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  • The I'm All Ears change seems odd to me. Its a little more powerful, but its utility is still pretty dreadful. I'm a little disappointed the other perks weren't improved :/
  • Looks like Ghost Face is getting those much needed changes! Full PTB patch notes tomorrow; I wonder if any perk changes are in there somewhere too.
  • Yikes! No mention of Ghost Face perks being touched on in the Q&A. Seems like they have their hands full with the power complaints (which do need to be addressed). Still hoping that after the power tweaks, they have time to look at the perks to change them as well.
  • Hopefully some changes can be made to the perks at all. It looks like Ghost Face needs a lot of work. I'd hate for the perks to be forgotten in all the dust being kicked up.
  • I don't think looping needs to go. But I do think there should be fewer "safe" loops, shorter loops, no infinites, a higher variety of loop types, and a higher amount of possible loop spawn locations. This way, while looping remains an effective strategy; Survivors need to be knowledgeable about the best ways to loop, the…
  • Under what circumstances do you see Deep Wound putting a survivor into the dying state?
  • Spider-Queen Killer with burrowed spider traps. Who doesn't like Spider jump scares?
  • I don't think it's just Brutality either. I feel like Plague's point gains in general are all on the low side. She could definitely use a change.
  • Thanks devs! What I'd like to see for future improvements; Consideration for new survivors/killers with little-to-no items/perks/add-ons Comparable matching based on similar scoring/skill history Matchmaking that, by default, never matches above or below 2 ranks Matchmaking that will not match you with a killer/survivor at…
  • I thoroughly enjoy the aesthetic of the new map. It looks like a lot of new art assets had to be made for it too. After seeing it though, I kind of feel like the map that came with The Clown was lacking a lot of unique properties or assets.
  • I think its usefulness is reliant on how creatively you utilize the husk in specific locations. But thank you for the confirmation. If you have a link to the stream where this is confirmed, I'd really like to see it as well.