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We will shortly be deploying a hotfix to the PTB to potentially address the Save Game Errors that some players were facing. Please update your PTB build when the update is available and let us know of any issues. Thank you.



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  • Worst part is the Memento Mori aren't even worth running half the time because more often than not it takes more time to Mori then it takes to take somebody to the hook
  • Theyre a strong killer but nobody plays them. Thats the thing. Now even less people are going to play them. The twins are heavily perk reliant. Slowdown perks are a must. Sloppy butcher is a must. And they are easily countered by staying in groups of two and constantly healing and kicking the ######### outta victor. The…
  • The thing is ptb queue times for killer are less than 5 minutes meaning there arent many killers there either
  • Re work for the better like the twins that saw no play and still got Nerfed to hell
  • Reverse it. Longer pallet break the more tokens he has. That way ih je still has tokens it takes longer and if he has no tokens then obviously he cant use his chainsaw as quickly... good idea tho
  • I was devotion 2 level 64 on ps4 but ive since switched to pc (lost all my teachables so i cant go around playing fun builds whether i win or lose anymore) and now i have around 100 hrs on pc and i was at rank 3 before my rank DIDNT get reset and i had to start manually deping because i was tired of trying and getting…
  • Blight is unplayable ‐‐in ormond-- (I think thats how u do the slashes) Anyways nah he's just unplayable. Collision isnt a thing even after the devs tried so hard to fix collision. I remember hearing them say "youll never have a problem with blights collision again" then it got so much worse. Blight is unplayable. Idk how…
  • I like it.... im glad thats gone
  • I hate it because its a direct taunt. Its staring at the killer and saying 'lol i outplayed you you suck' if i knew tebagging had no meaning behind it i wouldnt care but it pisses me off that there are so many survivors willing to gloat about how good they are.
  • I hate playing endless chase simulator. Expecially when the newer versions of the map make it so much easier to get to the next loop after you force the killer to kick the pallet. You cant zone a survivor out of the whole darn map.
  • If they shift to looping for beginners then that makes it so experienced players can loop you for a minute and a half at one loop.
  • In a row in one night (excluding the game where 2 people dc right off the bat but at that point it dosent feel like i deserve the win)
  • Ormond is WAYYY better than it was and honestly its also better than a lot of other maps in terms of balance. I feel hawkins is balanced because it has a few safe pallets with lots of unsafe pallets that you can get good hits at. Hawkins only really has one good loop which is pretty fair in my opinion. Saloon is rather…
  • I forgot to vote b4 i posted... oops
  • Lullaby 100% heres why... Lullaby does what ruin was originally meant for but better. Old ruin made it so you had to hit great skill checks to progress the gen and if you hit the normal skill check it reduced the progress. Lullaby makes it so skill check notis arent heard. Skillchecks with lullaby are actually kinda…
  • the window next to where the basement can spawn was an infinite while I was T3 meyers they went through the window (i had to go through the door to the left or the window both took about the same amount of time) they went around the outside of the building and went back into the cowshed to vault through the window again. I…
  • It used to be better but right now in ten games i get around 3-6 kills. I havent had an easy game in a week. Ive been playing huntress, wraith, deathslinger, and anyone stream requests or anyone I have dailies for
  • Thats you. And thats ok. I wont bash other peoples playstyles. When i play in a way where i know that the survivors arent having fun it makes me feel slimy and gross. When i play survivor i hat being tunneled and camped. I dont want the same thing for someone else.
  • How do you define an infinite loop? Because i think being able to go through a window 3X where a killer cant catch up then go through a different loop where the killer cant catch up then right back to the first loop is kinda infinite (look at cowshed on coldwind)
  • I refuse. I understand but i refuse. Its a game im gonna play in a way that wveryone has fun. If i cant do that and have fun myself then theres no point to playing.
  • Almost all killers are dead. With the new maps getting so strong killers only options are to play super good killers. If you dont you lose.
  • 'Usually a killer has time' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I have 4 survivors to keep from doing gens. The act of kicking a gen takes ttoo much of the time i have. You honestly think a killer has time to go break walls? There were no other teammates in that video but think.... three minutes 3 survivors could EASILY do all 5 gens and…
  • Im so tired of this. My rank didnt reset so ive been stuck in red ranks. Ive gone to the coldwind maps 7 games in a row. Every time i miss a hatchet as huntress ppl just teabag because theyre so good at crouching behind a loop. I want to keep playing but the devs show no intent to fix anything.
  • I was a killer main and i avoided tunneling and camping. Now with the new maps that are heavily and obviously survivor sided i just want to quit. I wanna play the game but ik that the devs dont care much for the killers (before you try to counter me just know that im a crap survivor but ive still run purple ranks for 4…
  • (Part reply part rant) Welcome to survior sided dbd. The survivors think the killers are too overpowered but the truth is that the killers take a crap ton of skill to play. Any survivor that wants to complain that a killer, perk, or power is too op needs to try to use them first. Killer takes a lot of skill and thought and…
  • You can get at least 3 gens in 2 minutes. Maybe 4 if you're good. The important part is everyone stay on their own gen. Thats 80 seconds of progress x3. If you have 3 people on one gen it gives diminishing returns and wont go as quickly. Once you and your 2 teammates are done with your first gens then 2 of you hop on…
  • Momentum "Momentum is important because if you loose it you're done" At the start of the game get a 6% boost to breaking pallets and gens, picking up survivors, and hooking survivors. You also have 3% bonus movement speed so long as you are not in a chase. For every hook state achieved lose .5% of your boosts. For every…
  • Ok so im gonna explain first and see what others say later. First and foremost its highly dependent on your skill level. Just starting out the game is very killer sideded as the survivors dont know how to use loops effectively. As you go up in skill on both sides you hit a middle point around green/purple ranks (assuming…
  • Survivors shouldnt be able to hug the killer without fear is what theyre saying. The killer should be free to body block because thats what a killer would do in a horror movie. Find a good horror movie where a character willingly shoves their face into the killer just so their friend can escape where that person also runs…