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  • I knew someone was going to do it the question was when :P
  • You are very right. As stated it is MY problem with object of obsession. What is your problem is how you take atitude into a forums post and offer no insight or anything related to the conversation.
  • I was not aware that undying notified the survivors. As i dont see that in the perk description and i play mostly killer. Thank you for bringing that to my attention (also watch the attitude. "Do YoU eVeN kNoW hOw UnDyInG WoRks" its not neccesary bruv)
  • But that passive is only of ur obsession. Theres a lot less risk and a lot more reward if you arent obsession. (Unless i have the is obsession and general effect flipped i may need to re-read)
  • Yeah i 100%agree its not NEARLY as bad as old OOO i just dont like survivors having that much info (also how can survivors tell theres undying by just moving near the totem without OOO?)
  • The killer would see you anyways just more often. I as a killer dont need perks to show me your aura. Them showing me where they are dosent mean much if i have my back turned. The killer has no notifier that he is being looked at. (And stastically theres only around a 33% chance you see the object user. Assuming you are on…
  • Thank you. You are amazing and i love you because you get it. Keep on keeping on my friend. :D
  • Camping is only usefull when you have one survivor on hook and its the only kill youll get all game. Camping can be easily countered by a group of survivors by each of them tackling a different gen. Camping only works when survivors are being overly altruistic and wont give up on getting their teammate off the hook. One…
  • Can you explain im not sure i understand...dont you get bloodpoints whether you do them now or later?
  • Yes because in the new maps its super easy to dead hard to a pallet and find another super strong pallet afterwards. This means they get to try to loop me around 2+super strong loop because they made it to the first one for free.
  • Iri head got nerfed because all of the survivors wewe saying having 3 iridescent heads was abusing the perk.
  • I cant decide between reverting coldwind or the game.... my reasons are as follows: In the new coldwind farm map the devs made pallet loops larger and therefore stronger also, it is very difficult to see scratchmarks with how bright it is on that map. In the game there are far too many pallets in general (aproximately 30)…
  • Tbh the more i post and respond to people im realising that my problem isnt really with dead hard its more about all of the super safe pallets in the game. It aslo includes the frusturation that the devs dont seeem to care about the overwhelming number of super strong pallets evidenced by the increase of safety on pallets…
  • And becaus eyou play both sides i value that and your opinion. I know as killer i dont realize what survivors think is op and i know its the same the other way around
  • Perhaps of commenting on what im insinuating how about you ask why i want to know. Or perhaps dont take a shot at me personally for what you THINK im saying
  • Nothing good can come out of telling people that they have a crappy mindset and they should feel bad either. You just enforce the narrative by being toxic about it rather than allowing me some perspective
  • But what about the free mega safe pallet that if you break it gives them time to get to a new really safe pallet? TBH i wouldnt are about dh if there werent so many safe loops everywhere. On hawkins i have no issue with deadhard because if you deadhard to a pallet its typically an unsafe pallet and possible to play arouns…
  • I know some people have a problem with bloodlust. People complained about it like crazy. For those who dislike bloodlust thats how you counter it. But those were my thoughts on bloodlust. In most cases if you are playing well you shouldnt have chases long enough for bloodlust.
  • I ask this question because i as a killer main dont notice the things i do can be OP so i ask to see and know what your perspective is. If youve only used dh but never played against it you will obviously have different views and a different perspective. GTFO with trting to make me feel bad because im getting perspective.…
  • If you get bloodlust as a killer then you obviously need help. In a game where the killer is supposed to be powerfull having something to equalize the odds if the killer is underpreforming is fair. If you dont like bloodlust just play around a mega safe pallet untill he is forced to break it (lord knows there are plenty of…
  • Its also funny how if a killer main does anything a survivor dosent like (camping tunneling slugging) then the killer is an ######### but if a killer finds an issue with one perk you say its unreasonable.
  • Are you a survivor main?
  • I want it fixed. Its all i see anymore. Free pallets or windows everywhere because a survivor pressed E... my chases get extended from 10-20 seconds all the way up to 30-40 seconds because they dead hard to a new loop (which is of course the 5th super safe loop theyve come across because BHVR dosent believe in unsafe…
  • Im just tired of deadhard for distance and the last person being able to crawl through the door for free because they were just unhooked and their teammate left meaning picking them up would let them ds and get out anyways. Survivors at high ranks play like scumbags and call everything the killers have OP
  • Tbh in high ranks vs good players everything needs to be at least as strong as spirit. Once the survivors learn how to play its impossible to get a competitive swf down. That being said i feel mmr will yo a long way to fix everything.
  • Agreed. Screw keys. They turn a decent match into a morbidly unsatisfying frusturation fest. If they added something that let the killer kill 2 people instantly when there were 2 gens left the survivor mains would throw a fit but them getting out for free halfway through the game? Nah thats TOTALLY fair.
  • you shouldn't need luck in a game where you have to play for 2-3 hours to level up a character 5x
  • Heres the thing tho... this has happened to me. You body block the hatch keeping killer from bodyblocking it (they can still close it so you have to be faster than them. The point is to keep them from body blocking it.) Assuming that u are healthy itll take 2 hits to down you which gives you plenty of time to crawl into…
  • see the problem here is the fact that if you slug for the last kill survivors will hide in a corner so you dont find them so they bleed out and i dont get emblems for it