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  • What a shame, but its possible that more mori animations will come in the relatively near future.
  • I think a possible mori animation update for the Wraith was hinted at in one of the loading screen quotes, if im not mistaken.
  • Honestly, i would probably say "of Flesh and Mud". Disregarding the dumbass name, i dont rly enjoy the hags gameplay, she was pretty awful on release aswell. Hex perks are a nice idea but aside from devour hope i honestly dont like any of them and totem spots are so awfully placed on some maps that its just too inconsisten…
  • If you would remove the slow when bubba charges his chainsaw he would very easily be one of the strongest killer. If you ever had 3 stacks of PWYF on Bubba you would know how little counterplay there is to that.
  • Just watch for your perk to light up, i feel like thats the most reliable way of knowing if its active or not.
  • Playing Killer needs time man, you aint gonna get good at that in even a few hundred hours. And you shouldn't focus on the bad games you have, there will always be good and bad matches. Just keep on going if you enjoy the killer gameplay in itself and at some point you will be good enough to beat these premade teams…
  • You got it the wrong way, "killing by any means" means they have to die without being sacrificed. So you can: Mori them, Mini-Mori them, let them die in a cage, getting eaten by the entity in EGC, Bleed out on the ground. Basically everything that makes the other skull appear, if im not mistaken.
  • There is a hidden Staircase aswell that the killer can open up, im not 100% sure tho where it is tbh.
  • That would be 8 hours my friend, come on googling isnt hard.
  • Pig+Bubba. I just want to see a sneaky bubba tbh, but i would say he would be pretty good aswell.
  • To be fair its rly hard to time it properly, cause the base shock detonation is just way behind its animation and discipline addons can make that one faster, which messes with timing even more. Honestly even as a doctor main i would say discipline is a bit too good of an addon.
  • I think that mostly happens because since dedicated servers the lobbies arent killer reliant anymore so if a Killer dodges the lobby the lobby wont disappear and the next killer finds an instant full lobby.
  • If i understood it correctly, if you are hit by the shock, you arent allowed to use any interactions at all. However you can deadhard the shock itself .
  • Swamp is definitly my least favourite map, its just ######### swamp, who actually wants to play that. Favourite is definitly by far the new Hawkins National Laboratory. It just feels so nice to play it, it has the atmosphere and as a bonus, ive still yet to lose on that map. other than that i rly like the preschool maps…
  • I def agree, the chapter itself is by far the best one they've released and the new map is my favourite by a mile. I actually went and watched Stranger things because of it :).
  • i just did 2 games with it and both times they crashed when i hooked the last survivor that wasnt the obsession, so i guess it seems pretty consistent. Ofc on live servers there are more bugs found usually and i think its great you guys are already working on it. Just wanted to let you know that it seems to be a pretty big…
  • Shadowborn. I just need it. There is no going back. Dont do Shadowborn kids.
  • The Difference between a good survivor and one that is rank 1 is immense. Like there are so many (im stretching a bit ofc but you get my point) survivors at rank 1 that lose a chase in the first 20 sec. Rank does absoluetly not matter who you are playing against, and even against full sfw groups, if one of them makes a…
  • I play on PC and i was in red ranks last season and am at like rank 10 or something rn and i get perfectly fine Killer queue times. Usually its around 2-5 min which is def acceptable. It mostly depends on the time of day you are playing, in the evening and night its better than in the morning.
  • Yall are wrong, just imagine how stupid Monster House would be. It would be just a big ######### house standing around in a map, and whoever gets close dies.
  • Got the same thing, only have some screenshots tho Edit: the Doctor Player had a myers splinter, so that might've cause it
  • Its just people being butthurt, not Killers. A survivor with ds dced after i didnt pick her up (cause she had ds), ruining the game for the other survivors pretty much. In the end its just people not being able to cope with losing a game.
  • Not sure if you are aware but Enduring effects DS, so if you run enduring ds is 100% worthless. New DS is way weaker anyway, even with the 5 sec stun because you dont have to guess if the obsession has ds or not (atleast for the first hook), because it doesnt matter rly.
  • Thats a worse version of the trapper.