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  • Tbh yes, they are douchebags for acting like this. However I do not blame any survivors for dc ing when they have to deal with basement builds and stuff. It is really not fun. I personally do not Dc but I fight to the very end. There was a hillbilly who got mad and salty because I was the last survivor and i wanted to…
  • Well the monstrous shrine one helps survivors escape easier by reducing their wiggle bar. It should feel harder to get them in the basement but the payoff should be worth it. Premonition is just like a weaker spine chill so i thought about reworking it into something that fits the name better. The title is probably way…
  • I would like lots of them to be really strong because having more good perks would make better builds in general. We already have make your choice, nemesis, Ds and adrenaline. If they werent in the game, they would sound strong and Op. I mean at least if we do get really strong perks, we shouldn t create a meta out of only…
  • I m tier 58 and i am stuck. I don't do challenges anymore because I cannot get past the Noed and embelm thingy. I will play casually and try to get enough xp to finish the rift pretty much. I am not going to attempt those horrendous quests anymore.
  • It's like letting toxic people that will keep on being toxic every other game, ruin your day and your match. Honestly you should play normally, so you get all of them or at least try to. If you camp a person and tunnel, that would save the toxic swf a lot of time to gen rush and escape. Keep pressure on them, on the map,…
  • Ye buff him, take his weapon and add skins on bottles, this will improve sales, take my word for it
  • I don't even see a problem in using Noed. As a survivor main i know to cleanse totems from the beginning, not only i get easy points, but I know the killer has lost one perk and he only has 3 more to rely on. You should always start thinking about the fact that the killer is using Noed. You do not take risks or rely on…
  • I got completely destroyed by a wraith that was just too good but meh, what can i do about it, it means i am bad, not the wraith. Even if he was using the all seeing.
  • Well i like every survivor and most of the killers (except huntress), that s why i would like a suggestion because i play every survivor and killer
  • Sure, i have the harajuku artist on Nea, Scoops Ahoy costume on Steve, on Claudette i have gypsy dress (from desert traveller set i guess it s called) and green shirt(i really like the combination). Jake has full Blight costume and Legion has Pink Haired Legion
  • Now this sounds like a fair and fun to use perk
  • Of course not every killer game has to be sweaty, when i feel like putting an intense game, i will. When i feel like playing for fun i won t down everyone or hook them, i ll let them try more and actually have fun.
  • I think the frenzy should have at least 2 missed hits before the frenzy ends, he should also apply the mangled effect or the hemorrhage by default and the buffs from the next update should also he applied to him lol.
  • Ye don t ez, if you think the killer was annoying or toxic -rep his profile so people know what to expect from him in the future and move on. Saying Ez makes u such an uninteresting and annoying individual tbh (only if you tell a rando that, if you play with people that you know and you bully eachother, well that s what…
  • I would like encouragement for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new perks or builds that would actually be really fun to use. Instead of getting 4k s or basic ideas that happen in every game with meta perks, there could be more laid back challenges. Let me give you some examples: -Max out the Brutality Category…
  • It is really annoying for me personally to go through games where everyone is grinding, thing that doesn t allow me to complete my challenges and it takes forever to do them anyways, took me 4 hours to unhook 18 survivors and break 40 pallets + gens. Still don t see the problem? I would have hoped they would push us out of…
  • I really like the capricornus censer and the censer of expulsion. Also the bloody one from prestige looks really good aswell. I don t play plague but i do admire her outfits, they are great.
  • It looks so powerful and intimidating. No wonder it one hits survivors. Amazing breaking animation with it and great design indeed.
  • I don't see how doctor is higher than legion and trapper on the same tier as bubba, but hei, each to their own.
  • I really do feel Freddy Krueger the most right now, i feel like i play best with him. I am able to destroy toxic swf s without sweating and i am really happy with my strats on him. Overall he is my S tier killer. For fun I play Legion a lot. I just do not care if i get a 4k or any kills at all. Most of the time i just let…
  • The thing is: his turns seemed really unnatural. Sure, maybe we just looked too much into it and missed some aspects of it, but his mechanics seemed more advanced than anything i have seen up to that point. Lately i have bumped into so many afk killers in low ranks, who only work in 2 ways : either m1 script, or just…
  • I mean i feel bad for reporting him, i got bloodpoints of his back and even an adept achievement that i was trying to do for quiet a while. I was just curious how his scripts or mechanics work, because i have never seen such behaviour before. Thanks for answering have a nice day!
  • As long as ebony is removed, i have nothing against this.
  • I usually dc when it is huntress because i have never met a huntress who doesn t face camp or tunnel hardcore, and it just ruins the fun for me, i know what to expect, i am not good at looping the killer for 5 gens so of course i will eventually go down and that is my end game obviously. It is annoying to deal with.
  • If you are a good survivor, u can escape spirit. People who [BAD WORD] about her are probably just toxic players who casually tea bag if they are about to win against lower tier killers, because they think they are so good at this game. I am a survivor main, i tried playing spirit but i am not skilled enough for her, and i…
  • I don t think the killer is op, i think you are a really good killer and they made mistakes. In a ghostface game, as a survivor, you can learn his patterns and just make him mistake a lot. If he has night shroud active, looping him on a palet or something will get u marked. Just take a risk and fake one pallet, then run in…
  • I really like the aesthetics of it, the dark atmosphere, the intensity. I m also a huge fan of the horror genre, so for me this is an ideal game. Some toxic bits here and there, but overall good game. Also i m kind of sad because lots of skins cannot be grinded for, so i have to waste real money. The only shame.
  • Spirit requires skill to play but once you main her she is unbeatable. The problem i personally have with spirit is that i m never prepared for her yoinks and the first minutes of the match are a nightmare. And until u learn that specific pattern that varies from player to player, you are left on death hook. She is really…
  • I mean ye, douchebags for sure. However, if you play scummy i agree with survivors being rude. Nothing is worse than face camping or tunneling. This situation isn t fun for anyone. I understand why you would get pissed for this. The main reason i became killer main is because i m tired of huntresses (yes, every single time…