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  • So far I'm seeing the stuff I'm very aware of and works fine for me (until there's no more pallets in the map after like 2 minutes) except the windows. I've gotta be doing something wrong with the windows, cause I know they're supposed to be pretty safe against Bubba, but I guess I have awful luck or timing or both cause I…
  • If you're getting triggered by tbagging or getting 'de-moralized' from players in a game, then maybe you could be the problem. People can be nasty in endgame chat, but not enough to warrant punishment on people who might just swf to be able to run dumb perks and see if they can still win.
  • I'm not saying insta stun, that'd be bonkers. There would have to be some wind up time, like a slow aim mechanic, needing to load the gun, etc. Plus needing accuracy like @stikyard said. It's not a whole idea, just something that crosses my mind occasionally. I also really like the noise notification thing too. It could…
  • I always say how I wish there could be an ultra rare gun item that's single use (one bullet) that's an aim-to-stun deal. Now that flashbangs exist, it's easier to explain cause they'd basically have the same function. Just an idea that could be neat. Item description could sorta explain away the empty holsters (entity is a…
  • I gotta say, reading through all four pages of this probably dissolved the majority of my braincells. Out of curiosity, is there like an average age of the people playing dbd anywhere? Or at least the average age of people on forums? I read a lot of these replies with an angry 10 year old in mind.
  • Goooood I'm so depressed about Kate's poor poor face. Please just close her mouth and lose the angry eyebrows, pleaseeeeee ;-;
  • They keep talking about making the game a nice place for newcomers, especially people coming to check out the RE stuff, but I think honestly what's gonna turn most people off the game is the grind. I've had the game since 2016 (granted, I took a year and some change off from playing it) and I STILL don't have even a THIRD…
  • I used to want to be able to get rid of items/add-ons/offerings and stuff that I'd never use for a small fraction of the bloodpoints I spent for them just for decluttering reasons, but thinking about it, I really would like that to help with the grind as well. I only have like one friend to play this game with and I'm torn…
  • There's a very big divide between people who want to play for points and people who want to play for efficiency. I'm sure if I had all killers and survivors p3, all perks, lots of bloodpoints stocked up for future releases, etc, I'd probably play killer more efficiently and try more meme plays as survivor, but alas, I have…
  • I suffer from this too. It sucks. My group of friends I play with are absolutely baffled by it and basically the only things that helps is spawning all survivors together or just becoming very very good at looping and trying to get to a decent tile asap.
  • I had also had this thought before, mostly to just declutter my inventory. There's just some map offerings I'm never ever going to use in my life, so why make me keep it? I'd even be okay if we just got like 50 bp for a purple offering at this point.
  • Yeah I'm like rank 8 surv & my friend and I have been getting exclusively red rank killers and brown rank teammates. We get all the bloodpoints cause we do all the work, but I'd like to escape a few games, yaknow?
  • I just had a game against a rank 2 meyers (as a rank 8 surv) with other survs at brown ranks, so obvi we didn't get anything done in time to escape against a tombstone/unlimited tier 3 EW combo. Rough time. No chases till t3 popped & we only had 3 gens done, all by me.
  • Diversion is soooo fun for me, it feels almost useless for any purpose but giggles. The few seconds of confusion from a killer bring me life.
  • I think that might have something to do with it, we did a little bit of testing and we've sort of come to the conclusion that we need to wait a bit longer to stun just as a safety cushion, cause when he looks like he's ready, he isn't. It's more consistent when he's been facing us with the pallet in front of him & between…
  • I like his stuff, he's not so out there trying to be entertaining (others I guess call him dry/unfunny) but personally it's refreshing to watch and get some good learning in. It's just like sitting there with your bud who's not making a big spectacle of showing you the ins an outs of the game.
  • Do I need to drop it later for Freddy than other killers? I haven't had a problem getting it done for anybody else, but I think kyf testing is a good idea.
  • I feel like people may have taken my title a little too literally... I just wanted to know the little things like snoot booping and stuff that has become 'a thing' in the game (or little things you've personally come up with in groups you may play with), not that they're the a b s o l u t e law. I had no idea that other…
  • Welp everything I know is a lie
  • Yeahh, today especially has been really bad rainbow ranks for me. Could be people wanting event stuff before it's too late.
  • I don't read too much of the lore, so I'm not sure if there's been 'cisness/straightness confirmed' for any character... If there has been, then it's literally the same thing to have mention of being lgbt for a new character. Let's say Claudette's lore mentioned her being on a walk with her bf or something when entity…
  • For survivor 100% dead dawg. I hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it. I'd rather get tunneled on a fun map than ever play that again. Hate it. It's too open and there's so much dead space, especially around the edges, and it's so bright, and aoejhfaojgiraeg. Hate it. The Game is also pretty gross. For killer I'm not a…
  • It literally isn't that deep. I'm not super invested in lore, so idk if they've specified the straightness of any character specifically, but if (like someone else said) there's a brief mention of 'bob's boyfriend', it's the same as confirming straightness and it really doesn't matter. Cool, inclusion. Yeah, sexuality…
  • I will continue to document the sauce as it presents itself to me
  • hu·bris /ˈ(h)yo͞obrəs/ noun excessive pride or self-confidence. "the self-assured hubris among economists was shaken in the late 1980s"
  • For me it feels like most of the camping happens from yellow-brown ranks, and tunneling happens purple-green. Currently bouncing between rank 7 and 8 and I have never been tunneled more in my life. The one time I got to rank 2, there was less of those but so so many DCs. Like get hit with one hatchet? DC. Accidentally slow…
  • That's usually what I try to do with her, and I guess it's up to practice. I have that exact problem with Freddy; it feels like his claws span miles. When I play killer, Legion is usually one of the ones I lean towards, so I find them a bit less of an annoyance. I find that survivors staying split up as much as possible…