had no Noed - Nice Survivor Round :)
  • @TheDarkLycan When I see these players in my lobby (with Flash or other items) I take Franklins into my perk build. There are different ways of playing and it's also everyone that plays his way :) thanks for your opinion
  • @lasombra1979 Every killer comes back to hook when someone was rescued, every survivor heals under the hook. If the killer then goes on the still injured survivor I already see as tunneling. But opinions differ: Why do you heal under the rake and not run away?! But for example, it happens to me so often that I am obsessed…
  • @douggie123 Yes many make this decision and yes it is also correct that it belongs to the main task of the killer to let a survivor die. There are just way too many tunnler just since the new chapter. I noticed that and I wanted your opinion on it
  • Of course tunneling is a tactic, but farming is the biggest crap there is - I support that even less than tunneling/camping. But it's a pity that some killers still play that way
  • should I write this to support and register? I have never done this before
  • @redsopine1 mhh ok, when I see someone farming while i'm still close I'm not going after the injured survivor. I try to get the other one and hang him up...because in my opinion the rescued survivor can't do anything against farming. I want to give him a second chance and punish the farmer
  • @holywhitetrash no I think the pig gets a notification only with a certain add on if you can free yourself from the bear trap or you miss the skillcheck...but back to my post: you can do nothing against it :(
  • @George_Soros i love your opinion :) you understand my post and don't just write tunneling is a strategy. You give your own opinion on it, that's exactly what I wanted @redsopine1 would you take the injured one if he was just farmed?
  • SWF groups are strong yes that's true, but you don't have every round a foursome team. Moreover survivors on rank 1 with a lot of experience are good enough to play in a team even if they are not in TS/Discord together. You can gain a lot of playing experience because the game exists since 2016 In most cases they also…
  • @DeadByFlashlight if your ruin is destroyed is not my fault you can use thrill of the hunt or the new perk Hex: Haunted Ground. This was especially introduced for not destroying your totems so fast. good killer can also get everyone without tunneling / camping!! What can surv do to escape? - you have to loop :)
  • Thanks:) I hope you're right, because I love this game :D
  • After the rescue and not while wearing. But like I said it's just my opinion :)
  • Yes, it's a powerful perk, but only in certain situations. I just wanted to know if you've had similar experiences. I was just wondering, and I'd never experienced that before. I don't think the perk should be deactivated when a survivor is carried by the killer. The perk is taken to get an advantage, in this situation you…
  • oh yes i meant the lunch range, then i was wrong. thank you :) :)
  • This is an interesting idea, but some perks would have to be adjusted for it, as they have announced for the next patch. We will see :)
  • Do you have the same problem? It is hard to get lvl 100, but it makes so much fun to play <3